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I’m Casandra, a full-time travel writer and luxury travel expert.

Here at Savoteur, you’ll find savvy ways to travel more, work less and lead a curious life. From bucket list vacations on yachts to weekend coastal adventures, I share trip ideas from my own travel adventures that inspire so you can explore the world while working less.


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26 Travel Accessories Every Traveller Must Have

Travel Gear

Affiliate Links Have you been looking for the best travel accessories? I’ve got you covered! There are so many new travel accessories on the market, and as a full-time travel writer, I have found some of the absolute best travel …
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Tent Camping: A Beginner’s Guide to Nature’s Adventure

Travel Tips

If you’ve ever been tent camping, you know there’s something magical about it. Think about the raw beauty, peaceful sceneries, and the feeling that a fantastic adventure is just around the corner. Looking for that perfect spot to pitch your …
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Make the Most of Your Trip With These 39 Exciting Ideas for a Great Time In and Around Scottsdale

Trip Ideas

Located in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and surrounded by breathtaking mountain views, Scottsdale is a stunning town filled with endless opportunities for fun and relaxation. It is best known for its vibrant nightlife, luxurious resorts and spas, trendy boutiques, …