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I’m Casandra, a full-time travel writer and luxury travel expert.

Here at Savoteur, you’ll find savvy ways to travel more, work less and lead a curious life. From bucket list vacations on yachts to weekend coastal adventures, I share trip ideas from my own travel adventures that inspire so you can explore the world while working less.


Girl walking in Christmas market decorated with holiday lights in the evening. Feeling happy in big city. Spending winter vacations in Red square, Moscow, Russia.

The Ultimate Traveler’s Wish List: 45+ Exciting Gift Ideas For The Serious Adventurer


As a frequent jet setter, I know what travelers want to receive as travel gifts. If you need some inspiration and ideas for your travel-savvy friends, this post has the perfect travel gift ideas. From fun presents to sweet intentions …
Beautiful young woman with long hair in a small German city

Don’t Let Their Size Fool You: 20 Small American Towns That Offer The Biggest Experiences

Trip Ideas, Lifestyle

Bigger cities, towns, and counties always never run out of things for travelers to explore or try. Some tourists even live in them. But across the U.S., there are small yet remarkable destinations that pack a punch when it comes …
Girl taking a selfie by the pool

For the Gram: America’s 11 Most Photogenic Pools To Fill Your Feed

Trip Ideas, Lifestyle

It’s always nice that a pool can give a visual delight to one’s social media feed. Even better, there are pools that come with breathtaking landscape views and vibrant rooftop oases nestled amidst bustling cities—the epitome of luxury and serenity. …
Young family posing with snow tubes

Fill Your Winter Bucket List With These 25 Exciting Adventures and Experiences for the Entire Family

Lifestyle, Travel More

Winter is the season to stay indoors and indulge in a comforting cup of hot cocoa while basking in the warmth of the fireplace. But the inner adventurer in you may be itching for a bit of an escape. Embrace …