10 Best Money-Saving Tips for People in Vancouver

What are some of your Vancouver -based money-saving tips? After polling a popular Vancouver forum, here are the top-voted responses.

1. Join the Local Buy Nothing Group

“If you’re going to join the Buy Nothing Group, learn the rules, please,” shared one. “Typically, only send a direct message if they pick you.”

“It’s not first come, first serve usually, and if you say you’re going to show up, for the love of god, please show up.” “People give away some pretty decent things on these groups, unlike the Craigslist free section,” another noted.

2. Dollorama Is Very Underrated

“Dollarama is an underrated place to buy many things for cheap. They even have a lot of name-brand stuff,” suggested one.

“And I always check the weekly RedFlagDeals thread on Dollarama deals to know what name-brand stuff is on sale; still waiting for them to restock the scrub daddies! They sell for so much on Amazon, but I remember Dollarama sold them for so much cheaper.”

3. Go Full Transit

“I recently got a place near the sky train and finally decided to sell the car and go full carless. My partner and I both work on the train line anyway. So going full transit has saved us a lot of money and headache,” answered one.

4. Make Coffee at Home

Someone shared, “Not only would you save lots of money, but you’d end up with coffee that tastes how coffee is supposed to!”

“The break-even for a good espresso machine and grinder (plus coffee beans and milk) is only two years. Although I got a used Breville machine and grinder for less than $400, break-even is closer to half a year of daily coffee.”

5. Ride a Bike

“Ride a bike,” replied one. “It’s quicker than taking a bus within the metro area and essentially free once you buy it and learn some basic maintenance. Also fun, good exercise, and super fun. Did I mention fun?”

“Get a good bike lock because replacing your stolen bike is expensive. Trust me, speaking from experience over here,” warned another.

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6. Over the Air HD Antenna

“Over-the-air HD antennas work surprisingly well in most places around Vancouver. You don’t even need to buy a purpose-built antenna for the basic stuff (even if you do, that antenna is cheaper than a month of cable). Between this and streaming, I’m shocked anyone pays for cable anymore,” confessed another.

7. Create a Budget for Yourself

One person said, “I saw on TikTok that someone created an expense planner. She leaves the money in her account for any bills that come out automatically or must be paid online. She withdraws everything and then divvies it into folders for the pay period. So like gas, groceries, entertainment, pets, etc.”

8. Start a Home Based Business

“Start a home-based business where the tax savings outweigh the expenses to run said business,” answered another. “Even if you aren’t successful at the business, you will still net ahead from the deductions. The key is finding inexpensive ones to run but have a fighting chance to bring you ahead of the curve.”

9. Find Places With Cheap but Awesome Food

“If you want to eat out and save some bucks, check out your local Asian spots. Vancouver is overflowing with amazing Vietnamese pho, Japanese ramen, sushi, and Thai food, to name a few options,” one explained.

“Also, look on YouTube. There are tons of channels devoted to “cheap eats,” etc., my girlfriend. I love to eat in restaurants, and it’s great fun digging around online to find those cheap spots serving up awesome grub for affordable prices.

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10. If You’re Going To Buy Something, Use Cash

Finally, someone suggested, “Not Vancouver-specific, but spend with cash. Seeing it in your wallet makes it feel more valuable and finite than your bank account. I know a few people who switched from paying with credit/debit, and they say they now spend way less on the frivolous crap they used to buy all the time.”

Going to the ATM for more cash is inconvenient and forces you to be even more frugal with your money. Give it a try.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit suggestions list of money-making tips for the Vancouver area. This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Savoteur.

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