10 Cool Things Travelers Said About Staying at an Adults Only Resort Solo

Have you ever stayed in an adult-only resort? I haven’t, but after reading about them, they sound lovely. A solo traveler visiting the Dominican Republic expressed interest in doing an adult-only resort and asked if it predominantly couples or if a sole person could still have fun. Here are what travelers are saying.

1. No Screaming Children

Heaven. Someone painted a picture of heaven. No, screaming children sitting poolside or on beaches in lounges with great food and drink. One traveler explained as an adult, listening to little voices calling “Marco!” “Polo!” for an hour is a “definite vibe-killer.”

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2. Never Felt Unsafe

A solo 41-year-old female traveler shared that she has traveled alone to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica and always stayed at adult-only resorts. She clarified there are always friendly people to chat with, you won’t be bored, and she never felt unsafe. “Just be aware of your surroundings like anyone normally should.”

3. Was Adopted by Family Groups

Another solo woman traveler confessed to staying exclusively in adult-only resorts and having the experience of being “adopted” by “mother-daughter duos” in family traveling groups. They clarified that there are typically many couples, but they never had difficulty socializing and making friends.

4. Treat the Staff Well

Suppose you treat the staff well because you’re alone. In that case, a lot of the time, they’ll go the extra mile to accommodate you or look out for you – quicker service at the bar, a sweeter table at the resto, or saving “your spot” poolside. Several others shared this experience.

5. Be Mindful of Couples

If you’re not in a suitable space emotionally with your romantic life, then watching couples hanging onto each other, cuddled up, and kissing may be uncomfortable. One explained it made her feel lonely because she was the only solo traveler at her adult-resort experience.

6. Mix of Groups and Ages

According to many solo travelers, adult resorts across various countries have a mixture of couples, singles, and friend groups (more women than men). Multiple people reiterated a feeling of safety at these resorts.

7. Plenty of Nice People

“I love it. Forty-eight years young and travel solo around the world.” One traveler shared they stayed in all-inclusive adult-only resorts in Cancun, the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica. “Plenty of nice and cool people to chat with and activities all day into the evening.”

8. It’s Magical

“Let me tell you. It’s magical,” is how one solo traveler answered. They confessed to staying at several adult-only resorts and that each trip was relaxing and peaceful. However, one warning, they had swingers trying to invite them back to their rooms, but other than that, “10/10!”

9. Swingers

Speaking of swingers, another solo traveler shared that their friend had an odd experience at an adults-only resort in Jamaica. So they warned you to stay with “regular resort chains” and research other spots unless swinging is your thing? It was not for this solo traveler who now sticks to resort chains.

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10. Depends on Property and Time of Year

Finally, someone stated there is a mix in the Dominican Republic of single travelers and couples, and it’s pending time of year and individual properties. One final note was that couples are usually amicable and not on their honeymoons.

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