10 Ideas For Beach House Deck Colors

Finding the suitable color scheme for your beach house deck is an exciting adventure, and it can be incredibly gratifying if you get it right. Not only will you get to enjoy your beach house in all its splendor, but it can drive up the value of your property if you’re looking to sell. So, we’ve put together 40 ideas for beach house deck colors that you can use to turn your home away from home into a coastal paradise.

You are going to want to pick out an inspired color pallet for your beach house deck that will work well with your interior decor, the deck itself, as well as the environment around you. Due to the color of the ocean, blue is a popular and timeless choice for most.

So, you have a beautiful beach house with a stunning deck and view of the ocean, but you’re still deciding on which colors to use for your deckchairs, pillowcases, blankets, and other outdoor furniture.

Don’t worry; we’ve found some great ideas that might inspire you and help you decide on the perfect beach house deck colors for your home.

10 Inspiring Beach House Deck Colors

Not all beach house decks are the same, so there is no unifying formula for which colors to choose. You should put some consideration into many factors, such as the darkness of the varnish used on your deck to the color palettes that you’ve used for your indoor furniture. But for every style, there is an answer. Check out these beach house deck color ideas:

Ground Floor Summer Terrace

10 Ideas For Beach House Deck Colors 01

This summer terrace is perfect for quaint beach cottages with a ground door deck. Whether you have sand or grass, the simple addition of white wooden chairs and tables with a light blue color palette inspired by the ocean can give you the perfect space to watch the sunrise or sunset every day.

Traditional Blue/White Balcony

10 Ideas For Beach House Deck Colors 02

This balcony, inspired by ship decks, gives your beach house deck the perfect maritime feel. The walls decorated with the swim ring may seem a little kitsch to some. Still, simple accessories like this against the light blue colored walls, navy blue cushions, and white wooden furniture make the rest of the room look spacious, which is accented by the decor.

You can even swap the swim ring out with an old rusty anchor or something else that may suit your tastes better

Rustic Reader’s Corner

10 Ideas For Beach House Deck Colors 03

This style may not suit everyone, but if you want a bespoke beach shack look, with a “rough around the edges” kind of style with a modern twist, this limewashed wooden decking with metal finishes comes together really well for a quiet place to relax in the shade.

Dark Rattan & Earth Colors

10 Ideas For Beach House Deck Colors 04

If you prefer a more farmhouse kind of style for your beach house deck, this color scheme may suit you better.

Dark rattan chairs with beige pillows create a darker aesthetic that can work with tiled decks or with those that have dark varnishes. It’s perfect for modern-looking beach homes and leaves you with enough of a neutral palette to get away with some brightly colored accessories

Neutral Colors & Grey Stacked Shutters

10 Ideas For Beach House Deck Colors 05

This enclosed living area serves as a perfect transition from your interior to your deck. The light, neutral colors suit beach houses surrounded by brightly colored vegetation, and the stacked doors offer not only a way to let the hot air out and offer shade but also double as a great security feature if you want to leave your doors open at night.

All White Minimalism

10 Ideas For Beach House Deck Colors 06

If your beach house is surrounded by a beautiful panoramic view of the ocean, why get in the way of all that natural beauty? This all-white color scheme allows you to leverage the best thing about your beach house: the beach itself!

The Bauhaus-inspired tables, limewashed decking, and white bistro armchairs provide an element of simplicity that can be incredibly elegant. However, beware that it is high maintenance and would require a lot of cleaning if you have a big family and lots of pets.

Bare Wood Loft Design

10 Ideas For Beach House Deck Colors 07

If your beach house deck has a view overlooking the ocean, this lofted style that matches the natural color of your deck’s wood with recliners and a small side table with similar shades of brown. The result is an understated look that combines the aesthetic of a modern beach house with a more traditional style.

Colorful Outdoor Dining Area

10 Ideas For Beach House Deck Colors 08

One of the more popular options for beach deck colors in recent years has been to use bright color pallets with contrasting colors. Add complimentary blues and oranges to the dark rattan and red sofas, and you end up with a palette that’s a little shocking to the eye but comes together nicely.

However, bear in mind that some of the trendier looks today could look very dated ten years from now. So this is probably best to avoid unless you have the finances to complete a palette overhaul in a few short years

Simple White Canopy

10 Ideas For Beach House Deck Colors 09

Another excellent idea for anyone who likes white and wants to keep it simple with their beach house deck colors is to use this canopied outdoor living area inspired by Persian tents.

Not only does the white color palette provide that element of simplicity that allows you to spend more time focussing on the natural beauty around you, above that of your decor, but it’s also a great way to get away from the blistering sun in the middle of summer, while still enjoying the fresh sea breeze that hits your deck.

Tuscan Villa

10 Ideas For Beach House Deck Colors 10

Just because your house is on the beach doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to a beach house style.

This Tuscan Villa-like beach deck is floored with terracotta tiles that stay perfectly cool underfoot. At the same time, pottery can be used to create a mini rose garden, and light brown cane furniture with white pillow covers can turn your beach house into a Mediterranean oasis.

The umbrellas will also provide you with some much-needed shade for when you’re dining and sunbathing.


Now that you’ve got an idea of what can be done with your beach house deck and which color schemes are suitable for specific settings, you can decide which look will be most suitable for your home. And remember to make a considered decision, because this is not a cheap exercise. You should also invest in furniture and paints that can withstand all weather conditions – most notably prolonged periods of sunshine.