10 States Americans Voted Are the Best To Live In

America is composed of 50 separate states, and not all are created equal – especially in the eyes of the people living there. During a recent online discussion, residents from all over the United States came together to voice their opinions surrounding the best states in the country to live in. Some will seem obvious, while others may shock you! 

1. California

It shouldn’t be surprising that one of the nation’s most high-populous states is consistently voted one of the best to live in. From the warm year-round climate to the palm trees to the beaches, California’s picture-esque setting paints a picture of pure perfection.

In addition, many cite California’s healthy job market and abundance of activities as even more reasons to move to the Golden State. As a resident of southern California, I agree with everything listed above! I have no intention of moving out of state anytime soon – and it sounds like I’m not alone.

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2. New York

According to many, the hustle and bustle of New York is the state’s single most significant selling point, especially if you ask anybody living in New York City. However, if big city living isn’t up your alley, that’s okay.

In that case, New York has plenty of suburbs and rural communities that can serve your needs – the state is incredibly fluid in accommodating the lifestyles and cultures of different people.

3. Maine

Countless residents claim Maine is the best state to live in, citing the abundance of nature (and nature-related activities available to partake in), beautiful wildlife, and some of the best bars and restaurants in the northeast.

In addition, one person called Maine’s proximity to many of the United States’ most highly-regarded hospitals an (admittedly morbid) selling point. But, of course, everybody in Maine is also highly tolerant of frigid weather!

4. Colorado

If stunning examples of Mother Nature are more up your alley, look no further than Colorado, a state whose natural beauty is constantly appreciated. “Talk about beautiful,” one resident admits. 

“You can hike through incredible mountains, head south for a sand dune desert wonderland, wander east for those famous amber waves of grain as far as the eye can see.” This Coloradoian knows what he’s talking about – the majestic Rocky Mountains have captivated Americans for centuries.

5. Texas

Residents of Texas are proud to live in the state, and they don’t shy away from professing all of the reasons why Texas is the best state to live in! Texans tout the unbelievable food scene (BBQ and cajun cuisine are incredibly delicious in the state), a friendly and low-taxed economy, and low cost of living as other perks.

I have to be honest; I couldn’t care less about comparatively low rent, just keep me filled with mouth-watering Texas BBQ, and I’ll be happy as a clam!

6. Oregon

This Pacific Northwestern state makes this list because its passionate residents aren’t afraid to sing its praises. One man explains why his state is the best with passion. “We have free health care, and Portland has a great public transit system,” he declares. Nature is gorgeous. The weather is almost always perfect. Portland and Oregon, in general have a lot going on culturally.

The minimum wage is relatively high, and rent is (by west coast standards) relatively low. We’ve got beaches, mountains, deserts, forests, and beautiful, swimmable rivers.” I don’t know about you, but now I have this sudden urge to visit Oregon as soon as possible – and maybe even move there!

7. Massachusetts

If you can ignore the sometimes-brutal winters, you’ll come to the same realization that other people have come to: Massachusetts is arguably the best place to live. Consider it yet another state to tout an excellent local economy, abundant workforce, and plenty of natural wonders everywhere you look.

In addition, the state’s rich history pays respect to the humble beginnings of the United States. At the same time, its all-inclusive attitude towards people of all types makes it a very desirable state to move to.

8. Delaware

One of the nation’s smallest states has one significant advantage: Delaware charges zero sales taxes on all purchases! According to countless people, this is reason enough to move there as soon as possible. The money you’d save on groceries, everyday items, and dining out will quickly add up, ultimately putting more money in your pocket!

In addition, Delaware is home to some of the most tranquil beaches in the United States – something no landlocked state can brag about. 

9. Montana

If you like living almost, but not entirely, off the grid, Montana is the best place to live in the United States. “Montana is my favorite,” confesses one resident. “Politically balanced and a small, spread out population surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes.”

Indeed, the sparsely-populated state means that if privacy matters to you (and it should!), don’t look further than Montana. But, of course, the beauty surrounding you will be the cherry on top.

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10. New Jersey

As one of the most culturally diverse states in the nation, it’s not surprising that many New Jersey residents believe their state is the best. Being so physically close to cities like New York City and Philadelphia doesn’t hurt either, as you can experience big city life without actually having to live in an urban area.

Although New Jersey has a negative reputation from non-residents, anybody who’s lived there will tell you that there’s no other state like it! New Jersey has something else going for it, too: incredible pizza!

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