10 Terrible Things About American Cities People Are Not Ready To Hear

What is the worst thing about your city that many people are not ready to hear? I’ll go first. Wait, I’m in Baltimore, so there is no surprise about crime rates and run-down buildings. However, even abandoned, they are beautiful brick structures. Here are what Americans are saying about their cities.

1. Nashville, Tennessee

Many people in the thread suggested that Nashville had lost its charm. Others noted how horrific the traffic is, as well as the crime. Additionally, many local spots are being shut down for ” XYZ country singer bars.” Several people shared they’d been drugged, mugged, and more on “Broadway” in Nashville.

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2. Portland, Oregon

One noted they had recently moved from Portland, Oregon, with no plans to look back, citing, “We’re not as progressive as people here seem to think.” Several small California city residents related to being labeled as progressive when they didn’t believe they were progressive enough.

3. New York City, New York

Several New Yorkers admitted that New York City was trash, rats, and highly overrated despite the continuous praise for being the hub of the world. Someone added, “Don’t forget the cockroaches and the crime.

4. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Several Redditors suggested that Milwaukee is the most racially segregated city in the United States, “thanks to a legacy of redlining, blockbusting, and urban renewal, with some of the most significant disparities between Black and White rates of income, but people tend not to realize it because we’re in the north.”

5. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Many suggested that tech companies that came to Milwaukee brought in people from big cities with higher salaries, and those people are destroying the housing market. As a result, prices rise, and the locals are getting priced out. One mentioned, “We are no longer a low-cost-of-living small city.”

6. Tucson, Arizona

According to Arizonians, the influx of people from other states caused mortgages and rent to skyrocket. Additionally, they noted a sizeable homeless person issue that is “getting out of hand,” noting that the “mild weather makes it tolerable for most of the year to be homeless.”

7. Denver, Colorado

Many Coloridians admitted they believed the influx of people ruined the culture they used to have. For example, one expressed being annoyed by the new people who have never seen or driven in the snow, stating, “Snow is dangerous enough without a bazillion people on the road, more than half of which are either going so slow it’s not even funny.”

8. San Diego, California

One Californian suggested, “In San Diego, the only thing worse than the racism is the classism and cost of living.” Another acknowledged how beautifully they had worded that and how true it was.

“This morning, I went to a couple of estate sales with a friend—one in Del Mar and the other in Mira Mesa. The stark contrast of both places hit ALL of these points. The only consistency between them was they were selling the same dog bowls and a blender. Shocker, we felt out of place and overly observed in Del Mar.”

9. Durham, North Carolina

Someone volunteered, “Racism toward interracial couples,” but didn’t list where they were talking about before retreating. However, several people were shocked by the implication and wanted to know where, so they could avoid it.

I’m part of an interracial couple, and I can tell you it’s the south. I can tell you that emphatically. My husband and I made every grocery store silent in Durham, North Carolina, and all eyes were on us. Some of them were glares, and many more of them were stares.

If you ever want to feel like you’re in a history book, visit the south as an interracial couple. I say that semi-jokingly, everything is segregated, and it’s an awkward experience. Needless to say, we opted not to remain in North Carolina.

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10. Seattle, Washington

Finally, many Redditors agreed with a Seattleite who explained that coexisting with a vehicle is “insanely expensive” if you live in the city. You also have to pay exorbitant amounts of money everywhere you park.

They continued, “But public transit will only get you to limited specific locations. Californians love finding this out when they are poached by tech companies and relocate here.”

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or are they talking trash about your city without merit? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Savoteur.



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