10 Cheap Weird Things That Are Truly Life-Changing

A saying goes, “the smallest thing can make a huge difference in your life.” Everyone has that one item in their house that didn’t cost a fortune but gives them the utmost satisfaction.

For me, it’s my red diary. It cost a nickel, but I feel so much joy writing in it. Here, we’ll suggest 10 things you can spend money on that could change your life.

1. A Good Pillow

Woman sleeping in bed
Photo Credit: Teerawit Chankowet/Shutterstock.

A good pillow that supports your neck is one of the best investments one could make. It makes sleep much more enjoyable and saves one from suffering body aches and developing other major concerns.

The difference between a good night’s rest might be the perfect pillow. Someone recommends orthopaedic neck pillows.

2. Shoe Insoles

Shoe Sole In Footwear For Healthy Foot Arch
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Andrey_Popov

A commenter promises that using insoles would make wearing old shoes feel like new ones. This is a great tip, although you should take it under advisement instead of hopping on it.

Getting insoles should be the last resort, not the first.

3. Super Long Chargers

USB cable for smartphone on white background.
Image Credit: Shutterstock / iceink

Yes, those chargers with cords longer than River Nile. You can go anywhere on your bed and keep charging — honestly, what’s better than that?

On the flip side, some people think this will change your life, but for the worse. Sometimes, leaving the bed can be a battle; having this charger might not help if you struggle with getting out of bed every morning.

4. Dashcams

Close up Technician Hand with Car Camera and Smartphone Inside Car and Blur Man as a Foreground
Image Credit: Shutterstock / kpakook

This item will make your life easier in the case of a car incident — and not just an accident. Someone shares a story about how a dashcam saved them a lot of time with insurance when they were involved in an accident. They say that it is worth every penny.

Another says they now have peace of mind knowing they have a dashcam on their car.

5. A Chef’s Knife

chef cooking food kitchen restaurant cutting cook hands hotel man male knife preparation fresh preparing concept
Image Credit: Shutterstock / REDPIXEL.PL

Weird? Well, not for some people. A good sharp knife in your kitchen would make you want to cook more, saving you money from eating out.

A “chef’s knife” is a proven technique to help you spend more time in the kitchen if you enjoy cooking. Believe me, a blunt knife when cooking a meal involving vegetables is a huge turn-off. Try it out! But be careful, though; we don’t want you hurting yourself.

6. A Steamer

Woman is steaming blue shirt in room. She holds small stream iron in hand. Brunette is concentrated on work.
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Estrada Anton

There are many pros to having a steamer. It straightens your clothes and makes them look great. It doesn’t burn your clothes either. You’ll understand this would be a life changer if you, like me, have zero ironing ability.

Everyone under this comment agrees this is the next best thing to pancakes. One explains they don’t even fold their clothes after washing them. They steam when they want to use them.

7. A Tongue Scraper

Close-up Of A Woman Looking In Mirror Cleaning Her Tongue
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Andrey_Popov

To better explain this, a contributor says that one can think of it as a broom, but instead of the carpet, it’s for your tongue. Most people agree with the efficiency of this and that it gets way more dirt off. But be careful, and don’t scrub too hard so you don’t hurt yourself.

8. Electric Toothbrush

Image Credit: Shutterstock

A manual toothbrush may never replicate the effectiveness of an electric one. It works wonders, according to folks. Although some people say they can’t handle the electric toothbrush’s vibration. It tickles them. Imagine laughing while brushing — sounds exciting to me.

9. House Slippers

Woman wearing soft comfortable slippers at home, closeup
Image Credit: Shutterstock / New Africa

This! They make all the difference. They prevent you from getting dirt all over the house and on your feet, especially when pedicures cost a fortune.

They feel comfortable and keep your feet warm, and in the case of a wiring problem in your house, they can save you from the shock of your life.

10. Wireless Headphones

Smiling young Caucasian woman in headphones take online educational course or training on laptop from home, happy female in wireless headset wave to camera, talk on webcam video call on computer
Image Credit: Shutterstock / fizkes

I cannot imagine life without wireless headphones. With them, you experience better sound quality and noise cancellation. You also get to enjoy them with a hands-free device.

This means you can enjoy your favorite track from Hamilton while washing dishes or doing laundry. What’s better than that?

This thread inspired this post.

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