10 Times People Seriously Regretted Traveling With Others

In a recent online post, an Italian traveler expresses regret over choosing a travel partner. Despite previously loving the country while traveling with others, he refuses to let this person tarnish his perception. The post sparks discussions among other travelers who share their own nightmare travel companion experiences. Here are some insights.

1. Ditch the Racist

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After agreeing with a friend to give up their job to embark on a year-long journey through South America, their friend bailed at the last minute. Then, four months into the trip, the friend agreed to fly out and accompany them. “Worst decision ever,” they say, adding that she “complained every day, was racist to the locals, and all sorts of crazy stuff.”

2. All in the Planning

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Countless posters share how their relationship went south during the pre-planning phase of their trips. Someone suggests planning a meet-up abroad but letting each member book “his/her own flights/hotels/cars and makes (their) own plans.” Wise words. 

3. They Didn’t Even Bring the Dog!

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When a couple planned a trip with relatives, they needed to appease demands for dog-friendly hotels. “We ended up in freaking Idaho, making the drive 1.5 hours each way,” laments the poor relative. “And they didn’t end up bringing their dog after all, which had me fuming.” Has anyone heard of cancelations? 

4. Traveling With an Evil Stepmom

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A woman recalls how, as a teenager, she was assaulted in a Mallorcan resort, but her stepmom refused to believe it. “She told me I was surely exaggerating and not to tell my dad,” recounts the woman, “so I wouldn’t stress him out on his vacation.” If this didn’t wave a red flag about her father’s new wife, I don’t know what would. 

5. Not a Morning Person

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When a tourist went to Spain with his best friend, their body clock differences presented a problem with sightseeing in the morning. However, a level head prevailed; his friend suggested they meet for activities at noon. “I could go do what I wanted without getting irritated waiting for him to get ready,” the commenter reflects.  

6. Picky Eaters

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I am with this person, as I have experienced this on several holidays. Numerous travel misadventures recount woes about culinary differences. “Agreed that traveling with a picky eater is the worst,” adds a responder. “I’ll pretty much try anything and consider exploring culinary options a really fun part of travel.”

7. Some People Are a Lost Cause

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“Took my parents to Portugal,” says an American poster. “My dad was complaining the whole time about how poor the country is, how dirty the city is, and how bad the infrastructure is.” If you are traveling with people with less travel experience than you, maybe curbing your expectations of them is required. For the record, Portugal is beautiful, though it can be quite — you know — Portuguese!

8. Get a Room (Just Not This Room)

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One poor woman had to deal with her friend’s emotional baggage on holiday, which was made worse by sharing a hotel room. “Amongst other things, she cheated on her boyfriend one night in the bathroom of our hotel room, freaked out, and started yelling in the hall at 2:00 am,” the beleaguered tourist shares.

9. A Vortex

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A traveler details her vacation companion’s litany of holiday crimes, explaining how her friend spent her budget within “the first few days” and could not go out anymore. However, she was “too afraid” to stay alone, could only sleep with the “TV on at full volume,” and would throw used, wet towels on the poor commenter’s hotel bed. 

10. Planning Ahead Isn’t for Everybody

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Finally, the last post involves someone who asked their best friend if she could plan an itinerary ahead of time. Her friend agreed, but she was stressed by keeping to a schedule when the holiday came.

“She suggested we just do our own thing during the day and meet back up for dinner in the evenings,” explains the planner. An amicable outcome for all, but be advised to choose your travel buddy wisely!

Source: Reddit.

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