11 Countries That Are Dangerous and Should Be Avoided if You’re LGBTQ

Unfortunately, the world is not progressing simultaneously, and some countries may not roll out the rainbow carpet for our vibrant LGBTQ community. If you are a part of the community and need a trip to unwind, explore new sceneries, or have fun, there are some places you should avoid. In these 11 countries, LGBTQ individuals might encounter challenges, discrimination, and legal roadblocks. These are the most dangerous countries for LGBTQ lifestyles. 

1. Brunei

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With LGBTQ rights, Brunei raises some serious concerns. This small country on Borneo Island implemented strict Sharia law in 2019, outlawing same-sex marriage with imprisonment and capital punishment.

Unfortunately, Brunei falls into the category of countries that should be avoided if you identify with the LGBTQ. Check travel advisories and opt for more inclusive and accepting destinations.

2. Yemen

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Yemen, in the Middle East, presents significant challenges for LGBTQ individuals. Homosexuality is illegal and is highly stigmatized in Yemeni society. Openly expressing your sexual orientation or engaging in same-sex relationships can lead to severe consequences, including imprisonment and persecution.

Unless you wake up every morning blasting Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” at top volume and live to take risks, steer clear of Yemen as a travel destination if you identify with the LGBTQ.

3. Qatar

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Unfortunately, Qatar, a country known for its futuristic architecture and vibrant culture, falls short regarding LGBTQ rights. Homosexuality is illegal and same-sex relationships are not recognized.

The LGBTQ community faces societal discrimination and prejudice, leading to challenging and unsafe situations for travelers. As a part of the LGBTQ community, choose destinations that provide a more inclusive and accepting environment.

4. Somalia

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Eastern Africa’s Somalia poses safety concerns for LGBTQ travelers. The country has a conservative societal structure, and same-sex relationships are taboo. LGBTQ individuals face discrimination, harassment, and even violence.

It’s best to avoid traveling to Somalia if you identify with the LGBTQ to prioritize your safety and well-being. Explore an alternative destination where you can freely express your identity.

5. Tanzania

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While Tanzania offers breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife, it is essential to remember the challenges faced by the LGBTQ community. Homosexuality is illegal and same-sex relationships are unrecognized. LGBTQ individuals often encounter discrimination and prejudice.

It’s crucial to prioritize your safety, choose destinations celebrating diversity, and provide a more inclusive environment for LGBTQ individuals.

6. Sudan

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Sudan, in Northeast Africa, presents a complex environment for LGBTQ travelers. Homosexuality is illegal, and individuals who identify with the LGBTQ face significant challenges because of societal stigma and discrimination. As a result, traveling to Sudan as an LGBTQ individual can put your safety at risk. 

7. Libya

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Regarding LGBTQ rights, Libya presents an uncertain and challenging landscape. Same-sex relationships are not only illegal but are also considered taboo in Libyan society. LGBTQ individuals face the risk of discrimination, harassment, and even violence. 

8. Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is known for its rich cultural heritage but falls short regarding LGBTQ rights. Homosexuality is illegal, and same-sex relationships are not recognized in the country. LGBTQ individuals face discrimination and potential legal consequences. 

9. Iran

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Iran poses significant challenges for LGBTQ travelers because of its strict legal and societal attitudes toward homosexuality. Same-sex relationships are illegal and can result in severe punishments, including imprisonment and death. 

10. Russia

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While Russia is a vast and diverse country, it has faced criticism regarding LGBTQ rights and safety concerns. Homosexuality is legal, but LGBTQ individuals often face discrimination and prejudice.

Recently, there have been reports of violence targeting the LGBTQ community. Awareness of these issues and prioritizing your safety is critical when considering travel destinations

11. Malawi

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Malawi has seen legal progress in recent years regarding LGBTQ rights. However, societal attitudes can still be conservative, and LGBTQ individuals may face discrimination and prejudice.

Some say that the official view on homosexuality is somewhat ambiguous and that your sexuality and preferences are a personal business. However, note that most people from this African nation still aren’t too accepting of the idea of same-sex marriages.

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