12 Biggest Industry Secrets People Shared About Their Field of Work

What’s an industry secret in the field you work in? I’ll go first; most writers are not experts in the field they’re writing about. Most copywriters are just repeating information from other sites. After an individual asked industry experts to tell their secrets, here are their best responses.

1. Don’t Share Too Much Information

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An Auto insurance agent advises people to give straight answers to questions. Don’t give away more than you need to. If you do, something you don’t want to share may slip, and you’ll get a higher rate.

2. You Do Not Need To Type in Microsoft Office

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Did you know that Microsoft Office has a transcribe option? Someone says you can upload recorded interviews on Microsoft Office, which will transcribe them. There’s also a dictate button in Word. It could be better, but it gets much work done, especially for reporters who transcribe all day.

3. Music Doesn’t Pay

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A musician writes that it may not be a secret, but ninety percent of their revenue is from merch. All other means of income, like Spotify plays, and show guarantees, are menial compared to shirt sales. The main reason why artists go on tour is to sell more shirts as they’re interacting with people.

4. The Lowdown on Toothpaste

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As a victim of buying toothpaste that promises to whiten my teeth and do my taxes, I am a little angry with this one. A dentist clarifies that all toothpaste is the same. As long as it has fluoride, it’s the same.

When they were in dental school, the Colgate lady said the difference between all types of Colgate is the packaging. So, whether it has gum protection or whitening properties, it’s all the same. The exception is toothpaste for sensitive skin with KNO3, an extra-active ingredient. And, of course, all the natural sulfate and fluoride-free versions.

5. Libraries Only Circulate Popular Books

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You always think you’re doing the right thing when you donate. So it’s a shock that this is less helpful to libraries. A library worker discloses that most of the donations they receive are not in circulation—libraries only stock books that most people will likely check out as it improves their statistics. Most libraries receive funding depending on their statistics. Unless a donated item is brand new or by a famous author, you’ll not find it on the shelves.

6. Parents Are the Problem

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A beginner counselor who works with many adolescents and children states they always discuss parents with their colleagues. They’re the biggest problem; kids are just adapting to a crazy environment.

7. You Don’t Have To Pay Library Fines

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Did you know that librarians may have more fines than you? According to a responder, librarians will waive your fine if you have a good reason and don’t ask most times.

8. All Milk Is Organic

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Marketing and branding are a web of lies. As long as you make a sale, anything goes. A former salesperson replies that one of their customers was a milk bottling plant. They were surprised they put the same milk in organic and non-organic cartons. All their milk was organic, but they had to brand some cartons as non-organic to make sales. They’d bottle them differently and sell them at varying prices.

9. Job Requirements Are More of a Wish List

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Thanks to imposter syndrome, most of us have fallen into the trap of disqualifying ourselves. Someone who used to screen resumes for companies explains that you should never let unchecked boxes stop you from applying. You don’t know what other applicants’ profiles look like; some employers are just looking for someone who cares.

10. Dish Soap Is Better Than WD40

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A construction worker reveals that they always put dish soap on the tracks if your windows and sliding doors are difficult to open and close. It works perfectly; it only takes five minutes, and they charge one hundred and fifty.

11. Online Reviews Are Fake

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Am I the only one who heavily relies on reviews before purchasing? A copywriter indicates that many online reviews, social media presence, and ratings are fake and paid for. Most companies need fake reviews about how great their company is to prevent the negative ones from crushing their page. So the next time you think about trusting a company’s Glassdoor page, think twice.

12. Your Donations End up at Goodwill

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Finally, several contributors confirm that most people’s donations do not go to shelters as intended. They end up at the Salvation Army or Goodwill for resale. This is because most items are too fancy, torn, gross, or not in standard sizes. People think they’re doing great by giving, but most of their stuff is a burden and unusable.

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