Semi-Retirement Jobs: 45+ Options That Pay Well

What semi-retirement jobs pay over $20/hour?

In the Semi-Retirement Plan overview post, I use an example of making $20/hour at your part-time job during your early retirement years. One of the criticisms I receive most often is that “$20/hour for part-time work is just not possible.”

I admit, you probably won’t get $20/hour for being a cashier at the local burger joint. But there are many ways to earn a reasonable supplemental income in your semi-retirement.

Better yet, most of these jobs and projects can be started as a side hustle during your full-time working years.

In some cases, you will need to have prior experience to jump in during your semi-retirement. But, honestly, you can do well with most of these jobs even if it’s totally new for you!

One final point to consider before we jump in — since you may be counting on doing this work into your 60s or 70s, consider an area that can utilize your “crystallized intelligence.” As a recent article from The Atlantic describes, in contrast to sheer problem-solving ability, “crystallized intelligence relies on an accumulating stock of knowledge, [so] it tends to increase through one’s 40s, and does not diminish until very late in life.”

  1. Babysitter
  2. Blogger
  3. Career coach
  4. Chef for a high-end restaurant or private events
  5. Collector’s items flipper
  6. Counselor
  7. Dog walker
  8. DJ
  9. Event host
  10. Finance consultant
  11. Freelance code writer/web developer
  12. Freelance editor
  13. Freelance engineer
  14. Freelance graphic designer
  15. Freelance photographer
  16. Freelance writer
  17. Handyman
  18. House Flipper
  19. Interim pastor
  20. IT support freelancer
  21. Lawncare service provider
  22. Legal consultant
  23. Locum tenens (fill-in) doctor
  24. Manufacturing auditor
  25. Marketing consultant
  26. Music lessons teacher
  27. Music or podcast producer/editor
  28. Musician/performer
  29. Nanny
  30. Operations consultant
  31. Organization consultant (helping people clean out their homes)
  32. Personal financial coach
  33. Personal fitness trainer
  34. Public speaker
  35. Rental property owner
  36. Server at an upscale restaurant
  37. Ski or snowboard instructor
  38. Small business owner
  39. Social media influencer
  40. Sports lesson teacher
  41. Tax auditor
  42. Teacher (school, college, substitute, etc.)
  43. Tour guide
  44. Tutor
  45. Wedding or event planner
  46. Welder
  47. White water rafting guide
  48. Woodworker

I want this list to be a resource and an inspiration, so do let me know if you think of additional semi-retirement jobs to add!

What is your plan or current set up for fulfilling work during your retirement years?