50+ Frugal Things To Do When Bored

It’s inevitable that at one point or another, we get bored. You might get bored at home, bored at work, or on a commute. With nothing to do, we might find ourselves wandering around the house mindlessly, sitting around, and, in general, wasting our time.

We check the same apps over and over, hoping for some big news or anything remotely interesting to be in the news or social media.

Instead of succumbing to boredom, engage in something, anything. It doesn’t have to be productive, but being bored just kinda….sucks, right? Below are a ton of ideas you can use to get yourself less bored and maybe even a little bit more productive. Here are 50+ things to do when bored:


It’s not just for kids! You can find plenty of adult coloring books; grab your favorite colored pencils, crayons, markers, or whatever, and get creative.

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You don’t even have to be good. Consider it practice. Find some inspiration and do your best.

Build a Fort

Also, not just for kids! Now that you’re an adult, you can probably make the best forts in the world. Use all the blankets and pillows you can find, and have family fun all around!

Build With Legos

If you have little ones, you have Legos for sure. They are certainly a family-friendly distraction that will help you beat boredom.


This is a bit of a lost art but can be a great way to commemorate any occasion. We take more pictures now than ever, print some out, and have a physical copy to reminisce with.

Make a Movie

Our smartphones can let even the more un-tech-savvy people make works of art. Recreate a favorite scene or make up your own using the great tech right in your pocket.

Make Slime With Kids

Kids love slime, and it’s easy to do.


Read a book, a news article, or I don’t know, maybe a blog? I’ve heard it’s good mental stimulation.


Go outside, get some fresh air and take a stroll around the neighborhood.


If you want a bit more intensity, find a good hiking trail near you and give it a go.


If you really want to get your heart pumping, a good run can be a great way to kill time and get you in shape.


Biking can also be an excellent workout and a great way to kill some time when bored.


Ok, really, any workout, in general, is a good use of time. Go to the gym, do weights at home, or do any other kind of exercise.

Go to a Park

Play frisbee, throw a ball to your dog if you have one, fly a drone, do whatever you want, but a park is good for a lot of activities.

Go to a Playground

This one does require kids. Going on your own could be, well…..creepy. If you have kids, grab some water, a few snacks, and head out to the best playground around, everybody loves playgrounds!

Play a Sport

Get a crew together or go to a local gym to find someone new to play with. Football, baseball, basketball, tennis, racquetball, soccer, you can find a group for any sport.

Learn New Dance Moves

Not up to date on the latest dance moves? Find some videos on youtube and learn a few you can bust out at your next party.

Do a Puzzle

Puzzles can take days to complete, and you won’t be bored when putting 1000 pieces together.

Learn a Language

There are lots of different apps and websites that will let you learn a new language. Find one that works for you and see where it goes.

Write in a Journal

Writing down your thoughts can be therapeutic and help you organize your thoughts better. 


Not many people know how to knit, but you can learn. Start simple and make a hat, gloves, sweater, scarf, or any other garment someone you know might need.

Make T-shirts

Design something online, get iron-on decals, or even make a classic tie-dye t-shirt. There are plenty of ways to make one unique to you.

Play Board Game

There are plenty of games that only need two people. Grab a family member or friend and play a few board games to pass the time.

Play a Video Game

There are an endless number of games to play these days. Pick up a new game or replay one of your favorites. 

Play a Card Game

No one else around? No problem, there are lots of solo card games for your amusement. If you have a few others to play with, play a favorite card game or learn a new one.

Organize Your House

Everyone’s house eventually falls into a state of disarray. Take the time to get organized, and even it’s just one room, you gotta start somewhere.

Clean Your House

Maybe your house isn’t cluttered but could use a good dusting. Get down and dirty and clean up those areas you’ve been avoiding.

Get Rid of Clothes

We all have those clothes in the back of our dressers or closets we just never get around to wearing. See what clothes you can get rid of and make a charitable donation.

Get Rid of Food

Like clothes, there is always some food we didn’t get around to eating. If it’s expired, toss it, it is non-perishable, consider donating it.

Get Rid of Anything Else

Don’t stop at clothes and food. There is likely plenty of other stuff around the house that you can get rid of. Anything that’s not being used can go out the door.

Clean Out Emails

Maybe it’s not your house that’s a mess, but your inbox. Catch up on your inbox and get rid of all those unnecessary emails cluttering your mind.

Rearrange Furniture

Make a room feel new again by rearranging the furniture. Not only will you have a great new room you can decorate, but you’ll also get a workout in too!

Make Playlists

We have playlists for everything these days, but they can become stale if we don’t update them every now and then. Make a new playlist for your run, workout, or relaxing.

Make up a Cocktail

Everybody loves a good cocktail. A fun thing to do can be to take some time to create a signature drink unique just to you.

Make Jewelry

You don’t need silver and gold to make jewelry. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to jewelry. Grab what you have and make something that matches your style.


Got a sweet tooth? Bake some desserts or other pastries to pass the time.

Cook a Big Meal

We’re always crunched for time when it comes to cooking. If you’re bored, why not go all out and make a full three, four, or five course meal!

Get Lost in Pinterest

You can certainly find something to cure your boredom on Pinterest. 

Get Lost in YouTube

Whether you want to watch funny cat videos or learn how to sheetrock your walls, youtube has you covered. You’ll certainly find something to entertain yourself here.

Get Lost on Wikipedia

Maybe some knowledge will cure your boredom. Start on a random wiki page and see where the links take you.

Do Some Financial Planning

An activity after my own heart. Take the free time to go over your finances and find ways you can save money, make money or just plan ahead for future expenses.

Plan a Vacation

Got your next vacation on your mind already? Start doing the leg work and plan it out. Scout out locations, hotels, activities, and more for your next destination.

Call a Friend

Ok, don’t let them know you called because you’re bored, but catching up with a friend is always a good use of your time.

Call a Family Member

Ditto goes for family members you haven’t seen in a while.

Find Interesting Places on Google Earth

Want to travel somewhere you’ve never been? Take a trip on google earth and see where it takes you.


Find your zen and meditate to help your mental health.


Streeeeeeetch those muscles with some good yoga poses.

Bubble Bath

Ultimate relaxation in effect. Take some time to unwind and do nothing in a bubble bath.

Blow Bubbles

Kids can spend hours blowing bubbles and popping them, no reason you can’t get in on the action.

Play an Instrument

If you are more musically inclined, why not pick up an instrument you might have.


Naps are good. If you have the time to sleep, take it.

Do Some Gardening

Fresh air, and you’ll make your property look nice too.

Do Some Yardwork

While you’re at it, make the whole yard look nice.

Teach Pet New Tricks

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Even if you can’t, it can be fun trying1

Do a Crossword Puzzle

Give your mind a workout with a good crossword puzzle.

Play Sudoku

Another good, mentally stimulating game is the timeless sudoku.

Memorize Something

Improve your mind with some memorization exercises. Learn all the state capitals, presidents of the united states, or make a list or random stuff and see how much you can remember.

Update Your Resume

You never know when you’ll need to be on the job hunt. If you haven’t looked at it in a while, update that resume.

Freelance Gigs

It’s easier than ever to make money in your spare time these days. Use your skills to pick up some freelance work if you are bored.

Listen to Podcasts

No matter what your interests are, there is a podcast out there for it. 

Fix Stuff

If you live in a house, there’s a pretty good chance there is something that could use some fixing up. If you’re not that handy, learn how on youtube.

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Build Something

Now that you’ve fixed everything build something of your own.

Make a Time Capsule

Want to have a good laugh ten years from now? Put some of the latest trends and fads in a time capsule for you to open.

Find a New Show

With all the streaming services out there, there has never been more original content for us to consume. Log into your favorite and find something new to watch.

Write Something

I heard blogging is fun. Use your imagination.

Write a Letter

Write a letter to a friend, relative, whoever. No one gets letters in the mail anymore. You’ll make someone a bit happier when they do.


On the surface, folding paper over and over doesn’t sound like fun, but it can give you a real sense of accomplishment when done well.

Frugal Things To Do When Bored: Final Thoughts

People get bored, it’s a fact of life. Hopefully, this list will help prevent boredom and provide some stimulation, and keep you entertained. I’ve listed over 50+ frugal ways to get rid of that boredom.

No matter your interests or what you are in the mood for, you should be able to find something on this list worth doing. The next time you think, “I’m bored”, pick one of these boredom busters to spend time having fun instead!

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