7 Awesome Beach Date Ideas for Couples

The beach is undeniably a magical place. There’s something about kicking off your shoes, stepping onto the warm sand, that first wave over your toes, the breathless majesty of the infinite horizon, and the sound of the waves crashing. What better place to plan a memorable date for you and your person?

The beach provides numerous options for dates. Some are; watching the sunset, enjoying a picnic, a photoshoot, or ice-cream cones along the promenade. Depending on budget, occasion, how long you have been a couple, and the type of activities you both enjoy, this will steer what you can do for a date.

The beach provides a vast array of opportunities for various activities and fun things to do together. Depending on what the time of the day is, the interests of the couple, and how well you know each other will direct you in which date idea you may choose.

7 Best Beach Date Ideas

With so many options, there’s no shortage of ideas for your date at the beach. Below are seven couple date ideas for the beach. Some are old favorites; some may be new ideas that you can adapt and make work according to your local beach, the weather, and cater for your relationship:

Watch The Sunset Or Sunrise Together

Watching the sunrise or sunset together is one of the best beach activities for couples and can be a romantic and profound experience. No matter how many times you have watched the sun rising or setting, each time is unique and memorable. Many people find it reassuring and soothing for the soul to watch either the sun rising or setting.

Plan this date by checking the exact time of the sunrise or sunset by using the feature on your SmartWatch or weather app. Be sure to arrive 15 minutes before it is set to start. Find a great spot, lay out your picnic blanket, and get your flask and mugs or wine and wine glasses ready for the occasion.

What makes this date simple and noteworthy is that you don’t need much- you can rely on the atmosphere created by the event itself to produce the mood. Here are a few things to remember to pack:

Items To Bring To Watch The Sunrise Or Sunset

  1. A picnic blanket
  2. A warm blanket as mornings / early evenings can be nippy
  3. A flask of your favorite hot beverage / wine and wine glasses

Picnic Meal On The Beach

This is an old classic beach date idea, but it never really loses its appeal. A classic can be a favorite, and with some thought and planning, you can make this date something to remember!

Tips For Your Picnic On The Beach

  1. Pick a great spot, do not rush where you choose to set- up.
  2. Consider the elements and the time of day of your picnic and pack accordingly.
  3. Consider something easy in terms of food and thoughtful favorites that you know your special someone will enjoy.

Items To Bring To A Beach Picnic

  1. Picnic blanket
  2. Basket / Cooler Box for food and beverages
  3. Food (cheese and crackers, hummus, fruits, or veggies)
  4. Drinks (beer, water, champagne, wine)
  5. Ice for the cooler
  6. Wine glasses
  7. Decorations (flowers, rose petals, led candles)
  8. Beach chairs
  9. Phone or stereo for soft music
  10. Sunscreen

Seashell Hunt Run Or Walk

This adds another element to the general idea of walking or running together along the beach. The idea is to have the specific intention on your walk/run to collect and find some beautiful beach seashells. It can be a fun competition to see who finds the best shell, and at the end of your exercise, you can exchange shells to treasure as a keepsake for your beach date.

The beauty of this date idea is that it costs nothing, is excellent for togetherness, and inspires some fun and healthy habits as you exercise together in the stunning setting of the beach.

Ice-Cream Cones While You Watch The Waves

I’m pretty sure few would say no to an ice-cream cone. Eat your cone down by the seafront while walking together along the promenade or while watching the waves from your car- this makes for a sweet treat!

This date doesn’t take much planning, much time, much finance, and the significant part is that it gets you some fresh air, and you can have the Plan B of sitting in the car should the weather be too windy or wet.

7 Beach Date Ideas For Couples 01

A Fun Water Sport Or Beach Activity

If you enjoy fun new activities for a date on the beach to experience together, you’re going to love this one. The beach has so much to offer in terms of sport, activities, and games! There are often various equipment rentals for the activities you can hire for the day, so you do not have to own the gear to make this one happen.

If this is up your alley, here are some ideas of what sport or activity you could plan for a date:

  1. Kayaking (rent a 2- man kayak and hit the sea together)
  2. Sailing
  3. Play a game of frisbee
  4. Beach volleyball competition
  5. Sandcastle building
  6. Surfing
  7. Hydrofoil
  8. SUP (stand-up paddleboarding)
  9. Scuba Diving
  10. Snorkeling
  11. Jet Skiing
  12. Free Diving
  13. Fishing
  14. Cage Diving

Many of these activities may be more costly. They will depend on how comfortable you and your partner are in the water, your interests, and how fit and active you are, as some options are physically demanding. There’s always time to try something new, and there’s something fun for every couple to do- together!

Write Poetry & Reflections

This beach date idea does not require much for the creative types or those wanting to take some time out to reflect, re-establish, and reconnect. Done right, it can draw you closer and be super romantic!

The beach is scenic and beautiful beyond words, so what better place to sit together and write- whether you see yourself as creative or not. You can take it one step further and plan some questions for you to answer and some guiding ideas to help get the process started. All you need for this one is a quiet spot, a picnic blanket, two pens, and some paper (old-school style).

Some Ideas For Questions:

  1. Five things you love/drive you crazy about your partner
  2. Best / worst date so far
  3. Where do you see us in 1 year / 5 years / 10 years / 30 years?
  4. Sunrise or Sunset and why?

Professional Or Casual Photoshoot

We have come to depend on our phones for great selfies and to capture special moments, but in the process, we are missing out on the beauty of the shots that come from a ‘real camera.’

The beach is a fantastic backdrop for a photoshoot. Whether you arrange for a friend who has an eye for photography to take some shots or plan a photographer for a professional shoot, your partner will be blown away by this gesture.

Tips For Your Beach Photoshoot Date

  1. Dress recommendations: white dresses, white polo shirts, and white linen. A flowy dress matched with a white shirt.
  2. Wear something comfortable that is easy to move in.
  3. Poses with hand holding, gazing into each other’s eyes, walking in some shallow waves, leaning against each other on the sand make for stunning snaps.
  4. Be yourself.
  5. Have fun.


Whether you’re planning your very first date or you have been together for decades, coming up with simple beach date ideas date never loses its appeal. With the backdrop of the ocean, sights, smells, the romance of the waves and sand, you cannot go wrong with a beach date. With all the options available for a date at the beach, be creative and your date will not be soon forgotten!