Air Travel Taboos: 10 Plane Mistakes That Could Land You in Hot Water

To ensure passenger safety, every airport and aircraft across the world has specific rules set in place that should be followed. Breaking some of these no-brainers can result in severe punishment, including jail time, while other rules are just common courtesy to your fellow passengers. Read below about 10 plane mistakes that could land you in hot water.

 1. Letting Your Kids Run Around

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This one should be a no-brainer, but we still need to add it to the list because travelers today still let their kids run on airplanes. If you’re traveling with small children, you should never let them freely run around in the cabin concerning other passengers working or sleeping.

Most importantly, children can become seriously injured when not in their seats in unexpected turbulence.

2. Joking About Bombs

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One of the first rules when flying on an airplane is that you never joke about there being a bomb on an aircraft. While many people enjoy a good laugh, safety is a top priority when flying on an aircraft, and any statements about bombs on an airplane are taken seriously and swiftly.

Making jokes about bombs could result in an emergency landing, and you may find yourself dealing with the authorities, so leave the bomb jokes elsewhere.

3. Getting Drunk Before a Flight

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If you get intoxicated before your flight, this could not only cause a lot of problems for yourself but for other passengers. While it may seem harmless and fun at the time, some intoxicated travelers get easily nauseous when onboard and, with limited movement, can become sick.

In addition, being intoxicated and acting a fool could result in you being arrested or banned from future flights so that the drinks can wait.

4. Smoking

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While smoking on airliners was very common during the 90s, smoking and vaping are banned on all airliners across the world. Some travelers, however, think they can get away with vaping in airplane bathrooms, but many airliners have smoke detectors, and if one of these goes off, you could find yourself in hot water once again.

5. Opening Doors During a Flight

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This one is an obvious no-no that we shouldn’t even need to address; however, there have been situations where passengers have tried to open doors during mid-flight. Opening a door mid-flight can compromise the safety of the aircraft and passengers.

Any behavior that puts the entire crew and passengers at risk will have severe consequences, including up to ten years of jail time.

6. Don’t Put Your Hair Over Someone Else’s TV

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If you’re a frequent traveler with long hair, this rule is mainly for you. Yes, you with those luscious long locks of hair, but if you let it drape over someone else’s television screen behind you, you might find yourself in a heated argument. Be considerate of the traveler behind you, or those long locks might not be so long at the end of your flight.

7. Hog the Armrest

Scared man strongly grab armrest in plane
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Let’s face it: we’ve all had to deal with the middle seat at one time or another when flying on an aircraft, wondering which armrest we’re allowed to use while, technically, we can use both.

While the window traveler can control the window shade, and the isle traveler can come and go as they please, that leaves us in the middle, in limbo. Also, if you need to recline your seat, be considerate and ask the person behind you.

8. Mistreat Families With Kids

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While no one wants to sit next to a crying toddler or baby on a flight, trust us, the parents are stressing enough, and the last thing they need is another passenger treating them poorly. If you insist on moving your seat, the nastier you are to the parents or flight attendants, the less likely you’ll get your wish.

Instead of contributing to the stress, offer the parents a helping hand if you can, making you look like a good sport and, overall, a decent human being.

9. Go Barefoot

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Even if you’re in first class, the airport is not your home, and you shouldn’t treat it as such, not to mention there’s no reason you can’t throw on a pair of socks. Also, going barefoot on an airplane is considered a safety concern because your shoes could block an aisle in an emergency. So do everyone a favor and keep your feet protected and shoes out of the way. 

10. Use Your Phone Onboard

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As any traveler knows, takeoff and landing are the most difficult periods during a flight, and the signal from your phone can create problems with the communication system. If communication is compromised, it could create problems for the pilot trying to communicate with traffic control. If you have a smartphone, turn it off or put it into airplane mode. 

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