America’s 10 Saddest States: Is Your State on the Dismal List?

Regarding happiness, several internal and external factors are taken into consideration. While it’s easy to influence happiness from the people you spend time with and the activities you participate in, high inflation, high unemployment rates, and poor sleep are enough to make anyone miserable. According to a 2023 research report released by WalletHub, these are the 10 saddest states in the United States, ranked.

10. Oklahoma

Oklahoma city
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According to WalletHub, Oklahoma has a poor ranking when it comes down to physical well-being (ranked 46th) and work environment (ranked 43rd). Even though its community has a higher ranking with an inviting environment for its locals, it has the fifth-lowest income growth rating in the United States. In addition, Oklahoma has major issues within its society that include teen pregnancy, drug usage, and high rankings in childhood hunger, which sets up its adults for high depression rates.

9. New Mexico

Historic Route 66 in Gallup, New Mexico, USA, 07-25-2019
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New Mexico ranks ninth as one of the unhappiest states in the US, and with its fourth-highest suicide rate, you can see why. It also has the highest divorce rate and low community participation among its residents. Whatever is in the air in New Mexico seems to spread like wildfire when it comes to the happiness of its residents.

8. Alaska

Aerial View of Downtown Fairbanks, Alaska during a stormy Summer Sunset
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We don’t know if the weather is a contributing factor, but Alaska clocks in more working hours than any other state in the US, but surprisingly, it has a low-income growth. Alaskan residents are overworked and unpaid, which is enough for anyone to feel blue. In addition, the second-largest contributor to the unhappiness of its locals is due to the lack of daylight.

7. Mississippi

Jackson, Mississippi, USA skyline over the Capitol Building.
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Mississippi ranks second in having the lowest safety rating and ranks fourth in having the highest divorce rating. With its miserable rankings, this also explains why it’s one of the most obese states and has such a poor healthcare system. In addition, more than a quarter of residents in Mississippi took a survey and stated they didn’t have enough money for food, while even more said they didn’t have enough funds for efficient healthcare.

6.  Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama, USA downtown city skyline.
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Alabama has one of the poorest ratings when it comes to its residents receiving adequate sleep. Sweet home Alabama isn’t so sweet when you factor in its low safety rating and its disinterest in professional sports, with the exception of The University of Alabama. If Alabama wants to improve its happiness rating, it should focus on its education, residential programs, and development within the community.

5. Kentucky

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Coming in at the bottom of the barrel, you’ll, surprisingly, find Kentucky as one of the most miserable states in the nation. There are several factors that come into play, such as poor mental health, low income, insufficient sleep rates, high divorce rates, and high working hours. Kentucky has a gloomy rating, ranking 45 out of 50, with its work environment, long commute times, life expectancy, and job satisfaction being additional major factors.

4. Arkansas

West Memphis, Arkansas
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Even though it’s known for its lakes and diamond mines, Arkansas comes in at 48th as one of the unhappiest states in the US. With the combination of poor physical well-being and depression among its adults, Arkansas is less than ideal for Millennials who are already overloaded with stress, hoping to call this place home. In addition to its low rating in emotional well-being, Arkansas is also one of the least safe places to live in the nation.

3. Tennessee

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If you’re thinking of packing up and moving to Tennessee to start a family, you may want to reconsider. According to WalletHub, Tennessee has above-average commute times, a high unemployment rating, and a high suicide rate. In addition, it also places in the top five when it comes to natural disasters and risks among its communities.

2. Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana
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According to recent studies, Louisiana comes in at the bottom of the list when it comes to happiness and ranks among the top in having a shockingly high homicide rate. While New Orleans attracts a significant amount of tourism, the state of Louisiana has poor mental illness rates, a low life expectancy rating, low household income, and a poor poverty rating. In addition, Louisiana only has a 46% marriage rating when compared to other states, coming in dead last.

1. West Virginia

West Virginia
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As the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted many lives, a mental health crisis has been on the rise, and West Virginia has been the most affected, with four in 10 adults suffering from anxiety or depression. Other factors that came into play include poor sleep behavior, physical well-being, and high unemployment rates. Country road, take me…anywhere but West Virginia! 

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