Are Cotton Blankets Good For The Beach?

Choosing a blanket for the beach is not that easy when so many fabrics are available to the consumer! One of these fabrics is cotton, but is cotton good for the beach?

Cotton blankets are good for the beach as they are super absorbent, breathable, and wick away any moisture.  The feel of the blanket is soft and, when wet, will dry quickly in the sun. Blankets made from cotton are strong, good at absorbing brightly colored dyes, and are easy to clean.

Blankets made from cotton fabric are a good choice for the beach, but what makes these cotton beach blankets so special?  Read on to find out which kinds of cotton are a good choice for a beach blanket, as well as some tips for caring for your blanket.

Are Cotton Blankets Good For The Beach

100% cotton blankets are good for the beach as the cotton fabric is soft and cool to the touch, perfect for a lazy day on the sand. As you soak up the sun, this blanket will wick away the moisture from your body and after a dip in the ocean, use your cotton blanket to dry off. The blanket will dry quickly, spread it out on the sea sand, and enjoy a relaxing beach day!

What Makes Cotton Fabric So Special For A Beach Blanket

Cotton is a natural fiber and is breathable, soft, and highly versatile.  Here are some of the benefits of cotton fabric:

Soft To The Touch

By nature, cotton is a soft and fluffy fiber before it is spun into yarn or thread.  The quality of the fabric usually depends on the number of threads (thread count) woven into one square inch of the fabric.  For good quality cotton that is soft to the touch, opt for a 200 to 400 thread count, ideal for a beach blanket.

Excellent Absorbency

The cellulose in cotton has hydrophilic (water-attracting) properties, making cotton material super absorbent.  Cotton fibers can hold water 24 to 27 times their weight.

Having a beach blanket that can absorb moisture after swimming in the ocean is of good value.

The Durability Of Cotton

Cotton’s tensile strength stems from the interlinking layers of its tiny fibrils.  Cotton fabric is even more robust when wet, and it can retain its shape even after constant washing.  Another great quality required for a good beach blanket!

Cotton Is Breathable

The absorbent properties of cotton allow air to circulate through the fabric’s weave and is an all-natural system that lets moisture be wicked away from your body and then dry rapidly without saturating the fabric.  A beach blanket that can do this for you on a hot summer day is a must-have!

Holds Dye Well

Because of the good absorbent property of cotton, it easily soaks up the color dye. Mercerization is a treatment that gives the cotton fabric a lustrous appearance and strength.  The processed cellular fibers in mercerized cotton will dye more brightly than un-mercerized cotton fabric.  Cotton beach blankets are available in beautiful, bright colors.

Easy To Clean

Cotton fabric is easy to clean, machine washed, and dried and will hold up well with constant washing.  After being to the beach, your beach blanket can be quickly washed, dried, and ready for your next summer outing.

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What Kind Of Cotton Is Suitable For Beach Blankets

Besides regular cotton fabric, other kinds of cotton possess all the qualities you need for a beach blanket.  Three of these types are:

Turkish Cotton

With its extra-long fibers, Turkish Cotton is lightweight and becomes softer, fluffier, and more absorbent with frequent washing.  Turkish cotton is considered the highest quality cotton grown globally and is an excellent choice for a  beach blanket.

Moroccan Cotton

Moroccan Cotton is handmade as per Moroccan tribe traditions and is beautifully crafted.  The different colors and patterns are native to the different regions in Morocco.  The beach blankets made from this lovely fabric are lightweight, have beautiful trendy colors, and are often fringed.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian Cotton has longer threads than other kinds of cotton.  The threads are finer, so more threads can be used to create a higher thread count, making this cotton stronger than regular cotton.  A good choice for a beach blanket that is not only beautiful but also durable.

Caring For Your Cotton Beach Blanket

Caring for your beach blanket will keep the fabric soft and ensure you keep enjoying the optimal benefits from this quality cotton product.  It is essential to read the washing instruction label on your blanket for valuable caring/washing information.  But there are a few other care tips that are worth noting:

Before Use

Wash your new beach blanket in the washing machine in cold water on a gentle cycle before use.  Washing the blanket in cold water will keep the colors vibrant and prevent shrinkage.  Wash the blanket separately and make sure the blanket is covered with water and has enough room to move around during the wash. 

Use gentle fabric detergent and fabric softener and dilute with water to ensure an even flow over the blanket.  Tumble dry on low heat until the blanket is still damp but not moist, then hang outside to dry in the fresh air.  Washing before use will remove any packaging dirt, germs, or fragrances.

Removing Sea Sand

You can start shaking out the sea sand while still on the beach.  Give the blanket another thorough and hefty shake before folding it up if you are not going to wash it.  If you are going to the beach every day during summer, you can use beach blankets up to three times before you need to wash them.

However, it is best to wash the blanket every time you return from the sea as it will quickly become soiled from body moisture, suntan lotions, and sea sand.  If you are not going to wash the blanket, it must be completely dry and sand-free before folding it up.

Washing And Drying

Shake out the blanket a few times to remove excess sand before washing. Using a washing machine and dryer, wash and dry the blanket the same way you did before use.  Cotton will shrink about 5% over time, and it also stretches when wet, so for that reason, it is best to, after washing, machine dry the excess water first, and then hang out to dry when still damp.


Store your beach blanket in breathable cotton storage bags in a dark and dry area to protect them from mold and UV rays.  The storage bags will also protect the blanket from damage from fish moths and other insects that thrive on natural materials.


Cotton fabric is a good choice for a beach blanket because it has excellent absorbency, is soft, durable, and easy to clean.  Beach blankets are made from an array of lovely cotton fabrics with many choices of beautiful colors and textures.

Taking good care of your beach blanket will ensure its longevity, keep its good qualities, and afford you many comfortable and enjoyable hours at the seaside!