Are Floating Bed Frames Sturdy?

There is no denying the aesthetic appeal of a floating bed. Its sleek and minimal look gives the bed a calming feel. It is sophisticated and modern with clean lines yet has a feeling of comfort and coziness at the same time. A floating bed frame will make the room appear more spacious and airy, but are they sturdy?

Floating beds have a solid support structure hidden beneath the bed frame, making the bed very sturdy. The support structure is located towards the middle of the bed frame. This is what makes the bed look like it is floating above the ground; this sturdy structure cannot be seen.

A floating bed, like any other item of furniture, is an investment piece, so care must be taken when deciding on adding one to your home. 

How Does A Floating Bed Float?

The structure of a floating bed frame is not visible, giving the illusion that the bed is floating above the floor. The bed frame is made from either wood or metal.

The base of the bed is made up of slats that provide a flat surface for the mattress to be placed on. This flat surface is designed to support most of the mattress while not being in view.

The slats of the bed are placed on top of a box structure that is positioned closer to the middle of the bed frame so that the bed looks like it is floating above the ground. This box structure is solid, therefore creating a sturdy and stable foundation.

Some floating bed frames are attached to the wall and supported by a support leg.

While you cannot see the support structure that makes up a floating bed frame, it is sturdy and provides a solid foundation for the mattress.

Some floating bed frames do come with a weight restriction; however, the average queen-size floating bed frame can take at least 500 pounds. 

Why Choose A Floating Frame?

Elegant with an attractive aesthetic, floating bed frames come in various styles and designs to suit almost any look. Floating bed frames are stylish, with simple lines which help create a sense of calm in a bedroom. Apart from the visual appeal of floating bed frames, there are other advantages too.

  • Floating bed frames have slats on which the mattress is placed, so you don’t need to buy a box spring.
  • The bed hovers above the ground, allowing you to see more of the floor. This creates the illusion of a more spacious bedroom.
  • The fact that the bed is lower than others and sits closer to the floor also creates the illusion of a more spacious bedroom.
  • If you have dust allergies, a floating bed frame should be your number one choice. Dust tends to accumulate under other beds. However, it is easy to clean the space under floating beds.
  • If you are constantly woken by a partner who tosses and turns in bed, a floating bed frame would be a good choice for you. Since floating bed frames have a solid support structure on which the mattress is placed, it is more stable, and you are less likely to be disturbed by your partner moving.
  • Do you hate that creaking sound that traditional bed frames tend to make? Because floating bed frames are so stable, they won’t creak every time you roll over in bed.
  • Floating bed frames have a minimalistic design and clean lines, complementing most décor styles.
  • Do you hate that creaking sound that traditional bed frames tend to make?

What Are Some Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Floating Bed Frame?

Like anything, some drawbacks must be considered before you take the plunge and invest in a floating bed frame.

  • Most floating bed frames are lower than other bed frames and closer to the floor, so springing in and out of bed can be difficult. A floating bed frame won’t be a practical choice if you have back problems and often battle back pain.
  • Floating bed frames can be more costly. Furthermore, because they are lower in height than traditional beds, you may need to replace your bedside tables with lower ones so they are at the same height as the bed.
  • If the floating bed frame is bolted to the wall, it can be challenging to move.
  • While floating bed frames make rooms appear more spacious, they don’t have built-in storage space like some beds. If you don’t have a lot of storage or closet space, this could be a disadvantage as you would want to maximize storage space.

What Is The Best Space For Floating Bed Frames?

There is no doubt that a floating bed frame is a statement piece and will be the focal point in any bedroom. Since they come in different sizes and styles, a floating bed frame will work well in large or small bedrooms.

Because you don’t see the legs of the bed or other elements that can cause the room to feel closed in and cluttered, floating bed frames are perfect for a small bedroom that you would like to make appear more spacious.

In larger bedrooms, a floating bed frame can make a dramatic impact, especially if made from interesting materials like wood or upholstered in a luxurious fabric like velvet.

Styling A Floating Bed Frame

Not all floating bed frames come with a built-in headboard. If this is the case, it is a good idea to add a shelf or console behind the bed; this will provide you with extra storage or a space to display art or décor. It can also act as a headboard.

Some floating bed frames come with built-in side tables. If yours does not, it is a good idea to find bedside tables that are the same height as the bed. Bonus if they can be mounted to the wall so that they are tucked out of the way and complement the simple lines of the bed. 

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There are so many advantages to investing in a floating bed frame. They look stylish, modern, and elegant, and they will also ensure you have a peaceful night’s sleep. This is due to their sturdy foundation that will prevent creaky noises or rumbling of the mattress every time your partner rolls over.