Are Gravity Chairs Good For The Beach?

A pleasant day at the beach with family and friends is difficult to beat, although a formidable beach chair makes it so much better! I have a few sitting in my garage, but the gravity chair sees the most use. In fact, we’ve become such good friends I’ve started calling him ol’ Gary. Gary’s taught me a few things, so are gravity chairs good for the beach?

Gravity chairs are good for lounging and sleeping on the beach. Their reclining features provide superior spine, muscle, and back support that caters to multiple body postures by removing bodyweight as a contributing factor. They also have integrated holders for housing beverages and electronics.

People that have experienced gravity chairs probably won’t think twice about getting one for the beach. As tempting as that sounds, let’s explore what makes them so good, whether you can get some shut-eye for a few hours, move them around, how customizable they are, and how well they hold up against the elements and coastal areas in general.

Are Gravity Chairs Good For The Beach?

The beach is all about excitement and relaxation, and what would be better than a beach chair specializing in making you feel weightless? Gravity chairs are an excellent alternative to traditional beach chairs because they are highly adjustable and allow several reclining positions that help distribute the body’s weight evenly for maximum comfortability. 

By permitting the beachgoer the same reclined position as a seated astronaut, gravity gets distributed evenly throughout the body. It proves to be especially effective at removing stress on the spine and lower back, making this an ideal choice for people who experience back pain.

In fact, these chairs are also a popular choice for massage parlors because the reclining position helps relieve stress on the body and guarantees a more intense and fulfilling massage experience. Considering all the positives of gravity chairs, it’s easy to see why many beachgoers opt to take them along on their beach trips!    

It’s worth considering the weight of a gravity chair, too. Unless you plan to keep it stationary for the entire day, lugging around a heavy chair will only exhaust you and have you working up a sweat. Most gravity chairs weigh between 17 and 33 pounds, so consider whether you want something lightweight to move when it gets late and the sun starts to set.

Due to gravity chairs’ lounging and reclining nature, most of them come equipped with an extendable cup holder that folds neatly underneath the gravity chair once it’s time to leave. The cup holder is a fantastic extension that enables you to have a delicious icy beverage handy in the hot sun! Additionally, some even have space for housing mobile devices or other electronics.

Can You Sleep Comfortably In A Gravity Chair?

Thanks to their outstanding posture support, sleeping in a gravity chair is safe for your muscles and won’t give you back pain. Its flexible nature eases back spams since body weight is no longer a factor, loosening the muscles because they are no longer necessary to hold the body. 

Interestingly, a gravity chair’s reclining angle will also aid people with heartburn symptoms. When the legs are in an incline position, it prevents stomach acid from reaching the esophagus.

Are Gravity Chairs Customizable?  

Gravity chairs generally have several chair components that cater to body sizes and posture. You can expect to find levers and knobs that permit you to adjust the height and angle of the chair, plus you can even save personalized settings if there are multiple users.

Furthermore, you can lock the chair in place at any time while deciding on an angle, ensuring that you or the kids won’t accidentally fall out and it doesn’t move while you rest or sleep. Regardless of the position, the gravity chair’s design will ensure full bodyweight support and reduce pressure on the spine and ribcage to guarantee ultimate comfort.

Do Gravity Chairs Allow For An Even Tan?

While gravity chairs can undoubtedly help you get a tan, it’s not the best option if you want an even body tan or to tan a specific part of your body.

Since gravity chairs fold in the middle, they can’t compete with sunloungers that allow you to lie flat on your stomach to tan your back and vice-versa.

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How Do Gravity Chairs Fare In Coastal Climates?

When it comes to the elements, gravity chairs with aluminum frames hold up much longer than those with steel frames due to their production process. Coastal areas have a lot of moisture and salt in the air because they’re near the ocean, but aluminum remains unaffected by these factors. It’s also resistant to the sun and rot-resistant, and you won’t need to worry about insects.

Thus, if you’re planning on spending countless hours outside or at the beach, it’s in your best interest to get a gravity chair with an aluminum frame rather than one with steel. Leaving a steel-framed chair outside won’t cause irreparable damage, but storing it in a closet or garage is quick and easy, so do yourself a favor to ensure they remain intact for as long as possible!

Aluminum Frames Have Protective Coating

Aluminum often has special coats and powders that help to sustain it against the harsh elements, particularly in coastal areas where corrosive, salty air can become a problem.

Can You Leave Gravity Chairs Out In The Rain?

While leaving a gravity chair out in the rain for a day or even a few days won’t cause damage, avoid exposing it to water indefinitely. Most gravity chairs consist of synthetic materials that make them resistant to the weather, but they still have other vulnerable components like screws that will eventually rust.


Gravity chairs are excellent for lounging or sleeping on the beach. They support the human body exceptionally well, regardless of posture, size, and weight, plus they can withstand the elements pretty well. Remember to opt for a lightweight chair if you plan to move it frequently.