Are Mediterranean Homes Out Of Style?

Mediterranean homes have long been seen as stylish housing design that symbolizes wealth and relaxation. The style of Mediterranean homes stems from Spanish, Greek, Italian, and Croatian designs, which are reminiscent of relaxing vacations, historical class, and extreme wealth. 

Mediterranean homes have become less fashionable, and their desire has dropped. Modern-styled homes with minimalistic designs have become the favored style of homes. Mediterranean-styled homes have not increased in value since 2012, as people have shown less interest in purchasing them. 

When analyzing the real estate market, found that the median home price rose 25%, and modern home prices rose 37%. In comparison to this, Mediterranean homes have not increase in price since 2012. 

Why Have Mediterranean Homes Shifted Out Of Style 

Over time, people’s tastes and desires change. Fashion is fast-moving, and what’s considered in style rarely stays that way for long. Mediterranean homes were in fashion in the 1990s as they were seen as statements of wealth and class. 

Jay Kallos, a luxury home Architect from Atlanta, holds that good style will always stand the test of time and believes that Mediterranean homes will come back into style. Likewise, he believes that a well-designed home will always regain its popularity when fad fashions die out. 

The Mediterranean style developed in the 1920s, during a time when people were consumed with ideas of wealth, status, and money. Mediterranean homes can most likely be found in warmer areas of America, such as Florida and California. 

Although Mediterranean homes aren’t trending, they won’t require regular updating and are simple, quintessential homes. This begs the question: although Mediterranean homes are not the current fashion, have they truly gone out of style. 

Ultimately no, Mediterranean homes have not gone totally out of style. Current fashions will constantly shift, but people tend to circle back to classical styles of houses as current fashions are short-lived and will require regular updating. 

All styles of homes will eventually require you to update the interior design and the layout of the house. 

One of the reasons why Mediterranean homes have become less popular is due to the climate in the areas where they have been built. The sun in warmer climates wears down on stained wood, a staple of Mediterranean homes. This has led people to lean towards using more metal in their home designs. 

Another reason why people have moved away from Mediterranean-styled homes is because there are smaller windows and less storage space available. Often times you will have to spend money to upgrade the Mediterranean home to have a modern look and regain their stylish look. 

Mediterranean homes can look outdated as a standard feature of them is yellow tones of wood, and often, wood poses a challenge to homes situated in warmer climates. In addition, the wood will require regular maintenance to ensure its longevity due to the environment. 

Due to the upgrades that many Mediterranean homes will require, they have become less popular in the real estate market. Their elegance and style are well worth the upgrades they may need, which could significantly increase their market value. 

It is possible to bring a Mediterranean home back into the modern realm with minor upgrades. Mediterranean homes were style features of celebrities such as Gianni Versace and Zendaya. Zendaya has recently purchased her Mediterranean home, indicating that they may be coming back into style in the near future. 

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How Can You Modernize Your Mediterranean Home

Luckily it is possible to modernize a Mediterranean-styled home and bring it back into style. A feature of Mediterranean homes is that they have small windows, lower ceilings, and less storage space. 

To modernize your Mediterranean home, you can start by putting in bigger windows to increase the sun that comes into the room. Then, adding skylights will further increase the light within the room and create a modern feel. 

How you decorate a Mediterranean home can also increase its value. Decorating it with symmetrical designs such as pairs of chairs and pairs of sofas will increase the space within the home. 

Using one color for your walls and using similarly colored flooring will create a simplistic feel that will modernize your Mediterranean home. It’s best to keep your decoration and design styles simplistic as to not overwhelm the style. 

Swapping the warmer woods that are used in Mediterranean homes for darker woods and walnut furniture will significantly update the space. The yellow tones often feature the Mediterranean style is outdated, and age’s the space. 

Adding in a tile with character will give your home an individual feel, and adding in the use of archways will further upgrade the space. 

As Mediterranean homes don’t allow for much storage, finding ways to increase the storage space will add to its modern feel. Creating space in Mediterranean homes is vital to ensure that it feels less outdated. 

You should further update the outdoor area by building a bonfire pit and creating a warm and welcoming vibe for people to enjoy. The beautiful designs of Spanish and Italian influence can really be upgraded and should be appreciated. 

It is not as complicated or expensive to modernize a Mediterranean home, and doing so increases its value while retaining its historic and elegant feel. Living in a Mediterranean home can feel like you are living in a luxury Spanish manor, especially if you decorate your home to do it justice. 

It can take some work and effort to modernize your Mediterranean home; however, in the long run, it is worthwhile as it will increase the value of your home and create a beautiful space that your friends will covet. 

In Conclusion 

Although Mediterranean homes have temporarily shifted out of style, we can hold that their elegance and beauty will be timeless. Mediterranean homes will regain their popularity over time, as stunning homes have been known to stand the test of time. 

Modern homes are currently the most popular style of home, but fashion is fast evolving, and as quickly as one style pops up, another one will take its place. Mediterranean homes are classical style of homes and will return to their place in due time.