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How to Fire Up Your Retirement

No, all caps in FIRE up your retirement isn’t a typo. It’s an acronym for Financial Independence –  Retire Early. When I started blogging in late 2017, I discovered this vibrant personal finance blogging FIRE community. To my surprise, this …

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Personal Finance Research — Expert Survey Analysis

The financial independence and early retirement movements can feel large, active, and mysterious all at once. Even though I am personally a blogger and a long-time reader, I had questions. To make matters more complex, this community does not have …

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How Much Do You Need To Retire at 55?

Want to retire at 55? Will $300,000 be enough? I talk a lot about the feasibility of semi-retirement, so let’s get into some specific examples. Let’s say your goal is to retire at 55 — still much younger than the …

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Learn How to Estimate Your Retirement Expenses Budget

You may see people claim that you should plan to replace a certain percentage of your pre-retirement income or expenses, like 70%-80%. Do not use these rules of thumb for your planning because they’re not taking into account the main …

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