semi retirement

Learn How to Estimate Your Retirement Expenses Budget

You may see people claim that you should plan to replace a certain percentage of your pre-retirement income or expenses, like 70%-80%. Do not use these rules of thumb for your planning because they’re not taking into account the main …

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semi-retirement jobs

Semi-Retirement Jobs: 45+ Options That Pay Well

What semi-retirement jobs pay over $20/hour? In the Semi-Retirement Plan overview post, I use an example of making $20/hour at your part-time job during your early retirement years. One of the criticisms I receive most often is that “$20/hour for …

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financial independence

The Financial Independence (Fi) Hierarchy

When faced with adversity, people are wired to do what it takes to survive. Psychologist Abraham Maslow famously described this aspect of the human psyche as the hierarchy of needs. Basically, the theory and corresponding pyramid illustration explain human motivation …

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how to invest

How To Invest $1,500 Wisely

Imagine you suddenly received $1,500, and you want to decide how to use it to improve your financial situation. Perhaps you got a small inheritance, a gift, a bonus at work, a graduation gift, or proceeds from selling your old …

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401k match

Why You Should Get the Full 401K Employer Match

Personal finance is a balance between enjoying the present and preparing for the future. It’s very tempting to save less, or not save at all, so that you can have more money available to take home and use for things you …

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retirement exit strategy

3 Reasons Why You Need a Retirement Exit Strategy

How Will You Know When the Time Has Come To Quit Your Full-time Job? Plan Your Retirement Exit Strategy. One day, you will stop working from 9:00 to 5:00. I know this is blunt, but you’ll either die unexpectedly, or …

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