12 Unsung yet Significant Accomplishments of the U.S. That Are Worth Celebrating Beyond Its National Parks

From its public libraries and world-class universities to its pioneering space exploration and vibrant art scene, the United States has many things to be proud of—but there are many more things the country does right that don’t get as much attention as its stunning national parks. A user of an online forum opened a discussion to share some of the lesser-known yet amazing accomplishments of the U.S., and here are 12 of the most common answers.

1. Hollywood: Where Dreams Come to Life

The Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles, California
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Lights, camera, action! Many users swear by American entertainment due to its high production quality and variety. Not to mention, the Hollywood celebrity culture is groundbreaking.

One person says you could put up the most prominent star from any country against Arnold Schwarzenegger, and most people would still choose to meet Arnold. No questions asked!

2. The Cultural Melting Pot

American Culture
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Many detest the allegations of America having no culture. In reality, members find that America’s culture is global. According to one, most Americans don’t even mind that they don’t have a distinct culture. The beauty of American culture lies in its multiplicity. With a plethora of subcultures and creative fusions, America is a land of infinite possibilities for anyone and everyone.

3. Literary Legends: America’s Way With Words

People looking around in the second hand book stalls of the book market in the historical center of Naples, Italy
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One person loves the concept of American literature being “strong.” Take a journey through the pages of F. Scott Fitzgerald or Ernest Hemingway, and you’ll understand why. American literature is a force to be reckoned with.

4. Knowledge Oasis: Public Libraries for All

Interior of the contemporary Salt Lake City Public Library
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While we’re talking about literature, let’s not forget public libraries. Unfortunately, free public libraries are rare outside of North America. Users rave about how these havens of knowledge offer access to resources, computers, homework help, and much more!

5. Answer Nature’s Call

A sad little girl is sitting on the toilet. Black-white interior. Striped clothes.
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Only after visiting Europe did many members discover how public restrooms are a blessing. While pay toilets only became illegal around the 70s, the ban eventually spread across states.

6. Money Matters

Portrait of an excited young businessman dressed in suit showing money banknotes and giving thumbs up isolated over gray background
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When it comes to global finance, the U.S. holds the reins, as one member highlights. From Wall Street’s central role in international business to the U.S. dollar’s status as the default currency, America takes charge.

7. A Symphony of Sounds: America’s Musical Legacy

Hands playing the piano keyboard closeup and candle light bokeh background. Male pianist learning to play the piano instrument and beautiful music. Reading sheet music
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According to an enthusiastic commenter, music is one of America’s most remarkable global contributions. American music has shaped countless genres, from the soulful jazz and blues melodies to the electrifying energy of rock, country, and funk. Let’s not forget American pop music, a sensation reverberating worldwide.

8. Mail Magic

african american woman checking mail in las vegas community
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In times of today, it is incredible to see how robust the postal system is. One member finds it amazing that you can write critical information wrapped in a piece of paper. Add a tiny sticker indicating you paid a couple of coins and hand it to a stranger, trusting it will reach its destination.

9. Equality and Accessibility: Making Life Less of a Rollercoaster With the ADA

Content handsome young disabled student with headphones on neck siting in wheelchair and looking at camera in modern library or bookstore
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Numerous users take pride in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and rightfully so. This bill protects people with disabilities from discrimination. It may not be perfect, but it has helped dramatically transform buildings to be more accessible for folks with disabilities.

10. Weather Warriors: Trusting the National Weather Service

Live News Studio Professional Anchor Reporting on Weather Forecast. Weatherman, Meteorologist, Reporter in Television Channel Newsroom with Video Screen Showing Weather Synoptic Map Chart for U.S.
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Folks swear by the National Weather Service. Many users claim they will only leave their house with a mandatory weather check, especially in places where the temperature varies widely.

11. A Taste of the World: International Cuisine in America

Loco Moco
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Imagine finding flavors from all over the world in one place. That’s America for you! You’ve got everything from high-quality foreign cuisines to America’s very own barbecue, beef briskets, burgers, and countless cultural fusions.

12. United in Diversity: Embracing Differences

Female flight attendants on the ground provide flight checks and boarding passes for female passengers at the airline's airport counters.
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Racism in America is a controversial subject. While the issue of discrimination and prejudice is a global phenomenon, users of Indian and Asian heritage narrate that during their time in the States, they did not face any issues because of their race or skin color.

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