Women Would Regularly Pay for These 11 Things if Only Money Wasn’t an Issue

We’ve all come across those luxury items that are simply too good to resist, even though they come with a hefty price tag. However, there are plenty of other simple things or services that women would prefer to buy on a regular basis. These are the ultimate treats that bring true relaxation and joy into our lives, allowing us to escape the stresses of daily life.

1. Personal Stylist and Hairdresser

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Have you ever fantasized about having someone who could pick out the perfect clothes and style your hair like a pro? It’d be awesome waking up and having someone who knows your style inside and out, ready to create the perfect outfit for any occasion and make you say goodbye to bad hair days. No more rummaging through your closet and going to the salon!

As one savvy user said, “A personal stylist! Dress me up!” It’s true, we’d all love to have someone who understands our fashion taste and can effortlessly put together killer outfits and do many hairstyles.

2. Massage

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Well, it appears I am not the only one. A massage therapist reported that her wealthier clients get two two-hour weekly sessions. Many women with chronic back pain agreed that this would be pure heaven.

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3. Traveling

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Yes, I’d like to revise my answer. Traveling whenever you wanted and being able to go wherever you wanted to go would be bliss. Several Europeans explained hopping on a 45-minute plane ride and being in another country—Versus people in the states. Moreover, people in places like Australia and New Zealand.

4. Professional Skincare Treatments

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Professional skincare treatments came in at number three on this list of things women would treat themselves to regularly. One semi-jokingly replied, “I’d live at my aesthetician’s—micro-needling, laser resurfacing, etc. I’d make some dermatologist a millionaire.”

5. Dentist Work

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Oof. This answer is depressing and the unfortunate reality of American health care. Several women confessed they needed dental procedures that cost them an arm and a leg. In contrast, others admitted they couldn’t afford them. So they are dealing with things like needing their wisdom teeth removed.

6. Top-Shelf Fresh Fruit

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The idea of buying top-shelf fruit, regardless of if it’s on sale or not, was a life goal for many. Additionally, many women agreed that the precut fruit was a luxury they’d afford. Finally, one instructed them to come to Latin America, and “you’ll have it almost for free through the whole year.”

7. Therapy

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Another unfortunate reality is the overwhelming cost of mental health care. As a result, many women confessed that they would choose therapy because “$200 an hour is a pure robbery” that they can’t afford.

Additionally, several admitted to being “crushed by the weight of mental issues” and would love a chance to heal. This is such a relatable point. It shouldn’t be like this.

8. Personal Chef

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A personal chef to prepare all of your meals sounds fantastic. Additionally, women wanted someone else to do all the shopping, meal planning, and cooking. One even volunteered she would still do the dishes but hated doing the cooking.

9. House Cleaner

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Yes, ladies, that would be life. Having a house cleaner, especially if you have tornadoes for kids (hi), would be sweet. Several women specified they wanted weekly light cleanings and deep cleanings. I’m good with never having to clean again.

10. Weekly Flowers

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Weekly flowers are ideal for many. One woman explained that she loves fresh flowers and will repeatedly walk over to them in her kitchen to stare at and smell them when she has some. Another volunteered that Trader Joe’s has cheaper flowers that last a long time.

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11. Child Care

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New Africa

Last but certainly not least, women shared they want help with the children! Especially the single moms doing it alone. Having to haul babies and toddlers around for every errand and trip to the grocery store can be stressful.

Add every bathroom trip, sharing a bed, and being their only home interaction, is exhausting. As a former single mom, I couldn’t agree more, and mothers who’ve not shared these experiences don’t get it.

Honorable Mentions: Mani/Pedis, personal trainer, tattoos, and a basement-sized LEGO room. What do you think? Do these women speak for you, or do you have something better to add to their list? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Savoteur.

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