Beach Condo Balcony Ideas

When it comes down to furnishing and decorating a beach condo balcony, many homeowners are on the lookout for creative ways to utilize their balcony space. Whether you take a minimalist approach or go all out, there are countless ways you can utilize your condo’s balcony!

On coastal condo balconies, plants, lights, art, and mirrors can be used to create a light, breezy atmosphere. You can also furnish your balcony with a table, sunlounger, hanging chair, hammock, and even built-in seating. With a shed, balconies can even be used for storage space.

In this article, we’re going to be outlining fifteen of the best ideas for your beach condo’s balcony. Ultimately, the ideas you choose and how many of them you implement will depend on the size of your balcony. However, these ideas are sure to spark some design creativity!

15 Beach Condo Balcony Ideas

Here are fifteen of the best ways coastal condo owners can furnish, decorate, and better utilize their balconies and picturesque views!

#1: Use Plants To Liven Up Your Balcony

There are countless ways plants can be used to liven up any balcony. With coastal balconies, in particular, plants are a fantastic way of bringing the outside world in. What better way to enjoy your balcony space than being surrounded by luscious plants and flowers?

You could keep it simple and invest in a few potted plants for your balcony. However, for smaller balconies, hanging plants are a fantastic way of saving precious space. With larger balconies, condo owners can turn their balconies into gardens!

Regardless of how you incorporate plants into your balcony, it will feel more vibrant instantly. If you’re interested in some stellar garden ideas for balconies of all shapes and sizes, you can check out the following YouTube video from PlantDo Home & Garden!

#2: Focus On Your Balcony’s Wall Space

Another fantastic way of sprucing up your condo’s balcony space is by focusing on the wall space. Ask any interior designer, and they’ll stress the importance of your balcony’s wall space. You can use your balcony as a blank canvas to showcase your character and personality.

An easy way to do this is by repainting your balcony’s walls. A fresh coat of paint can instantly revitalize a balcony and make it feel more welcoming. However, you should also consider wall décor. Adding some art and décor to the walls of your balcony is truly one of the best ways to inject your personal style into your balcony!

However, the key here is balance! You don’t want to make your balcony walls too busy, as this can take away from your stunning coastal views. A few well-curated décor items can easily transform the atmosphere on your balcony.

#3: Light Up Your Beach Condo Balcony 

While unwinding on your balcony, you can enjoy the stunning sunset – but what happens when the sun has gone down? By incorporating lights into your balcony’s décor, you can craft a warm ambiance that complements your décor and furnishings. This can be as simple as investing in some string lights for your balcony.

However, an increasing number of people have been investing in smart lighting. With smart lights, you can control your balcony’s lighting right from your smartphone! With many smart bulbs, you can even adjust the brightness and color of your lights. From color-changing bulbs to light strips, this seemingly small upgrade will allow you to set the mood on your balcony!

#4: Add A Table To Enjoy Your View

Regardless of how large or small your balcony is, there’s a table that will work perfectly on it. By turning your balcony into an outdoor dining space with a table, you’ll be able to soak in the spectacular views while enjoying any meal. From your morning coffee to a romantic dinner, a table can truly elevate the functionality of your balcony.

There are countless patio tables and chairs to consider. These can further be decorated with tablecloths and flower vases. Whether you want to catch up on work or simply catch up with loved ones, a table will allow you to do this! You won’t regret investing in a table and chairs for your condo’s balcony.

#5: Seating Can Be As Simple As Benches  

If you’re on the fence about purchasing a table for your balcony, you might want to consider a bench! Benches are a great, minimalist way of sitting back and enjoying the view. When placed against a balcony wall, benches can help you save space while maximizing your outdoor space.

Of course, benches can be used in conjunction with many of the other ideas on this list. For instance, your balcony might be large enough for an outdoor table with attached seating. There are many designs and styles for homeowners to choose from when shopping for balcony benches.

#6: Utilize Folding Balcony Furniture

If you’re looking for balcony ideas, the chances are you haven’t settled on a particular balcony design yet. If you’d like to keep your furnishing options open and prevent yourself from being restricted to a certain style, you should consider using folding balcony furniture! For small condo balconies, this is a fantastic way of saving space.

From folding chairs to camping tables, there are many great folding furniture options to consider. The folding tables are also available in various designs and materials. With this type of collapsible patio furniture, you can use the furniture when and as needed. When not in use, the tables and chairs can be folded up and stored.

#7: Create An Outdoor Living Space

Given that balconies are outdoor areas, many homeowners treat them as such. However, by designing your balcony like an indoor living room, you can create a vibrant outdoor living space with a great ambiance.

What better way to enjoy the sunsets than reclining on a comfortable couch or sofa? Now add some candles, throw blankets, and mood lighting into the mix, and you’ve got the perfect outdoor living space!

#8: Buy A Hanging Chair Or Hammock

With coastal views from your balcony, what better way to unwind than in a hammock or hanging chair? Both floating chairs and hammocks can help you feel like you’re on vacation, even when you’re just spending an hour on your balcony!

With a hanging chair, you’ll be able to comfortably sit outside, read your book, sip a refreshing beverage, and more! Due to the floating nature of hanging chairs, they’re surprisingly good for your posture. Since you can’t truly sit still in a hammock chair, the movement applies pressure to your back and helps relieve stress.

With hammocks, on the other hand, you can lie back and enjoy the sound of nature. In fact, hammocks have proved effective for people who struggle to fall asleep or have insomnia. In this way, hammocks can do more than enhance your balcony’s design; they can help you get some much-needed rest whenever you use them!

#9: Invest In Sunlounger Chairs

Installing a hammock or hanging chair won’t work for all balconies. Ultimately, this is due to the way these floating chairs are installed. Generally, hammocks are fastened to trees. However, with hammocks, you’ll need to find a suitable way to hang them on your balcony.

However, you can always unwind on a sunlounger chair! Sunloungers are a great addition to any coastal balcony. There’s no installation required; you can simply kick back with a good book or catch up on your tanning. If you’re worried about your privacy while tanning in a sunlounger, the next tip is for you!

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#10: Add Some Privacy To Your Balcony

If you’d like to enjoy your balcony with a little extra privacy, this idea is one for you! If you have a beach condo with a balcony overlooking the coast, chances are your neighbors do, too! With neighboring balconies and buildings having a clear view of other balconies, many condo owners struggle with privacy.

Naturally, this lack of privacy prevents people from feeling truly comfortable on their balconies. However, by using privacy panels, condo owners can add a sense of privacy to their balconies. There are many different privacy panels available today. Of course, this means you can choose a style that suits the rest of your balcony’s décor.

#11: Craft A Shady Spot To Unwind

One of the main reasons people underutilize their balconies – particularly in the daytime – is due to the constant sun. While this ultimately depends on the direction your balcony is facing, there are many great ways to craft a shady spot for you to unwind. In fact, this can even extend the lifespan of balcony décor and furnishings by protecting them from harsh UV rays.

An easy way to add some shade to your balcony is by using a gazebo. There are many gazebos that can be fastened to your balcony’s floor, which will prevent the wind from affecting it. However, awnings are another fantastic option. Many awnings are retractable, which allows you to choose when it’s sunny or shady!

#12: Use Your Balcony For Storage

If storage space inside your condo is limited, there are always ways to utilize part of your balcony as a dedicated storage space. There are two ways condo owners can implement this. Firstly, sheds can be used to add a new level of versatility to your balcony. From storing foldable furniture to clearing out the clutter from your cupboard, there are numerous ways sheds can be used.

However, deck boxes are another balcony storage solution to consider. Like sheds, deck boxes allow homeowners to store things on their balconies. While both sheds and deck boxes protect storage items from the elements, they differ greatly in size. For those with relatively small balconies, a deck box will allow them to save space without sacrificing functionality.

#13: Divide Your Balcony’s Space

If you have a relatively large balcony, it can be even trickier to decide how you want to utilize the space. Many condo owners are afraid of restricting the functionality of their balconies. However, if you’ve got the available space, it’s possible to divide up your balcony’s space into different zones.

Ultimately, dividing up the space of larger balconies allows people to incorporate multiple ideas into the space. Of course, this will allow condo owners to craft a perfectly multi-functional space. For instance, one part of your balcony may be used as an outdoor dining area, while another part can be used as a balcony garden.

#14: Use Mirrors To Add Dimension

Above, we looked at dividing larger balconies into different zones. However, for those decorating smaller balconies, this will not work. However, mirrors can be used to easily add dimension to your balcony. By using mirrors on your beach condo balcony, you can celebrate your beautiful surroundings.

Consumers will find a wide variety of mirror shapes, styles, and sizes available today. Naturally, this means you can choose the perfect mirror to accentuate your balcony space. This is a great and affordable means of crafting a relaxing atmosphere on your balcony that doesn’t feel claustrophobic.

#15: Focus On Your Balcony’s Floors

When it comes down to most balconies, the floor is typically a plain concrete slab. By focusing on your balcony’s floors, you can instantly elevate the design of the space. There are many ways to accomplish this; it could be as simple as finding a rug for your balcony. You’ll come across many sizes and styles, allowing you to choose a rug that matches the rest of your décor.

However, it’s also possible to use interlocking deck tiles to upgrade your balcony’s floor. These interlocking tiles are available in many styles and simply snap together. Not only do these unique tiles transform your floor, but they’re easy to dismantle. If you ever move, your interlocking tiles can be reused in a new space!


When it comes down to decorating and furnishing your balcony, the options are endless. Depending on the size of your condo’s balcony, you can even incorporate multiple ideas into your outdoor space. Whether you create a luscious balcony garden or an extravagant outdoor living space, you’ll love spending time on your coastal condo’s balcony!