Beach-Fabric Accent Chairs

Beach-fabric accent chairs are an easy way to introduce a coastal aesthetic to your home. Selecting accent chairs is tremendous fun but can also be challenging as there are endless beach-fabric chairs available in every style and size. Let’s look at how to choose the best beach-fabric accent chairs.

To choose the best beach-fabric accent chairs, decide on the chair’s purpose, location, and style. The fabric’s color channels the coastal theme through layered blues, gentle neutrals, bold nautical, or vivid tropical shades, while the texture adds practicality, elegance, or luxury.

The functions of an accent or side chair are to create an eye-catching focal point in a room and to provide additional seating. Choosing the right accent chair to invite people into a space means considering the placement and design of the chair, as well as the colors and textures of the fabric. Read on to discover the perfect beach-fabric accent chair for your home.

Best Beach-fabric Accent Chairs: Placement

Before selecting an accent chair, you need to consider where you will place it, in terms of both room and area of the room.

Placement Of An Accent Chair: Room

You’ve probably decided on the room for the chair where there’s a gap in your home.

Is there space for a reading nook in your bedroom? Or a lazy spot in the lounge to gaze at the ocean view? Perhaps you have a large entrance hall with space for an accent chair.

Placement Of An Accent Chair: Space

Consider where in the room the chair will be placed. Is it in a dark corner, a small or large space? Is the chair a focal point of the room’s design?

The proportion of the chair is essential when thinking about space. Because an accent chair is a striking feature, it must complement both the area and the other furniture in the room. For example, an enormous chaise longue won’t make sense next to a tiny drinks table in a small living room.

Best Beach-fabric Accent Chairs: Purpose

The next question to consider is the purpose of the accent chair, that is, whether it is essentially a practical or beautiful item.

Purpose Of An Accent Chair: Aesthetic

Begin by deciding whether the chair is primarily an aesthetic piece. In other words, is the chair going to be placed to add beauty or interest to a room rather than serving a practical function?

If comfort is not the priority with your chair, you can choose a sculptural design and unusually textured fabric and place the chair in an otherwise unappealing corner.

Purpose Of An Accent Chair: Function

Another question is whether your accent chair will be used for sitting. For example, is the chair a helpful addition to a conversation arrangement in a lounge? Is the chair part of an inviting reading nook?

If someone is going to be curling up in the chair, then comfort must be a priority in terms of design and fabric, and you need to consider hard-wearing upholstery.

Best Beach-fabric Accent Chairs: Designs

By definition, accent chairs are single-seaters. There are endless designs for accent chairs, and we’ve rounded up the best for a beach-style home.

Designs Of Beach-fabric Accent Chairs: Best For Relaxing

One of the characteristics of a coastal theme home is a relaxed atmosphere. The ideal accent chair for relaxation is a wingback chair, with its dramatic tall back and winged sides.

Despite its impressive appearance, the wingback is very comfortable and cozy, especially when placed next to a fireplace – the wings shield you from drafts and keep you warm.

A wingback chair always looks stately next to a sofa and suits a dining room where it can be called into use as an extra dining chair.

Designs Of Beach-fabric Accent Chairs: Best For Reading

Catching up on reading is part of every great vacation, and it’s essential to have an accent chair for this purpose. Club chairs are the perfect design, with their deep, roomy seats and straight backs.

Add a club chair to a living room, or create a reading nook with a pair of chairs.

Designs Of Beach-fabric Accent Chairs: Best For Occasional Seating

Slipper chairs are handy accent chairs as they are armless, taking up less space than a large armchair. Often low-seated, slipper chairs can be pulled up to a coffee table or placed against a wall. They’re ideal for living rooms and odd spaces like entrance halls or landings.

Designs Of Beach-fabric Accent Chairs: Best For Elegant Touch

Not all beach-style homes are casual or informal: the Bergere chair is suitable for a more elegant space. These chairs have an exposed wooden frame with an upholstered back and seat, with a loose cushion for comfort.

Although Bergere chairs often come in pairs in formal lounges, they are an exquisite addition to a feminine bedroom or bathroom and lend themselves to opulent fabric choices.

Best Beach-fabric Accent Chairs: Colors

Color is a defining feature of a coastal aesthetic and will make any chair immediately recognizable as beach style. A few main coastal interior styles have typical color palettes, each inspired by the ocean environment.

Colors Of Beach-fabric Accent Chairs: Blue

Shades of blue are critical to beach-style fabrics, whether you favor washed-out sky, pastel, and eggshell blues, the rich Mediterranean blues and whites of a Greek island, or the indigo blues and turquoise blues of the ever-changing ocean.

If blue is your primary palette, use your accent chairs to add a pattern. Many fabrics feature sea creatures, like starfish and whales, with their whimsical charm. Or choose the abstract shapes of tie-dye, batik, and block-print patterns. Blue stripes in different shades are always reminiscent of beach chairs and seaside holidays without being obviously coastal-themed.

Colors Of Beach-fabric Accent Chairs: Neutrals

Another color scheme that characterizes the coastal style is the use of neutrals. Minimalist interiors will include a lot of white, while more natural palettes have layers of sand, stone, cream, khaki, beige, and grey.

Layer these soft shades with gentle pops of color, such as seafoam, aqua, and coral, ideal for accent chairs. Choose ocean-themed patterns in neutral shades to add interest: vintage maps, fragile seaweed, and watery swirls are beautiful.

Your choice of accent colors can direct the palette from contemporary beach house to rustic coastal cottage.

Colors Of Beach-fabric Accent Chairs: Nauticals

If you prefer a bolder statement, take inspiration from a nautical palette with bold blues, reds, and stark white. Stripes are popular in this theme, as are flags, anchors, and bathing rings. Choose vintage and retro patterns, including ropes and sailing ships, for a traditional seaside look.

Colors Of Beach-fabric Accent Chairs: Tropical

For fans of more vivid shades, look for accent colors in tropical hues. Rich fuchsia pink, jungle green, and bold orange add an island-style vibe.

The purpose of an accent chair is to decorate the space – your accent chair is like a gorgeous piece of jewelry, so don’t play it safe. Have fun with bright prints: palms, pineapples, and parrots.

Best Beach-fabric Accent Chairs: Textures

Texture is a quintessential feature of any beach-style home, with a nod to the soft beach sand, weathered driftwood, iridescent shells, and undulating waves.

Beach-style interiors are texturally rich, and this is an area to explore through layering different fabrics and finishes in your accent chairs.

Textures Of Beach-fabric Accent Chairs: Natural

The ocean environment is full of natural inspiration for textures of accent chairs.

  • Fabrics: Consider rough-woven linen, heavy-gauge cotton, and deep-dyed denim for hard-wearing surfaces. These fabrics are well-suited to the natural and nautical coastal palettes.
  • Wood: Wood finishes invite the outside in, especially washed or distressed finishes that nod to driftwood.
  • Wicker: Bamboo, rattan, and wicker are all on-trend for coastal interiors.
  • Leather: Worn saddle leather adds luxurious texture and interest, even as a cushion or edging.

Textures Of Beach-fabric Accent Chairs: Luxury

If your beach-style home is a luxurious retreat, let your accent chairs reflect that aesthetic.

  • Fabrics: Velvet is opulent in any room but not overly hard-wearing. A lush aqua velvet chair with nailhead trim is elegant and luxurious in a bedroom, while a dark blue velvet slipper chair is ideal for a living room.
  • Wood: Pale blonde maple or ash and open-grained oak are more stately finishes for a contemporary home, while darker wood has a maritime formality.
  • Metal: Introduce bronze finishes for a vintage or retro style, with a nod to ship finishes.
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Beach-fabric accent chairs can highlight your beach-style home by providing decorative and functional seating. Highlight the coastal theme through your choice of style, color, and texture fabric, to transform your living space.