5 Best Airline To Fly To Russia Right Now [2023 Ranking]

With nearly 3,500 international flights scheduled for this month, Russia is not as isolated as you might believe. As geopolitical tensions rise and aviation restrictions are implemented, it’s easy to believe that Russia is isolated from the rest of the world. There is, however, a caveat to this.

The best airline to fly to and from Russia right now is Aeroflot.

Despite the fact that several foreign airlines have stopped serving Russian cities, the country still receives over 3,500 international flights each month.

All in all, 30 foreign airlines still fly into Russia, with 620,000 seats and about 940 million available seat miles available on each of them. Despite this, there are still a number of major international carriers operating flights to Russia.

5 Best Airline To Fly To Russia Right Now [2023 Ranking]

1. Aeroflot

Aeroflot Group is renowned for excellent customer service around the world. Aeroflot Airlines has been recognized as the best airline in Eastern Europe nine times by Skytrax and has also been awarded the APEX Five-Star Global Airline rating.

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Direct flights from Moscow to New York, Los Angeles, Washington, and Miami are offered by Aeroflot. The flight durations are 10h 30m, 13h, and 11h (13h).

2. Turkish Airlines.

There are currently 30 non-Russian airlines flying into Turkey, with Turkish Airlines operating most of them. Russians may expect nearly a quarter of a million sets and 373 million miles of seat miles on the airline’s 1,395 scheduled flights there in June.

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Moscow-Vnukovo (VKO) has 676 flights each week, St. Petersburg (LED) has 227, and Moscow Domodedovo (DOM) has 209 flights per week.

Low-cost Pegasus Airlines joins Turkish Airlines in providing further access to Russia from Turkey. In total, there were 1,541 one-way flights via Turkey and Russia this month, with about 300,000 seats.

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3. Uzbekistan Airways

Uzbekistan Airways (420 flights) and Belavia (140 flights) are also flying large capacity into Russia, but they are only a third of what Turkish is flying (392). Uzbekistan Airways, on the other hand, has a seating capacity of about 83,000 as opposed to Belavia’s 48,000, making it nearly twice as large as Belavia.

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This can be attributed to its extensive employment of widebody Dreamliners and 767s, as well as Boeing 757s and A320s. Belavia operates Boeing 737 and E-Jet aircraft.

4. UAE Airline

The United Arab Emirates is another country that stands out for its commitment to Russian connectivity (UAE). Flydubai, Emirates, Etihad, and Air Arabia all fly to Russia from the United Arab Emirates. Even though flydubai has the most flights, Emirates, Air Arabia, and Etihad all fly about 30 times a month.

5. Emirates Airline

The President of Emirates has stated that the airline would not stop flying to Russia unless it is ordered to do so.

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Because of the negative public perception of flying in Russia at the moment, several airlines may be tempted to rethink their business plans. Sir Tim Clark, president of Emirates, reaffirmed his position in an interview with Simple Flying on the margins of the IATA AGM this week.

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Our operations to Russia are continuing because we haven’t been directed to stop,” he stated. it will continue as long as the government that governs us let us”

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Summer travel to Russia will be maintained by all four carriers. As of now, Air Arabia’s flight capacity is expected to double by September, while the other three airlines are expected to retain their existing levels of service.

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However, the UAE affiliate of European low-cost airline Wizz Air has left Russia. Wizz Air Abu Dhabi and its parent firm both halted service to Russia in February as a result of that country’s invasion of Ukraine. For the rest of the summer, flights to Russia will be completely halted.

Flydubai in the United Arab Emirates, Avia Traffic Company in Kyrgyzstan, Pegasus in Turkey, and Somon Air in Tajikistan all flew over 100 flights in June.

The following is a complete list of the 30 international airlines still offering flights to Russia:

30 Best Flight To Russia

Airline Country Flights
Turkish Airlines Turkey 1,395
Uzbekistan Airways Uzbekistan 420
Belavia Belarus 392
flydubai UAE 182
Avia Traffic Company Kyrgyzstan 167
Pegasus Turkey 146
Somon Air Tajikistan 97
Emirates UAE 84
Aircompany Armenia Armenia 82
Qazaq Air Kazakhstan 72
Nouvelair Tunisie Tunisia 67
Azerbaijan Hava Yollary Azerbaijan 52
Air Serbia Serbia 48
Air Arabia UAE 31
Etihad Airways UAE 30
El Al Israel 30
Egyptair Egypt 30
Qatar Airways Qatar 21
QANOT SHARQ Uzbekistan 18
Gulf Air Bahrain 18
Mahan Air Iran 9
Turkmenistan Airlines Turkmenistan 5
CONVIASA Venezuela 4
Iraqi Airways Iraq 4
Air China China 4
Air Algerie Algeria 4
Ariana Afghan Airlines Afghanistan 4
Hunnu Air Mongolia 3
Alia – The Royal Jordanian Airlines Jordan 1
Sichuan Airlines China 1

What Airlines Fly To Russia Right Now?

Flydubai, Emirates, Etihad, and Air Arabia all fly to Russia from the United Arab Emirates. Emirati airlines Emirates and Etihad both fly roughly 30 flights per month, despite flydubai offering the most flights per month.

Which Is The Best Airline In Russia?

The best airline in Russia right now is the Aeroflot.

What Airlines Fly From The Us To Russia?

The following are airlines that fly from America to Russia:

  • American Airlines Dallas to Saint Petersburg (DFW – LED)
  • American Airlines Dallas to Moscow (DFW – SVO)
  • American Airlines Dallas to Irkutsk (DFW – IKT)
  • American Airlines Dallas to Moscow (DFW – DME)
  • American Airlines Dallas to Novosibirsk (DFW – OVB)

Can You Fly Direct From Usa To Russia?

Yes, you can fly a direct airline to Russia via Aeroflot.

Can Us Citizens Go To Russia?

Yes, as a US citizen you can access Russia if your traveling documents are complete.

How Many Hours Flight Is USA To Russia?

It takes roughly 12hrs to fly from the US to Russia right now.


so far so good, I am sure your quest to know the Best Airline To Fly To Russia has been answered as we have ranked Aeroflot airline as the best flight to take to Russia right now.