10 Best Airlines in the Middle East [2023 Skytrax Rating]

If you are planning to travel by air in the Middle East, the best airlines in the Middle East according to Skytrax ranking for this year, Etihad Airways is ranked the best airline in the Middle East.

This ranking is based on many factors from user experience to safety, customer relation, flight cost, and many other factors. Here in today’s ranking, we will be looking at other best airlines in Arab countries and all you need to know.

10 Best Airlines in the Middle East [2023 Skytrax Rating]

1. Etihad Airways

Etihad top the table by knocking off its national competitor, Emirates, which comes in at a very respectable third place on Skytrax’s list of the top airlines in the Middle East, helping to further establish the United Arab Emirates as a major aviation center in the region.

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The new ‘Residence’ suites in first class are the largest suites in the sky, spanning three rooms and featuring private bathrooms, 32-inch TV screens, and separate living space.

2. Qatar Airways

Today, Qatar Airways is one of the unrivaled giants in the Middle Eastern aviation business, serving destinations on five continents and earning a spot among the Oneworld alliance’s big boys.

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Their first-class massage chairs, award-winning economy class cabins, acclaimed Oryx Entertainment systems, and $90 million airport lounge/spa facilities help place them ahead of their regional competitors, making them a more appealing alternative for the modern traveler.

3. Emirates Airline

Emirates, the Middle East’s flag airline, is a major player in the region’s aviation industry because it serves some of the busiest routes into and out of the Middle East and has a core hub at Dubai International Airport.

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It is currently ranked among the world’s largest and busiest airlines, and it has won multiple awards from Skytrax for its first-class cabins and in-flight entertainment.

4. Gulf Air

Originally created in 1950 as Gulf Aviation by British pilot Freddie Bosworth, Gulf Air is the national airline of Bahrain and a state-owned enterprise. Based in Muharraq, the airline serves 55 destinations in 28 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Indian subcontinent, and the Far East on a regular basis.

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5. Saudi Arabian Airlines

Furthermore on the list of the best airlines in the Middle East is Saudia, a member of the SkyTeam alliance situated right now between the runways at Jeddah-King Abdulaziz International Airport.

There have been significant updates to the airline’s fleet in the past decade, with the addition of brand-new Boeing 777-300ERs and Airbus A330-300s that have Wi-Fi, an award-winning economy class with a massive 34 inches of seat pitch, and compatibility for mobile networks while in flight.

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6. Oman Air

The future looks bright for Oman’s national airline, which now operates a fleet of 37 planes and has placed 17 orders for brand-new, large Boeings. To be fair, the airline has a lot going for it: numerous awards from Skytrax, brand-new first-class mini-suites on its larger planes, an award-winning staff, and state-of-the-art Wi-Fi and mobile connection on all Airbus A330s. Not to mention the fact that it offers several really well-liked long-distance routes to London and Bangkok.

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7. Flynas Airline

Flynas, often spelled flynas, is the first low-cost airline in Saudi Arabia. It was formerly known as Nas Air. The headquarters of the corporation can be found in Riyadh.

Before Nas Air and Sama Airlines received their licenses from the government in 2006, Saudi Arabian Airlines was the sole airline operating in the nation. Nas Air began operations in 2007. The business began in February of that year. Nas Air finalized an order for 20 Airbus A320 family planes towards the end of 2007.

Formerly known as Nasair, the company became Flynas in November 2013. Airbus and Flynas finalized an agreement in January 2017 for the latter to order 80 aircraft from the A320neo family, with delivery occurring between 2018 and 2026. The first aircraft in the Airbus A320neo series was delivered to Flynas in November 2018.

8. Kuwait Airways

Kuwait’s national airline, Kuwait Airways, is headquartered at Kuwait International Airport in Al Farwaniyah Governorate.

In 1953, a group of Kuwaiti businessmen established Kuwait National Airways; initially, the government held a 50% stake in the company.

British International Airlines (BIA), a BOAC subsidiary in Kuwait, flew charter flights and supplied maintenance services, and a management contract with a five-year term was inked that year. Two Dakotas were purchased, and service began on March 16, 1954.

In its first year of service, the company carried 8,966 people. Kuwait Airways was officially named such in July 1955. During the month of May 1958, a new management and operation contract was struck, this time with BOAC. Kuwait Airways acquired BIA in April 1959.

9. Air Arabia Airline

Sharjah International Airport in the United Arab Emirates is the home of Air Arabia, an Emirati low-cost airline. Its headquarters are located in Building A1 of the Sharjah Freight Center.

With hubs in Sharjah, Casablanca, Fez, Nador, Tangier, Ras Al Khaimah, and Alexandria, the airline provides scheduled services to a total of 170 destinations in the Middle East, North Africa, the Indian subcontinent, Central Asia, and Europe. Sharjah International Airport is the hub for Air Arabia. Alexandria and Casablanca are additional key locations, in addition to Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah.

10. Flydubai Airline

With its headquarters and flight operations located at Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport, Flydubai is an Emirati government-owned low-cost airline serving the Dubai, United Arab Emirates, region.

In order to better connect its citizens, the government of Dubai founded the airline in July 2008. While Flydubai is not a subsidiary of Emirates, the airline was helped by the parent company in its formative years.

At the Farnborough Air Show on July 14, 2008, Flydubai made a definitive order with American aircraft manufacturer Boeing for 50 Boeing 737-800s valued at US$3.74 billion, with the option to change the order to the larger and longer range Boeing 737-900ER based on the airline’s demand.

The first of these planes was handed over on May 17, 2009. Services to Beirut, Lebanon, and Amman, Jordan, began on the 1st of June as part of a regular daily schedule. The road system has undergone extensive growth since that time.

Flydubai made contact with Boeing and Airbus on February 13th, 2013 about a potential 50-aircraft order. The airline stated on June 19th, 2013 that it would begin offering a business class on all of its flights.

To attract business travelers from the emirate, the airline plans to add a business class cabin with 12 seats between the aisle and the window, three-course meals, 12-inch televisions, a business class lounge, Italian leather seats, more than 200 films, and power outlets compatible with plugs from more than 170 countries.

In March 2020, Flydubai lost a lot of money because Boeing 737 Max planes were grounded all over the world. The state-owned corporation argues that the incident seriously damaged its growth strategy since it had 11 of the aforementioned aircraft and more than 220 on order.

Chief Executive Officer Ghaith Al-Ghaith has revealed that an interim settlement deal has been reached with Boeing for certain compensation, albeit the specifics of this arrangement are being kept under wraps.

Direct flights between Tel Aviv and Dubai were announced by FlyDubai on November 4, 2020, with ticket sales beginning on November 26. If this were to happen, it would be the first time that Dubai and Tel Aviv were connected by a commercial airline.

Which Is The Best Airline In the Middle East?

Doha-based Skytrax, an aviation rating organization, has found that Qatar Airways is the finest airline in the world. There hasn’t been a single survey since 2019 that didn’t rank the airline first.

Is the Middle East A Good Airline?

Yes! Airport and flight attendant service on Middle East Airlines are rated as “3-Star Certified,” the highest possible rating. Services include both in-cabin and on-ground personnel, while products encompass everything from seats to amenities to food and drinks to in-flight entertainment to hygiene.

What Is The Best Airline In UAE?

When it comes to “cabin innovation,” “customer service,” and “determination to continue to operate throughout the COVID pandemic,” AirlineRatings.com says Qatar Airways deserves the top ranking. Emirates, an airline based in Dubai, came in at number 16 on the list.

What Is The Biggest Airline In The Middle East?

Emirates Airlines is the biggest airline in the Middle East

Is Etihad Better Than Emirates?

When comparing the regular economy seats on Etihad and Emirates, there is little to no difference. If you get on the proper 777, you may have 34 inches of pitch and 18 inches of width in economy class on Emirates.

Which Terminal Is Middle East Airlines?

Dubai airport is commonly referred to as Middle East Airlines.

Is Qatar Or Etihad Better?

In this matchup, Qatar triumphs over Etihad with an impressive 8/10 overall rating with 4-star ratings across the board for things like food and drink, in-flight entertainment, seat comfort, staff service, and value for money. Etihad lags behind, receiving an overall score of 5/10 and 3/5 across the board.

Which Arab Airline Is The Best?

The best Arab airline is Etihad Airways.

Which Is The Oldest Airline In The Middle East?

Egypt Air was the first airline in the Middle East, having taken flight for the first time in 1932. They currently have 80 planes that they use to fly to 81 different locations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Which Airline Is Bigger Emirates Or Etihad?

When comparing Emirates with Etihad, it’s important to note that Emirates is the largest airline in the entire Middle East. Dubai can now communicate with 142 cities in 78 different countries because of this. However, Etihad is Abu Dhabi’s premier airline.

How Many Airlines Are In The Middle East?

There are 24 airlines from the Middle East, the largest airlines are Emirates, Saudia, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, flydubai, and Oman Air

Is Qatar Airways Better Than KLM?

Each carrier provides a pleasant flight experience. In comparison to the seats in KLM’s Economy Comfort, the ones in Qatar’s Economy Class are slightly larger and more comfortable.

Both airlines offer spacious seats in Business Class, however, KLM’s are slightly more spacious. However, with Qatar Airways, you’ll have greater personal space.

What Are The Two Airlines In UAE?

A new commercial partnership between Emirates Airlines and United Airlines will improve both companies’ networks, allowing passengers to easily reach more domestic and international destinations.


After all the ranking, there are still airlines that may not be able to make this list, if you have information on airlines that should be on the list of best airlines in the Middle East but isn’t on this list, you may drop the name via the comment section, we will make thorough information into it and consider it for listing.

But so far so good, this ranking is based on Skytrax ranking for this year’s award.