20 Best Airlines To Fly To Japan In 2023 [Top Rating]

The best airline to fly to Japan is Tokyo airline. First-time visitors to Japan are likely to begin their journey in Tokyo. Although Narita is the busiest, Haneda also handles certain long-haul flights, making it Japan’s busiest airport in terms of foreign arrivals.

The Kansai International Airport in Osaka is another important entrance point for tourists from outside Japan. Even though Japan’s bullet trains and subways are world-famous, many visitors choose to fly between the country’s other main airports.

So let us get to know the best airlines to fly to Japan from the Us or other parts of the globe and all you need to know.

Best Airlines To Fly To Japan In 2023 [Top 20]

  1. Tokyo International Airport/Haneda (Hnd)

Tokyo International Airport
Tokyo International Airport

First on this list of best airlines to fly to Japan is the Tokyo International Airport. The Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan, which serves 87 million people annually, is the biggest airport in Japan and the fifth busiest airport in the world. However, because of clever design, the airport never seems busy (apart from security waits).

As a major hub for local Japanese airlines like All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines, and Star Flyer, Haneda’s 2010 addition of an international terminal and a fourth runway provided it with some much-needed legs for long-haul travel.

You can travel to Tokyo Station in approximately 30 minutes, which is a lot faster than it takes to go to Narita.

Location: Ōta


There is a large selection of flights, decent facilities, and a straightforward layout, as well as a nearby railway station for getting into the heart of the city.


None at moment

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  1. Narita International Airport (NRT)

Narita International Airport
Narita International Airport

It is true that Narita is Japan’s principal international airport, with scores of airlines operating routes that link Japan to destinations all over the globe, yet it only handled 44.34 million passengers in 2021—less than half of Haneda’s traffic.

Although the airport is well-equipped, its main drawback is its location, which is 40 miles outside of Tokyo. Taxis are excessively costly for the typical traveler, thus they are seldom used; instead, they rely on trains or buses, which both take around an hour.

Location: Narita


Japan’s busiest international airport, with top-notch amenities.


Outside of the city’s core

  1. Kansai International Airport (KIX)

We can list the best flight to Japan right now without recourse to Kansai International Airport. It was necessary to build an artificial island for Kansai International Airport in Osaka Bay to accommodate passengers. At a cost of $20 billion and 20 inches each year, the island was stabilized by the construction of a $20 billion complex. a total of four (As of February 2019, it sinks about 2.3 inches per year.)

Moreover, half of the region’s 30 million passengers travel through the airport each year, including a significant number of tourists. 6 Even though it’s a little out of the city center, it’s easily accessible by rail.

Location: An artificial island about 30 miles southwest of Osaka


Several flights are available, and it’s simple to get about.


Outside of the city’s core

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  1. Chubu Centrair International Airport (NGO)

Located on a man-made island near Tokoname, Central Centrair International Airport handles 12 million people each year. By rail, it takes around 30 minutes to go to Nagoya, and by vehicle, it takes about 45 minutes.

The airport’s retail complex is available to the general public, making it a popular stop for travelers. There are significantly fewer alternatives after you pass over to the airside, so do all of your shopping and meals before you enter the confined space of the security area. However, the airport is well-designed, which is nothing out of the ordinary for Japan.

Location: Tokoname


Pre-security facilities are well built, with many options for shopping and eating


Post-security retail and eating choices are limited.

  1. Hiroshima Airport (HIJ)

Hiroshima’s smaller international airport, servicing about 2.7 million passengers in 2021, is located roughly 30 miles west of the city center. In addition to serving the primary hub of Haneda in Tokyo, it also provides service to China, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan.

A unique feature of the Hiroshima Airport is the lack of a rail line—you must take a bus for over an hour to reach downtown Hiroshima from there. However, the airport is seldom congested, and it offers a wide range of excellent amenities, including a number of excellent food choices.

Location: Mihara


Clean and well-maintained facilities; a wide variety of culinary options.


As compared to the larger Japanese airports, where there are fewer connections; there is no rail link to Hiroshima.

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  1. New Chitose Airport (CTS)

Sapporo is around 30 miles away from this airport, which is located between Chitose and Tomakomai. Hokkaido’s main airport handled more than 23 million passengers last year, most of whom flew inside Japan, but also to China, South Korea, Singapore, and the United States (to Hawaii). 8 The rooftop onsen is its most notable feature, with a variety of eateries and businesses around.

Location: Bibi


Hokkaido’s busiest airport, with plenty of options for shopping and eating


It’s possible that it will be really packed.

  1. Kumamoto Airport (KMJ)

A few domestic and international flights are available, but the frequency of these flights makes this airport one of the most popular among Japan’s rural airports.” On the other hand, because of its modest size and the high standard of building maintenance in Japan, it’s simple to go about. Getting to the airport requires either a bus or a cab since there is no rail service.

Location: Mashiki


Compact and clean airport


has Limited routes

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  1. Sendai International Airport (SDJ)

In Natori, Sendai International Airport is less than 30 minutes away from the city center. An average of 3.6 million people fly through the airport each year, most of whom go domestically, although there are also flights to China Taiwan, South Korea, and Thailand. Within two months of the 2011 Tsunami and earthquake, the airport was completely rebuilt after flooding swamped its runway and terminal.

Location: Natori


It was reconstructed after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami with new and upgraded amenities


Only a few restaurants and shops are open

  1. Nagasaki Airport (NGS)

Three million passengers pass through Nagasaki Airport each year, most of them flying to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport through the many daily flights.  A few shops, restaurants, and an observation deck are available for travelers to enjoy as they wait for their flights at the airport, which is tiny, clean, and well-organized.

Location: Ōmura


Compact and easy to navigate


It has Limited routes

  1. Fukuoka Airport 

More than 23 million people used Fukuoka International Airport, the island’s busiest, in 2021, according to official figures.  A local and an international terminal are available, with flights to and from Japan and Asia. It just takes five minutes by metro to go from Fukuoka Airport to the city center, unlike many other Japanese airports.

Location: Hakata Ward


A short distance from the heart of the city, it is near to several international routes.


At the check-in desks, things might become a little hectic.

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  1. Naha Airport (OKA)

According to data from 2015, Naha Airport handled 18.3 million passengers traveling to and from Okinawa Prefecture’s local and international locations. Monorails link the airport to downtown and Shuri Station, the primary railway station in the city; the airport is within walking distance of all three.

Location: Southwest Naha


Has numerous routes


At the check-in desks, things might become a little hectic.

  1. Osaka International Airport (ITM)

An international airport is located in Kansai rather than Osaka International Airport, which is known as Itami Airport. If you’re looking for a functioning airport in Japan, then this one is a good choice. In spite of the lack of retail and food options, the airport sees over 17 million people a year.

Location: Itami


Easy to navigate


Purchasing and eating options are limited.

  1. Kagoshima Airport (KOJ)

Though there are only 10 gates at this airport (nine domestic and one international), it handled 5.2 million passengers last year. It’s not only Tokyo Haneda that has the most flights but Seoul, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong as well.

Location: Kirishima


Compact and easy to navigate


If there is more than a single line, things might become rather chaotic.

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Best Airline To Fly From Canada To Japan

The best airline to fly with from Canada to Japan is the Tokyo Airline.

Japan has more than 80 airports. Both Narita and Haneda are now served by direct flights from Canada. It is possible to find tourist information centers and money exchange services at these airport terminals. Debit cards may be used to withdraw Japanese yen from international ATMs.

From Vancouver and Toronto, Air Canada offers direct flights to Tokyo. JAL and ANA provide direct flights from Vancouver to Tokyo, as do Japan Airlines (JAL).

Toronto to Tokyo is a direct trip that takes between 13 and 14 hours. Direct flights from Vancouver to Tokyo take roughly nine hours. For further information, please visit the following website:

Airline Contact
Air Canada  



Japan Airlines  

1-800-JAL-FONE (1-800-525-3663)



All Nippon Airways







The Best Cheapest Business Class to Fly To Japan

Following are some of the cheapest business class flight you can fly to Japan;

Air Japan

KLM Royal Dutch


Virgin Atlantic

British Airways

United Airlines


Etihad Airways

Singapore Airlines

Qatar Airways

If you’ve ever tried to get a cheap business class ticket to Japan, you’ll know just how tough it is. As a result of Japan’s reputation as a top destination for business visitors and luxury tourists alike, airfares to the country are some of the most expensive in the world.

Although airlines are adding capacity (although slowly) in preparation for Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic Games, this may alter in the near future as the nation seeks to advertise itself to a larger audience. For the time being, I believe it’s important to concentrate on the finest business class airline to travel to Japan, regardless of cost.

Japan via ANA or JAL Business Class

Overall, traveling in business class on All Nippon Airways or Japan Airlines is an opulent experience with lie-flat mattresses, gourmet meals (I’m talking about Japanese restaurant level), and wonderfully matched service. Booking a business class travel to Japan on any of the following airlines has the following risks:

Even if an airline is considered the greatest in Japan, certain routes use outdated planes with substandard goods, even if they are generally the best option. While ANA’s new first and business-class cabins may make it the finest airline to travel from the US to Japan, the service is only available on a few flights at this time (and on the 777-300ER).

JAL, for example, will no longer fly aircraft equipped with the “shell seat” product (basically extra-reclining premium economy seats) from San Diego and Vancouver to Tokyo and from Los Angeles to Osaka as of January 2020; these aircraft will also no longer be used on regional flights within Asia. When flying from Narita to Vancouver, ANA now uses a 767-300ER, which is typically solely used in Asia.

Once you’ve picked between JAL and ANA, you’ll want to make sure your carrier of choice doesn’t have business class seats that are unsatisfactory to you.

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Traveling to Japan Using Asian Airlines

If you’re looking for a great business class ticket to Japan, consider traveling on one of the better Asian carriers. Cathay Pacific, EVA Air, and Korean Air all have business class seats, however, there are several exceptions to this norm, not to mention the huge range of business class seats available throughout Asia.

With EVA Air’s 777-300ER aircraft, you’ll travel to Taipei with reverse herringbone seats, but you may be trapped on an older Airbus that has angle-flat seats or even recliners for the journey to Japan.

It’s the same with Cathay, which has just a few daily flights to Japan in a genuinely premium configuration (in these circumstances, Cathay would be included on my list of the top airlines for flying to Tokyo), although operating hundreds altogether.

The Apex Suite, if you can get it, is the greatest business class seat in the sky, however, many Korean Airplanes (including the famous Airbus A380) offer weary seats that are lay flat but not private or industry-leading, and certainly not the best airline to Tokyo.

Best Chinese Businesses Airlines To Fly To Japan

As long as you’re ready to forgo some comfort in order to get affordable business class tickets to Japan from China, this is your best chance. However, Beijing-based Air China sometimes provides discounted business flights to Japan, despite the fact that it is surely not one of the finest airlines for flying to Tokyo.

There’s good news and bad news if you decide to purchase your business class tickets to Japan this way. With the probable exception of Hainan and Xiamen, the quality of service and cuisine on Chinese airlines is poor. As long as you don’t mind 14 hours of starvation and don’t mind flying on new aircraft with competitive business class seats, you should be OK flying on Chinese airlines.

Should You Fly US Airlines to Japan?

Depending on the 777-300ER aircraft, United’s business class to Japan may provide the competitive “Polaris” product or a dorm-style 2-4-2 business class, which is completely unsuitable.

Even though Delta and American’s hard product (all seats are lie-flat and have direct aisle access) is more consistent on Japanese flights, service on US carriers is almost always an issue, especially when they tend to be priced similarly to superior Asian carriers, which typically operate the best flights to Japan and are nearly always the best airline to Tokyo.

If you want to go to Japan on the finest airline for your tastes, you may utilize miles to purchase your ticket on a US airline. Take advantage of your American AAdvantage miles or frequent flyer points earned by flying United domestically inside the United States to purchase a business class ticket on JAL to Tokyo.

By far the finest airline to travel from the U.S. to Japan is neither American, Delta, nor United Airlines. In terms of the best airline to travel from the UK to Japan, British Airways is a strong contender.

Should I Fly First Class to Japan?

No matter which airline you go to Japan on, I doubt that flying first class is preferable to flying business class unless you are either independently rich or have a large number of unused airline points. Caviar isn’t my thing, so I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t had the opportunity to try ANA’s new first-class (which looks really stunning, even for someone like me).

If you’re traveling long-haul or on a long-haul aircraft with flatbed seats, the finest business class to Tokyo should be sufficient for the majority of tourists. However, most Asian airlines do not carry first class to Japan on intercontinental flights, so if you’re not traveling from North America or Europe, you may be unable to fly first class at all to Japan.

What Is The Best Airline To Fly To Tokyo?

The best airline to fly to Tokyo is Tokyo Airline. It stands to reason that the airline you like for your flight to Tokyo would also be your first pick for your flight to Japan. All Nippon Airways or Japan Airlines come to mind, although I’ve also flown to Tokyo successfully on American and other carriers.

What Month Is The Cheapest To Fly To Japan?

The best month to fly to Japan is from June or August. No matter which of the finest airlines to fly to Japan you pick, you can always find low-cost flights to Japan at any time of year. As a result of this, “low season” months like December and January are more likely to provide bargains than other times of the year.

How Can I Get To Japan Cheap?

To go to Japan on a budget, there are two basic options: Monitor ticket costs constantly and book as soon as you find a discount you can’t refuse; or use frequent flyer points to plan a trip to Japan. When using miles to book the finest business class or even first class to Japan, this second technique may also be used.


Japan’s domestic airlines are generally the best option for business-class travel to the country, although there are a few exceptions. This is a topic that calls for investigation and research on many fronts, from pricing differences across airlines to the subpar goods even the most premium carriers provide on some routes to your own personal tastes as a luxury air traveler.

For more suggestions on what to see and do while in Japan, check out these business class travel options! Alternatively, if you’re still unsure about which airline is the best to travel to Japan we have listed the best airline to Japan as Tokyo Airline.