Best Beach Chair With Canopy

Nothing is as blissful as relaxing in a beach chair with your feet buried in the warm sand and listening to the sound of crashing waves. Choosing the perfect beach chair should be part of the exciting build-up to the trip. Plenty of beach chairs come with conveniently fitted canopies, so you don’t have to carry a separate beach umbrella as part of your equipment.

The 10 best beach chairs with a canopy:

  1. GCI Outdoor Waterside SunShade Backpack Beach Chair
  2. Quik Shade Beach Recliner Shade Chair
  3. Copa Big Tycoon
  4. Alpha Camp Shade Canopy Chair
  5. GYMAX Folding Lounge Adjustable Beach Chair
  6. Sport-Brella Beach Chair
  7. BeachMall Deluxe Reclining Beach Chair
  8. Rio Gear Hi-Boy Canopy Chair

When planning a trip to the sea, there are lots of things to remember. If you don’t want to be weighed down by a ton of extra equipment, why not combine your shade and beach chair. Let’s get to work checking out some of this summer’s most popular beach chair designs that come with a canopy so you can choose the best one for your vacation.

Best Beach Chair With Canopy

A beach chair will be your closest companion while you are spending lazy days soaking up the summer sun and beach vibes. So it is essential that you choose wisely so you don’t find yourself without a feature that you need.

Although a canopy is handy to keep you comfortable and shade you from harmful UV rays, it is not the only factor to consider when selecting a beach chair. The trick is to choose a comfy beach chair with all the features you need and ensure it has a canopy – so work from the bottom up when selecting, so you will be comfortable.

Before we reveal our top 8 picks for the best beach chairs that have a canopy, let’s go through some other essential features that you must consider before deciding on your chair:

  • How low is the chair? Beach chairs need to be lower than regular chairs, so they are more stable on the uneven sandy surface. If you are extremely tall or have mobility issues, you may need a slightly higher beach chair to be able to get in and out comfortably. Take note of the seat height when choosing.
  • Does the chair recline? The lower the seat level, the more likely the backrest will be reclinable. This is an excellent feature, especially if you will be spending long hours at the beach.
  • The weight of the beach chair – Since you will probably need to carry your beach gear to your spot on the beach, ensure that it is lightweight enough to transport easily.
  • Does the beach chair have other features I need? Some beach chairs have pockets for storage, and others have armrests with drink holders.
  • How much space does it take? Your beach chair is an essential piece of vacation equipment, but if you have a family and everyone needs to bring stuff, the beach chair should fold down conveniently and not take up a lot of valuable space.
  • Will your beach chair be durable? Look out for UV-resistant fabrics and materials that won’t rust too quickly. Also, consider that for most of the year, your beach chair may be stored in a dark cupboard or garage, so mold resistance might also be a factor to be aware of.
  • Does it suit your style? There are plenty of beach chair styles. Some are more rugged and practical, while others ooze sheer vacation indulgence. You want to look good while you are reclining near the surf. Find a style that, besides only being comfortable, will make you feel like an ocean god or goddess.
  • Keep your budget in mind – Although you want to have a gloriously comfortable beach experience, you may not want to invest in a pricey beach chair since you will only be using it for a relatively short period each year. Value for money should be a key consideration when choosing your beach chair.
  • What style of canopy do you prefer? Some canopies are detachable; others are parasol shaped, and some even tilt. The beach with a canopy offers an entirely new level of comfort and convenience, but make sure that it is a style that suits you. Being stuck with an immovable canopy when you want to catch some tanning rays may be inconvenient.

So now that you know what to look for in a beach chair for your next vacation, let’s countdown the top ten picks of the best beach chair with a canopy.

1. GCI Outdoor Waterside SunShade Backpack Beach Chair

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The GCI Waterside beach chair ticks all the boxes when it comes to comfort, convenience, and ease of transport. The aluminum frame is a super durable option, and it also features a handy backpack strap that keeps your hands free to carry other supplies.

What we love about the canopy on this beach chair is that it is sail-shaped and curves around the sides. The arc rotates entirely to the front and back, so you can set it low in the front if you want to take a short nap. Many beach chair canopies only offer shade from the top, but this design will keep your face shaded, even when the sun is getting lower on the horizon.

The canopy is fully adjustable and can be closed if you prefer to get some rays or if you use the chair in the evening. Stay safe and shaded under the UPF 50 sunshade. The shade cover can be folded away behind the chair when not in use, but it is not detachable, so there is no danger of losing any parts.

The quality materials and features of this beach chair make it a little pricier than some others, but you will relish the comfort and ease of use.

The GCI Outdoor Waterside Sunshade Backpack Beach Chair at a glance:

Canopy TypeCollapsible, UPF 50 material
Height of seat11 inches
Reclining positions4 positions
Beverage holderYes
Frame MaterialAluminum and steel
Special FeaturesBackpack straps, cool mesh backrest

2. Quik Shade Beach Recliner Shade Chair

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It’s not just us who love the Quik Shade Beach Recliner; it also tops the Good Housekeeping list of best beach chairs! This beach chair features a high back design with 3 recline positions, so it will feel spacious and roomy, even if you are tall.

The canopy is made from a thick PVC-coated polyester material that will keep you shaded and protected from harmful UV rays. It can easily be set at multiple angles or folded away entirely while you are not using it.

A handy feature of this canopy is that it has a mesh storage pouch constructed on the underside. You will always be able to find your sunglasses after a quick dip in the ocean!

The Quickshade beach chair folds flat, so it is compact and portable. Although it does not have a beverage holder or any side storage bags, its cheerful nautical navy blue stripes and comfortable feel have resulted in favorable reviews of this product.

A summary of the Quik Shade Beach Recliner Shade Chair:

Canopy TypeRaises, lowers, and tilts. PVC polyester top coat.
Height of seat11 inches
Reclining positions3 positions
Beverage holderNo
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
Special FeaturesBackpack straps, breathable mesh back, carry strap, adjustable pillow

3. Copa Big Tycoon Portable Beach Chair

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The Copa Big Tycoon beach chair is the ultimate in simplicity. At first glance, you may wonder how the basic design justifies the rather hefty price tag, but look a bit further, and you will realize that this may be the beach chair of your summer vacation dreams.

Designers of the Copa Big Tycoon have taken all of the most essential beach chair elements and simplified them. So instead of toting about a huge, complicated chair, this comfortable chair features clean lines, light construction, superior stability, convenient storage, and an overhead awning.

One of the best features of this beach chair is that it can be set to fold out into a flat position. That means you can turn over and tan both sides without resorting to a towel in the sand when you want to get some sun on your back. The wooden arms against the vivid blue material give this beach chair a classic look and feel.

The seat height is a little lower than some other designs, but this provides additional stability and allows this beach chair to recline far more than most others. With a price tag of over $120, you probably won’t be buying a set of Copa Big Tycoons, but to spoil yourself or someone special, the additional cost is definitely worth it.

The Copa Big Tycoon Portable Beach Chair in a nutshell:

Canopy TypeAdjustable tilt, overhead only
Height of seat8 inches
Reclining positions4 positions
Beverage holderYes
Frame MaterialAluminum
Special FeaturesCarry strap
ConcernsThe back support may not be tall enough to support your head if you like to lie back and relax

4. Alpha Camp Shade Canopy Chair

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The Alpha Camp Canopy chair looks more like a traditional camping chair than a beach chair. However, Women’s Health Magazine has rated it in their picks as the best beach chairs for the summer, and it does come with a handy UV protection canopy.

Although this chair is a little higher than most beach chairs, it may be a versatile option if you only go to the beach occasionally because it can also be used in other settings. It is also an ideal weight carrier, and the sturdy construction and reinforced tube make it suitable to comfortably hold up to 350lbs.

The chair’s canopy can be folded down or set in the overhead position. The material has a UPF 50+ sun protection rating, so your face will be fully protected no matter how intensely the sun beats down.

The chair is easy to fold and comes with a separate carry case. Unlike many other beach chairs, it does not fold flat but squeezes together like a spiderleg camping chair. This is a great space saver if you need to move a lot of luggage.

The Alpha Camp Canopy folding chair comes in 3 colors: royal blue, cyan blue, and red. The set height is the same as a regular camping chair, and this chair does not have any adjustable recline positions. However, it is a very comfortable option for sitting on the beach and watching the kids while sipping a drink.

A summary of the Alpha Camp Canopy Folding Chair:

Canopy TypeOne position, SPF 50+ canopy. It can be folded down behind the chair when not in use.
Height of seatStandard camping chair height
Reclining positions1 position
Beverage holderYes
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
Special FeaturesIt is extremely sturdy.
ConcernsIt isn’t specifically a beach chair, so it may not be the most stable or comfortable option if you will be spending a lot of time on the beach

5. GYMAX Folding Lounge Adjustable Beach Chair

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Whether sitting up or lying down, the reclining chair from GYMAX is a versatile reclining lounge chair that will make you wonder how you ever went to the beach without it. Stay comfortably off the sand and enjoy a full range of positions.

Whether you want to watch the waves while sipping a drink or tan your back while flat, you won’t have to move from your beach chair. The GYMAX has been made with portability in mind, and although it can be used as a full-length lounger, it folds down flat and only weighs 15lbs.

The GYMAX is like having an armchair at the beach! Use it in a sitting position, or adjust it to provide support from your feet to your head. Some reviewers have described it as feeling like a camp cot as your entire body is supported off the sand.

The GYMAX lounge adjustable chair comes in 3 color options and features an adjustable sunshade. So no matter which position you choose, your face can stay comfortably cool and shaded. The canopy is removable. This is an ideal option if you love sunbathing or reading on the beach.

Canopy TypeThe canopy can be adjusted and locked into multiple overhead positions.
Height of seatNot specified, but some reviewers indicated that it is very low to the ground.
Reclining positions5 positions
Beverage holderYes – it is a side storage pocket
Frame MaterialAluminum and steel
Special FeaturesFolds flat and has an easy-to-carry handle
ConcernsThe leg rest can never be fully folded away, so it may feel uncomfortable to someone who wants to sit fully upright with their feet on the ground.

6. Sport-Brella Beach Chair

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The Sport-Brella beach chair is a low-profile, all-around comfortable option for hours of relaxation on the beach. It is light and compact when folded, so it’s a great beach chair to take along when you need to walk a distance to find the best spot to spend the day.

Classic styling and sturdy design mean you can keep your toes in the sand, and your face can always be in the shade. The chair features a fully adjustable sun umbrella which is both practical and classically styled. The overall look is elegant and whimsical.

The Sport-Brella is available in two color options: grey or dark blue. The armrests are not as large and sturdy as some other chairs, but they are padded to prevent them from heating up. There is also a collapsible cup holder for extra convenience.

The chair may not look as sturdy as some other beach chairs, but it is made to be light and portable – the total weight is less than 8lbs. That is extremely light, especially considering you won’t have to take along a separate beach umbrella.

Canopy TypeFully adjustable umbrella attachment made from UPF 50+ material
Height of seat5.8 inches
Reclining positions1 position
Beverage holderYes – collapsible
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
Special FeaturesEasy to fold, ultra-lightweight beach chair
ConcernsAlthough the sun umbrella is fixed to an adjustable arm, it may not be sturdy enough to survive a brisk breeze.

7. BeachMall Deluxe Reclining Beach Chair

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Just looking at the available colors that the BeachMall Deluxe beach chair comes in is enough to put anyone into beach mode instantly! Whether you love bright and cheerful stripes or classic monotones, there is a design for you.

This beach chair will last for many trips to the beach and will be with you for many happy summers on the sand. It is constructed from rust-resistant aluminum tubing, which is a durable option for the beach and also extremely lightweight to carry.

Not everyone wants to switch off completely while out on the sand. The BeachMall canopy chair features a very clever transparent zipper cell pouch, so you can be comfortably seated and use your phone confidently without worrying about it falling in the sand.

The overhead canopy can be adjusted into 3 positions or folded away when you don’t need it. The chair folds into 4 height settings, although it does not fold completely flat. This is one of the more expensive beach chairs with a canopy, but its quality construction and user-friendliness make it an investment in comfort.

Let’s consider the features of the BeachMall Deluxe beach chair:

Canopy Type3 Adjustable position canopy. UPF factor 50+ on the canopy material
Height of seat13.5 inches
Reclining positions4 position
Beverage holderYes – set in hardwood armrests
Frame MaterialAluminum
Special FeaturesAdjustable back support, clear view pouch to use your phone, integrated towel rack on the back of the chair, shoulder strap to carry
ConcernsEveryone else will want to use your chair

8. Rio Gear Hi-Boy Canopy Chair

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If you are tall and struggle in low-profile beach chairs, the Rio Gear Hi-Boy could be just what you need. It is manufactured specifically for big and tall people, so it includes an extended backrest that will allow you to stretch out comfortably.

The Rio Gear beach chair features 7-adjustable positions, which are easily set by moving the armrests and setting them into different notches. You won’t have to move from your chair to lock your backrest into the desired position. Although the chair reclines, it does not go into a flat position.

The sunshade canopy is also created to fit higher over the chair, so if you are tall, you won’t have the cover touching your head. Its position is fully adjustable, so you can pull it closer if you are reading or trying to prevent glare on your screen.

This is the biggest single-seater folding beach chair with a canopy that we have found, and the seat height is 17″ off the ground. It may not be suitable for all users, but it will be a comfortable option for anyone who is big or tall. The chair is constructed from an aluminum frame, so it will stand the test of time and is sure to last for many happy trips to the beach.

Features of the Rio Gear Hi-Boy Canopy Chair

Canopy TypeFully adjustable sun canopy. It is not detachable and folds down behind the chair when not in use
Height of seat17 inches
Reclining positions5 position
Beverage holderYes – collapsible mesh cup holder
Frame MaterialAluminum
Special FeaturesCompact folding design with carry strap. Back positions are adjusted by moving the armrests.
ConcernsIts best suited for very tall people
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Any trip to the beach is enjoyable, but having a comfortable beach chair can elevate the experience further. Instead of carrying a beach chair and an umbrella, some beach chairs now come with fitted sun canopies. There are plenty of styles and colors available, so you will have less gear to carry while staying comfortably cool and shaded under your own personal chair umbrella.