Best Beach House Features

Beach houses are extremely popular choices for vacation and retirement homes. And – if you’re lucky – you may be able to call one of these spectacular properties your permanent residence! Beach houses are renowned for their unique features, and these aspects are what make beach houses so beautiful and add to the home’s natural relaxing atmosphere.

Beach houses are known for their unique features. Beach houses have plenty of natural light, spacious interiors, and gorgeous oceanic views. Other features like outdoor showers, surfboard storage, fire pits, decks, and sunrooms can add a special touch to a beach house. These features make beach houses the perfect summer getaway destination.

If you’re looking to invest in a beach house, or you want to give your current beach house a facelift, then you’re in luck. We’ve listed some of the best beach house features that can transform your home from drab to fab! You can also use some of these features in your traditional home to give it a beachy, coastal feel all year round.

Beach Houses Have Tons Of Natural Light

When you step inside a beach house, the first thing you’ll notice is that it has plenty of natural light. From glass windows to doors and the occasional skylight, these homes embrace the beach vibe by allowing as much light to filter in as they can.

Unlike traditional homes, beach houses typically try to include as much window space as possible. Beach houses tend to utilize multiple large windows throughout their structure. Not only does this let the sunlight in, but it gives residents and guests a fantastic oceanic view.

Beach houses are typically

fitted with casement, awning, or impact windows. Though, these windows also serve other purposes and are put in with plenty of careful consideration. They are generally easy to open to let plenty of the refreshing sea breeze in and cool down the home.

Casement windows

are windows that are hinged on the side and open up to allow for the breeze to enter the home. They can make a beach house look more spacious and open up the floor plan.

Awning windows with a top hinge are great for beach houses because they allow tons of fresh air to filter in but can guard against rain and other elements. Because they are angled, awning windows can direct rain away from the home while the windows are open.

Beach houses are constantly exposed to harsh winds and other elements. They generally need to be resilient to rain and heavy winds.

In that case, impact windows are usually used to guard against rough weather. They can also be laminated to improve their structure and avoid shattering in extreme weather.

Impact windows can also block out most of the sun’s UV rays, which helps to protect furniture, flooring, and home décor from being damaged or bleached by the sun. Some beach house owners also opt for glazed windows and doors to keep the home cool without interrupting their view and while still enjoying the sun’s warmth. After all, the beach breeze can get chilly!

For privacy and shielding your eyes from the sun on exceptionally bright days, you might want to install some shutters or shades on your windows.

Curtains have a much heavier look that doesn’t necessarily fit the beach theme. They can also block out too much sun and make your home look dark and dreary. Air conditioning units are also generally too harsh to have indoors at a beach house and can make a room uncomfortably cold at night when the temperatures drop.

Similarly, glass sliding doors are used to section outdoor areas like patios and decks. Several beach homes may also have accordion doors installed to completely open up their home during the day.

Beach Houses Have Spacious Interiors

Another great feature of beach homes is that they are always spacious. Many modern beach homes have an open-plan structure, and the use of large windows helps to open up the home’s living spaces and make them seem bigger.

Beach homes usually have a minimalistic approach to furnishings and décor. Carefully picked furniture pieces can make a statement all on their own, and sitting rooms, bedrooms, and other living spaces are generally less furnished than a traditional home.

Additionally, having access to glass sliding doors that open up onto the beach, a patio, or a deck can make a beach house feel bigger.

If you want to give your beach home a makeover, you may want to cut down on the furniture and décor. Choose pieces that are functional and simple, and try not to overcrowd your space with unnecessary items. You can also use this tip in any home to give it a more casual, beachy feel.

Beach Houses Include Lifestyle Features

When you live on the beach, the chances are that you live a fun and relaxed lifestyle. Beach houses often incorporate features that traditional homes don’t have use for, like outdoor showers and surfboard storage.

One of our favorite under-rated beach house features is an outdoor shower. After a long day on the beach or catching some waves, there is nothing more refreshing than a cool shower. An outdoor shower gives you the chance to rinse off and freshen up before stepping inside your home.

You’re also less likely to track sand inside by having an outdoor shower! You can also get an outdoor shower installed with walls and a door, so you can shower, dry off, and get dressed all before going back inside after a day of sand and sun.

Another one of our favorite lifestyle-related beach house features is a surfboard rack or storage. Surfing is exciting and a common hobby and way of life for a lot of coastal residents, so having this feature in your beach home can make all the difference!

It also prevents expensive surfboards from being damaged when not in use. Some beach homes have implemented a room with UV-protected windows and doors to store their surfboards in as well to avoid their equipment becoming sun-damaged or ruined by the elements when they are not in use.

Boat owners can also have a garage or carport installed where they can keep their boats. Additionally, fishing rod storage and any other gear you may want to use on a regular basis can be kept safely inside dedicated storage spaces.

Beach Houses Have Special Flooring

Another one of our top picks for the best beach house features is the flooring. Most beach houses use laminated flooring.

Laminate flooring is easy to clean, which is great for when you live on the beach. Flooring like carpets can get dirty quickly and will be difficult to clean correctly when it is full of sand and debris from the beach. Laminated flooring can be swept or vacuumed easily and is water-resistant for when you stroll in straight off of the beach.

It is also much more resilient. This is great because wooden floors can rot and warp thanks to the moisture in the air. Beach breezes are naturally more humid, which can take a toll on wooden floors. Similarly, ocean water can be tracked inside and damage these floors permanently.

A Deck Completes A Beach House

Beach houses generally open up onto a spacious porch or wrap-around deck. A deck is an excellent feature for enjoying the scenic oceanic view, entertaining family and friends, or sitting back and enjoying the sunshine.

Although beach houses have tons of natural light and large windows that allow you to look out onto the beach, you can also enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean from the comfort of your deck. You can also sit back, relax, and get some fresh air without leaving your home.

A deck is also a great place to entertain. From having a few drinks to having a barbeque with your friends and family, this feature brings all of life’s simple pleasures to your doorstep.

You can give your deck some extra pizazz by installing shade or covering to help keep you cool. Retractable shades and awnings are an excellent idea for this because you can keep the area shaded when you’re outside or lift it to bring more light into your home when you’re spending the day indoors. After all, you don’t want to sit out in the sun all day when you’re relaxing at home.

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Beach Houses Are Ideal For A Sunroom

We couldn’t think of a more attractive feature to spruce up your vacation home. There is no better place to install a sunroom than your summer beach house. This feature is a no-brainer with so much natural light and a perfect view just steps away from you. 

Beach houses have a calm and casual atmosphere where every day feels like a vacation. Adding a sunroom to your home can help enhance this, and they are a great place to enjoy the sun’s warmth when you don’t feel like being outdoors. Sunrooms are perfect for lounging, taking in the views, and letting your troubles melt away.

You can also have an accordion or sliding door in the sunroom that opens up onto your deck or directly onto the beach if you’re lucky enough to live a stone’s throw away. You can help breathe some air into your home by opening up the room and enjoying the salty breeze while you relax. You can also listen to the calming crashing of the waves as you enjoy a peaceful Sunday afternoon.

Beach Houses Have Room For An Outdoor Fire Pit

Living near the sea can be incredible during the summer months, from enjoying the fresh air and the pleasant ocean views to taking a spontaneous dip and catching some waves. But when the weather cools down, you don’t have to retreat indoors.

Outdoor fire pits are a perfect feature to have at any beach house. The chilly sea breeze may have a nip to it at night, but you shouldn’t let that ruin your fun. By installing an outdoor fire pit, you can take in the views and enjoy the fresh air while still keeping warm and cozy around the fire.

Outdoor fire pits are also a great place to entertain guests, roast a few marshmallows, or relax and let go of the day’s stress.

Beach Houses Have Good Airflow

During the day, the sea breeze is generally enough to cool your home down. But on those sweltering summer nights that keep you awake, leaving your windows open may not be enough. Although we’ve touched on the amount of window space a beach house has, these homes usually have more than just a window to help keep the stuffy summer air at bay.

You may have noticed that most beach homes have ceiling fans installed throughout the house – particularly in the bedroom. That’s because beach houses tend to get warm when the summer heat is at its peak and the breeze coming in through the windows is stuffy.

Mosquitos and other bugs generally find their way in through open windows, so closing your windows in summer is a must. Ceiling fans can help to keep these unwanted pests away from you so that you can have a peaceful night’s sleep. Ceiling fans also help keep beach houses cool when you need to close your windows.


Beach houses are great to have as a vacation home, weekend getaway, or summer home. These incredible houses have a ton of features that you may not find in a traditional home, and we can’t get enough of these unique additions that bring some extra oomph to your living space.

Beach houses are known for their unique architecture and designs. With plenty of natural light, and space for add-ons like sunrooms, outdoor fire pits, outdoor showers, and a deck or patio with a breath-taking view, these homes are unlike any other. With our best beach house features list, you can spruce up your home to give you that vacation feeling every day!