Best Beach House Sectional

A beach house is a happy place where you and the family can relax during the holidays. Visitors and guests always pop in for visits or even stay over if it’s like my holiday home. To accommodate a beach house usually full of people, you must find the right sectional to seat everyone. But what is the best beach house sectional?

The best beach house sectional is an L or U-shape, or a sleeper sectional, which is suitable for a family and many guests. Choose a sectional made with performance fabrics that are durable and easy to clean. Sectionals come in beautiful coastal colors of blue, green, yellow, and neutral shades.

There are many ways to re-arrange or add to sectionals to accommodate your family and extra guests visiting during the summer holidays. This article discusses different styles and shapes, the most suitable fabric, and various coastal colors best for a beach house sectional.

Choosing A Beach House Sectional

When choosing a sectional for a beach house, many factors need to be considered. Will the sectional be used for seating space, or will it double up as a sleeper couch? And the size of the sectional will depend on the amount of seating that is required.

Sectionals are available in different options. Some couches can be expanded by adding extra seating; some are reversible and can change from left to right facing or vice versa. The fabric for the sectional should be durable and easy to clean. It must withstand sand particles, other stains, and heavy traffic during a seaside holiday.

Below are some ideas for choosing the best sectional for a beach house.

What Shape And Size Sectional For A Beach House?

We recommend the following three sectional styles that offer comfortable seating and are ideal for a beach house.

The L-Shape Sectional For A Beach House

The L-shape sectional is adaptable and will fit into large and smaller rooms.

L-Shape Sectional For Small Rooms

For small rooms, the L-shaped, which has back support along both sides of the L, can fit against a wall or snuggly in the corner of a beach house. This couch can easily accommodate 6 people.

L-Shape Sectional For Large and Open-Plan Rooms

The L-shaped sectional with more sections is a generous size and will fit in the center of a large room. Choose a 4-seater couch on one side with a corner seat and a 3-seater sofa on the other side. This size is ideal for a large family and for entertaining guests and is perfect for a beach house.

Why is the L-Shape Sectional Ideal For A Beach House?

The L shape sectional is perfect for the beach house as its sections can be re-arranged, or pieces can be added to change the layout of the couch.

  • Add an ottoman to one side of the L-shaped sectional to create a chaise for a perfect lounging area for the lazy days at the seaside.
  • Depending on the lounge layout in your beach house, you can arrange the L- shape on the left or right side.

The U-Shape Sectional For A Beach House

The U-shape sectional is larger than the L-shape and will need a bigger area. This shape is ideal for entertaining guests and will be suitable for a beach house where you have lots of visitors popping in.

This shape has a large couch in the center with two chaises or sofas on each end, forming the U shape. You can arrange the sections to include different versions of the U shape to create more seating space.

  • The middle couch section could be a 2-,3, or 4-seater with an ottoman to form a chaise on each end.
  • The sofa on both ends of the U shape can be a 2 or 3-seater instead of a chaise shape. This sectional will have ample space for entertaining guests at a beach house.
  • A 3-seater center couch with 2 corner sections and a 3-seater couch on either side will have space to seat 9 people.
  • A curved 3-piece sectional with each piece having 3 seats is a lovely shape for intimate conversational or movie nights.

These are just a few different ideas for arranging the U-shape sectional. You can add ottomans to the side ends of the U shape, and you can place ottomans in the center in front of the sectional. This will double up as a coffee table and can be used whenever extra seating is required. Adjusting this sectional to fit into a room or to suit your needs makes it the perfect sectional for a beach house.

The Sleeper Sectional For A Beach House

A sleeper sectional is a good choice if you need a couch to double up as a bed when you have extra guests sleeping over. Sleeper sectionals are stylish, practical, and comfortable. These sectionals come in L and U-shaped layouts.

The sections can be re-arranged to make a comfortable bed. The ottomans have seats that lift up to become storage spaces where you can store your linen, duvet, and pillows. Ideal for a beach house where you can never have enough sleeping space for family and friends during the holidays.

The Best Fabric For A Beach House Sectional

When choosing a fabric for a beach house sectional, opt for a durable and easy-to-clean material. At the seaside, a beach sectional will be subjected to heavy traffic and lots of beach sand, drink spills, and food stains. There will be pet paw marks and all sorts of wear and tear from romping children enjoying their seaside vacation.

Performance fabrics are the best material to cope with this onslaught while maintaining a fresh look.

What Are Performance Fabrics?

Performance fabrics are chemically treated or coated and are engineered to be:

  • Water-resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Lightfast (will withstand intense UV light and chemical exposure)
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Have antimicrobial traits

These fabrics have no PFC chemicals, so they never need to be re-treated. Some materials are Green-guard certified, so they are safety tested, with low chemical and emissions, and not made from any harmful substances.

The most common threads not treated or coated are used to make performance fabrics. These threads have all of the above attributes and more. They are Olefin, Acrylic, Nylon, and Polyester.

Types Of Performance Fabric

These are a few performance fabrics that are best suited for a beach house sectional:

  • Crypton – awarded the Green-guard certification, this fabric is resistant to stains and odors and comes in various textures. Made from Polyester and recycled cotton and is perfect for a family with kids and pets.
  • Sunbrella – this outdoor fabric has now stepped into the indoor market. It has various soft and luxurious fabrics that are easy to care for. Made from Acrylic, it is ideal for the beach house with sophisticated adult guests.
  • Revolution – woven with Olefin, this fabric is durable, stain resistant, soft to the touch, and easy to clean. One of the best fabrics for a beach house sectional.

How To Clean Sectionals Made With Performance Fabric?

There will always be some spot or stain on your sectionals from the heavy traffic it endures during beach holidays. Below is a guide to clean performance fabrics.

  • If there is loose dirt like sand, crumbs, or pet fluff, brush these off before cleaning.
  • If there is a stain or spot, it can easily be cleaned.
  • Using a cleaning solution of water mixed with mild soap, spray this onto the dirty stain and wipe with a soft cloth.
  • Use a soft bristle brush if it’s a stubborn stain that won’t come clean with just wiping.
  • Once you have brushed the stain with a soft brush, allow the soap solution to soak into the fabric.
  • You can rinse the soap off with a clean wet cloth. Be sure to remove all the soap solution.
  • If there is excess moisture, blot it dry with a clean, soft towel or a soft sponge.
  • Allow the wet patch to air dry.
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The Best Color For A Beach House Sectional

Coastal styles are usually palettes inspired by a nautical or Mediterranean theme with colors and tones of the seaside. You can brighten the room with shades of yellow and peach like the sunset. Beach houses look beautiful dressed in these gorgeous hues, and the sectional, the focal point of the lounge, sets the mood. Here are some color choice ideas for a beach house sectional.

Shades Of Blue For A Beach House Sectional

Blue like the sky on a beautiful summer day or the changing blues of the ocean are lovely colors for a beach house sectional. You can choose:

  • Sky Blue – is an excellent color choice. Pair it with white, cream, or gray walls and touches of pale peach or bright orange in scatter cushions.
  • Navy Blue – a navy blue sectional will look lovely in a beach house. You can paint the walls white or pale blue and use mustard or bright pink as a contrasting color for soft furnishings.

Shades Of Green For A Beach House Sectional

Green is a lovely calm and cool color, representing new life, found in the plants and beautiful palms around the beach.

  • Sage Green – a sectional in this color paired with white walls will bring a cool and calm feel to a beach house. Bring splashes of navy or dusky pink to the color palette.
  • Apple Green – add a splash of bright color to a beach house and choose an apple green sectional. Paint the walls white or grey and use shades of blue and touches of apricot or pink to the color scheme.

Neutral Shades For A Beach House Sectional

Beige, tan, light brown, and gray are neutral beachy shades. The different hues of beige and brown are like the sand on the beach. The gray is like the ocean on a cold and rainy day.

  • Beige – a beige sectional will look stunning in a room with dark charcoal gray walls. Add a splash of color like burnt orange, reminding you of the sun setting over the ocean.
  • Caramel– is a beautiful color for a beach house sectional. Paint the walls a vibrant emerald green for a beachy feel, and add some beautiful green plants for a Mediterranean look.
  • Light Brown – this color will look stunning in a sectional. Paint the wall in pale blue and add some floral beige and yellow pillows for a pop of color.
  • Gray – choose cool gray for the sectional and paint the walls pale blue, teal, and greens like mint or hunter green. You can add some coral or apricot for a touch of warmth.

Shades Of Yellow For A Beach House Sectional

Choose a burst of sunshine yellow or deep mustard in your beach house for a splash of color. Paint the walls white for a bright summery feel or a dark grey or blue to accentuate the warm color of the sectional. Add some blue and green patterned cushions for a complementary color to yellow.

Nautical Blue And White Stripes For A Beach House Sectional

Blue and white stripes have always been associated with a nautical theme and always look cheerful. This color fabric for a sectional comes in a choice from pinstripes to bold, thick stripes and all-sized stripes in between.

The shades of blue are also different, from light to medium, dark, and navy blue. All size stripes and shades of blue look equally lovely as a fabric for a beach house sectional. Paint the walls white, beige, or light or deeper blue for a polished look. To add more color, paint the walls bright yellow, mustard, peach, or emerald green. Add hints of pink or lilac in couch pillows and carpets.


3 types of sectionals are best for a beach house, L-shaped, U-shaped, or a sectional sleeper. When choosing the best material for the sectional, opt for a durable and easy-to-clean fabric like performance fabrics. Choose a color for the sectional that reminds you of the seaside, like neutral shades, blues, greens, or sunshine yellow.