Best Coastal Dining Chairs

While we must emphasize the exterior of our coastal homes, the interior is just as important – especially the dining areas! I find that my fondest memories were around the dinner table and with great company. Having guests over should be joyous, and the décor should spur it on. So, let’s take a gander and discuss the best coastal dining chairs!

The 12 best coasting dining chairs:

  • Vicelo  
  • Armen Living (LCJASIWACH)
  • CangLong (KU-191218)
  • Zesthouse
  • Safavieh (SEA4011A)
  • HomePop (K6805-F2059)
  • CangLong (‎KU-191210)
  • East West Furniture (DLGR5-WHI-W)
  • Amazon Brand (L-D548-02B)
  • Phinnaeus (314921)
  • Chazz (301309)
  • Recaceik

Your ideal coastal dining chair is not always the one you have your eye on. Some may pleasantly surprise you, so keep your eyes peeled as we explore different brands, materials, shapes, and sizes to find one that will suit your coastal needs perfectly. By the end of this post, you’ll be a regular coastal dining chair connoisseur!

1. Vicelo Coastal Dining Chairs

The Vicelo coastal dining chairs consist of a sturdy combination of steel and tempered glass and come as a set with a table. The table’s surface measures 7mm of thick tempered glass that includes four great little placemats as a bonus!

The frames of the chairs have a steel tube structure to ensure they can withstand 200lbs of weight. Thanks to the steel and tempered glass, you can clean up any stains with a quick wipe of a cloth, so there’s no need to worry about kids spilling their drinks.

While you need to assemble the chairs and table when they arrive, you’ll get a helpful manual with every instruction necessary to ensure the assembly is quick and painless.

Each chair measures 15.7 x 16.9 x 33.8 inches, while the table measures 43.3 x 27.5 x 30 inches – the size is ideal for compact dining areas where you can enjoy card or board games with the family.

These lovely chairs also come with a five-year warranty in the event that you need to return them.

Furthermore, these chairs are relatively inexpensive and a fantastic option if you don’t want to burn a lot of money but still want a product that is worth the investment. It makes for an ideal thanksgiving set, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anything better floating around in a local store.

If you have cats or other furry friends that make a habit of climbing and jumping, the metal from this set works well because it doesn’t succumb to knocks or scratches like wood furniture.

Many buyers praise these chairs for their superior strength and sturdiness. In fact, they report people between 300 – 400lbs sitting comfortably without issues!

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2. Armen Living Jaguar Dining Chairs (LCJASIWACH)

The Armen Living Jaguar dining chairs offer a clean, less is more aesthetic, focusing on bringing the outdoors to your dining room thanks to their angular and sleek design. It opts for an upholstered style with a walnut shell for excellent stability and comfortability.

These chairs make an exciting addition to a coastal dining area because they are not terribly hot, and the medium-height cushioned backrest does a great job of supporting your back and keeping it aligned to the rest of your seating posture.

The cushioning has a semi-firm design that doesn’t sag to the point where you don’t feel the cushioning any longer. Additionally, the chairs have an open back to allow for a good amount of breathability and keep you refreshed and comfortable when the summer sun is in full swing.

It comes with detailed assembly instructions and takes between 25 and 45 minutes to assemble, depending on how many people do the assembly!

The Armen Living Jaguar chair weighs 11lbs, measures 20 x 18 x 29 inches, and can support a total weight of 250lbs. They also come with a limited one-year warranty.

These chairs are aesthetically appealing and offer great quality for their price. They are an excellent fit for an average-sized adult but may be too constricting if you are over six inches or 250lbs.

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3. CangLong Mid Century Coastal Dining Chairs (KU-191218)

The CangLong coastal dining chairs offer the best of both worlds with style and ergonomic comfortability. Their unique design provides a curvature suited to the back and arms that support your back and hips and relieve fatigue from sitting for extended periods.

The chair features quality polypropylene infused in the shell, giving it superior impact resistance and considerable toughness, making it last considerably longer. The beech wood provides sturdy support to the rest of the chair, plus the use of solid wood benefits the environment.

The legs and seat are fastened together by utilizing high-quality rivets to make them resistant to wobbling. Additionally, the end of the legs has specialized pads that add water-resistant properties and prevent the chairs from sliding on floors or scratching the carpet.

These chairs have a unique design that makes them flexible enough for dining rooms, balconies, offices, and even shops if you felt like a little redecorating! Unlike other chairs, these come pre-assembled, so the only thing left to do is insert the screws. It takes about 10 minutes to fasten, and you’re all set!

The chair weighs 5.69lbs, measures 24.4 x 24.4 x 31.1 inches, and supports a total weight of 240lbs. Since they have a plastic construction, they are comfortable for an hour or two, perhaps three if you use a cushion, but there are other more comfortable options if you wish to sit for long hours.

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4. Zesthouse Mid-Century Coastal Chairs

The Zesthouse coastal chair is an excellent addition if you have a contemporary interior style. It focuses on minimizing a living space and doing away with unnecessary clutter. The chrome cantilever finish brings it to life and makes it pop! As such, you can expect a clean architectural design.

The chairs have a curved tube-steel body that is both stylish and sturdy. The steel is incredibly durable, which ensures an excellent lifespan. Furthermore, you have the option to stack these chairs for easy storage when you no longer need to use them.

While the frame is steel, the backrest is stained rattan red, similar to red oak, providing excellent back support. The mesh rattan backrest dissipates an accumulation of heat and prevents perspiration.

It consists of a high-grade boucle fabric seat that acts as a sponge, granting excellent breathability and comfortable seating. These chairs’ aesthetics make them suitable for other rooms, such as the kitchen or living room. The chair weighs 33lbs, measures 19 x 18.62 x 32.91 inches, and supports a weight of 260lbs. T

These chairs are relatively easy to assemble, but some people reported having difficulties with their assembly. It may appear that the legs don’t line up with the cushion – the trick is complete one side at a time.

Once you assemble one side, get an extra set of hands to push the other side to line up with the cushion holes as you screw them. Coincidently, it is for this reason that these chairs are so incredibly sturdy, too!

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5. Safavieh Rattan Tropical Woven Chairs (SEA4011A)

The Safavieh rattan chair has a wonderful tropical vibe that will enhance the classiness of your dining room. Its tropical features are further accentuated by the chair’s brown, black, and cream-colored finishes.

The frame and legs of the chair contain mahogany craftsmanship, while the seat and backrest have a comfortable cotton fabric that makes it ideal for relaxing and preventing perspiration.

These chairs are straightforward to assemble and don’t require any additional tools, and they are handicap-friendly, whereby you won’t have difficulties climbing into or out of them. 

Furthermore, if you like mixing and matching décor, you’ll be happy to know the cushions come off effortlessly. The chair weighs 13.5lbs, measures 23.5 x 21.5 x 32.3 inches, and supports a total weight of 275lbs.

Some buyers said it was uncomfortable for them due to their back issues, but once they purchased a set of aqua pillows, they no longer experienced discomfort.

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6. HomePop Parsons Floral Upholstered Chairs (K6805-F2059)

The HomePop Parsons floral chairs are an elegant choice that would create a wonderful sense of positivity among any dining room furniture. Its cushioning consists of premium 100 percent cotton that’s quick and easy to clean, while the frame and legs boast a beautiful dark walnut finish.

These chairs come in a colorful variety of fashionable voices that satisfy every style. For instance, the dark walnut finish provides a pleasing contrast against light-colored upholstery. The wood is durable and sturdy, supporting a total weight of up to 250lbs.

The chair weighs 35.2lbs and measures 23.5 x 19 x 38 inches. The chairs boast a lightweight construction but sturdy frame, while the fabric is thick and heavy and will hold for a long time. Additionally, the cushion is very comfortable and suitable for sitting for long periods.

The comfortability combined with the aesthetic appeal will surely give you many compliments from friends and family. It might be a little tricky assembling these chairs, but it’s more than doable if you focus on lining up the screws correctly.

You’ll receive the two chairs in a big box when you place your order. Inside, the seats and back will be separate, and the backs come with two legs already attached. Velcro and pre-drilled holes hold the lining underneath the seats and stand ready for your assembly.

Inside the box, you’ll find all your screws with indicators to tell you where they fit and an instruction manual to make it even easier. Overall, the assembly should take you 30 minutes to complete.

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7. CangLong Washable Coastal Dining Chairs (‎KU-191210)

The CangLong coasting dining chair combines elegance and ergonomics to bring you a modern chair with a polyurethane seat and back support that compliments the human body.

The polyurethane cushions also have water-resistant attributes, making wiping off spillage or dirt easy. The slight retro appeal of the CangLong dining chair makes it suitable for other rooms, including the living room, kitchen, and guest room.

The chairs are straightforward to assemble and should take you approximately 30 minutes altogether. It’s also worth noting that, unlike most other chairs, these do not stack on top of one another. They weigh 9.28lbs each, measure ‎21.5 x 16.9 x 34.4 inches, and support a total weight of 240lbs.

Overall, these chairs are not the most luxurious, nor do they have top-of-the-range quality. They are, however, an absolute steal if you’re looking to spend a fair amount of money on something that won’t disappoint you.

If you enjoy customizing your décor, you can consider painting the metal legs a more satisfactory color. Some buyers said they didn’t like the natural color of the legs and opted to paint theirs gold to match their furniture – now they are thoroughly pleased with their purchase!

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8. East West Furniture Coastal Chairs (DLGR5-WHI-W)

The East West Furniture coastal dining chairs promise both quality and a wide selection of unique styles to select. They pride themselves on using wood from sustainable forests with optimum moisture content.

Regarding aesthetic appeal, East West Furniture will spoil you with a choice between their linen white, oak, buttermilk & cherry, and black & cherry finishes.

The impressive durability of the chairs is a result of using only wood in their construction, ensuring that they last exceptionally long. Interestingly, they produce unique table styles called drop leaves and butterfly leaves that can fold open to provide more room for unexpected guests.

The entire purchase consists of a five-piece set with a round table and four solid wooden chairs. The chairs measure 21 x 18 x 37 inches and support a total weight of 260lbs, while the table measures 42 x 42 x 29 inches.

You will need to assemble the chairs and the table when they arrive. Most buyers stated it was easy to assemble them as long as they followed the instructions, although they recommend having two people for the chairs. It takes approximately 90 minutes to assemble all the pieces.

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9. Amazon Brand Rivet Faux Leather Dining Chairs (L-D548-02B)

The Amazon brand dining chairs have an impressive aesthetic thanks to their solid rubber-wood construction. It’s very sturdy and more than capable of supporting up to 250lbs of total weight.

Its rattan mesh backrest does a great job of complementing the faux leather and provides excellent breathability to prevent sweatiness and uncomfortable humidity. Furthermore, the woven material offers excellent support for your back, making for a comfortable seating experience.  

The chair weighs 36lbs and measures 18 x 22 x 36 inches. When you make your purchase, you’ll receive two chairs that take approximately 15 minutes to assemble. Thanks to its material, it fights moisture and makes it easy to wipe away spillage or dust with a dry cloth.

This Amazon brand chair also comes with a free 30-day return and a 1-year warranty if you are unsatisfied with the product.

These chairs are surprisingly roomy, and thanks to their thick leather, they are not only comfortable for long periods of seating but also give the room a pleasant industrial vibe. As a result, you can buy them confidently, knowing they won’t soon go out of style.

Some buyers state owning them for a couple of months, and they still hold up pretty well.

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10. Phinnaeus French Coastal dining chairs (314921)

These Phinnaeus French coastal chairs are the epitome of relaxation and exude a laidback, carefree lifestyle. It boasts a round backrest, fluted legs, and a beautiful upholstery that is sure to satisfy.

The chairs consist of rubberwood, polyester, and foam to ensure a steady yet lightweight design. Additionally, unique curvatures add a classy appeal that complements its poly fabric material.

Assembling the chair requires you to piece together its seat, back, front & back legs, taking approximately 30 minutes. You also get all the tools necessary, plus a helpful instruction manual that makes assembly quick and painless.

You won’t have a shortage of fashionable choices, having twelve impressive options! For instance, you may prefer grey plaid with light-beige and natural coloring or a dark teal with natural color tones. The chair measures 25.25 x 19.75 x 39.75 inches and supports a total weight of 250lbs.

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11. Chazz Mid Century Coastal Chairs (301309)

The Chazz mid-century coastal chairs give your living room a wonderfully airy feeling. It has a cushioned back and seat for superior support and comfortability and is aesthetically pleasing!

You also get to choose between a smooth or fabric finish that allows you to add a little bit of customization to your décor. Your purchase comes with two dining chairs with 100 percent polyester seating and backrest, while the frame boasts a solid rubberwood material and natural walnut finish.

When the chairs arrive, you will need to assemble them, taking approximately 40 minutes for both chairs. There seems to be a reasonable amount of confusion between buyers regarding how to assemble the chairs, with most stating they do not line up correctly.

Other buyers state the opposite, pointing out that the instructions are not entirely accurate. You need to attach the chair’s backrest before you assemble the seat.

The chairs measure 19.75 x 19.75 x 31 inches and support an impressive 300lbs of maximum weight. Furthermore, the chairs also come with a 90-day limited manufacturer’s warranty if you are unsatisfied with the product.

Overall, these are excellent dining chairs for their price and will sit around mid-back if you are around 5.6 feet – something to consider if you are a relatively tall individual.

Very comfortable dining chair overall. The seat hits mid-back (I am 5.6)- something to bear if you like upper back support.

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12. Recaceik Compact Coastal Dining Room Set

The Recaceik coastal dining chairs are great for compact spaces and small families. The chairs encompass a natural wood exterior and metal frame that portrays a sharp yet elegant contrast.

If you’re one to shift around décor, you’ll be happy to know this dining set fits nicely in the kitchen, too, and a small bar. The table’s construction consists of environmentally friendly medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and heavy-duty steel that give it monstrous levels of stability and longevity.

Additionally, every part consists of a water-resistant varnish coating that also protects against abrasion and scratches and makes it easier to clean.

The entire set is compact enough to double as a place to study or fit comfortably into a tiny apartment entertainment area. In fact, the chairs can fit comfortably underneath the table when they’re not in use to further save on space.

You will need to assemble all the chairs and table pieces, but the size and straightforward instruction manual will make it effortless. It should take about 45 minutes to assemble all the chairs and the table.

The chairs weigh only 1lb, measure 20.4 x 15 x 11 inches, and can support a total weight of 250lbs. The table measures 32.6 x 47.2 x 23.6 inches, with a surface thickness of 1.57 inches.

Buyers highly recommend this table and chair set if you need more space to move around – the table and chairs are not too high or too short. However, if you are over 220lbs, the chairs will strain and loosen at some point, but they are an excellent choice for tweens and kids.

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The best value coastal dining chair will be the one that enhances your dining experience without burning a hole in your pocket.

If you have adequate space, consider splurging on comfort and getting the Safavieh Rattan Tropical Woven Chairs. If you’re pretty limited in space, the Recaceik Compact Coastal Dining chairs are the ideal alternative.