Best Coastal Front Door Colors

Whether your beach house is for holidays, retirement, or home, the front door’s color immediately sets the tone for your stay. You’ll want to welcome guests, give your home curb appeal and reflect the unique beach location. What are the best coastal front door colors?

The best coastal front door colors are inspired by the seaside environment. Sky blue, sea green, and cloud grey are a classic coastal palette. But also consider light, earthy tones that reflect the sand and shells. Vivid yellows, oranges, and pinks echo the warmth of the tropics and flaming sunsets.

A color scheme for a coastal home tends to mirror the sea, sand, plants, and weather of the beach. You can go traditional, with a blue door, evoke gentle grey seaside clouds, or pop with the brightness of the Caribbean. Let’s explore the best coastal front door colors.

Best Coastal Front Door Colors: Blue

Blue is the quintessential beach home color, immediately calling up memories of childhood holidays and all things nautical.


Turquoise is the perfect color for a beach house door, providing a bold taste of the coast.

The blue-green colors of the everchanging sea are encapsulated in turquoise, which combines saturated blue with saltwater green. Turquoise blue is also tropical, the color of fish and the midday sky.

This warm, bright color is welcoming and friendly.

Aegean Blue

For a hint of the Mediterranean, paint your front door this beautiful blue tone.

Clear Aegean blue sets a holiday mood inspired by the rich blues of doors and shutters of homes on the Greek islands.

An intense, medium blue, this color pairs well with a house painted white.

The contrast between blue and white is also nautical and fresh if that’s the mood you want.


A teal door is sophisticated, with an East Coast gentility rather than a tropical brashness or Mediterranean boldness.

A deeper blue-green than turquoise, teal is less bold and moodier.

This unusual blue calls up images of a stormy sea, a foggy morning, or a piece of seaweed, combining blue-green with a neutral grey.

Teal goes well with beige, gray, and earthy tones.


For an elegant flair, paint your front door navy.

Navy is a truly nautical shade, dark but bold. Rich and inky without being black, navy saturates a small space and makes it look formal, clean, and somewhat masculine.

Pair a navy door with a bright white entrance for an eye-catching contrast.

Navy also pairs well with a rich red as a nod to a maritime theme.

Best Coastal Front Door Colors: Grey

A gentler tone than blue, grey is mysterious and a little more somber, like drizzly weather and wintry afternoons. Choose dark, severe gray, or a paler cloudy shade to move away from typical coastal blues to a stately maritime mood.


If you want a classic beach shade but find blue too obvious, pewter is an elegant choice.

Pewter is a beautiful dark, metallic grey with blue and green undertones.

Like the night sky over the sea, pewter is more nuanced than a charcoal gray or brown, suiting a coastal front door.

A pewter door works well with homes painted grey or green.


Choose slate for a charming grey front door that gives a less intense impression than pewter.

Lighter than pewter, slate is a medium gray to blue color, depending on how the light hits it.

Slate evokes colors of the sea and sky on an overcast day, but it remains light and airy because of its blue undertones.

Pair slate with blue or grey paint shades.


Stone is a perfect front door color if you prefer lighter, more natural shades.

The color of beach pebbles or bleached driftwood, this tan-grey shade is casual and soft.

Stone is a good choice if you prefer a neutral look with pale blue, cream, wood, and woven grass.


A cloud grey door is tranquil and invites guests to a relaxing and soothing space.

The palest of the greys, cloud combines white, grey, and a hint of blue. Cloud grey is an ethereal shade, light, airy and gracious.

The color goes well with white but is gorgeous with pale blue and earthy wicker tones.


For a crisp, clean look, frost makes a refreshing change for a door color.

Although frost white sounds like a snowy color, it has a grey undertone. This shade evokes the iridescent glimmer of beach sand on a clear day, endless white beaches, and precious seashells.

Off-white frost is chic and charming, making for a peaceful entrance.

Best Coastal Front Door Colors: Green

Seawater is often described as green rather than blue, with coastal vegetation also offering sources of this color. Dune grass, seaweed, and tropical fish are different shades of green that make it a beautiful coastal color for front doors.


Seaweed is a rich, natural shade that makes a splendid front door.

This color is a lively, vibrant beach-inspired green with blue rather than yellow undertones.

Seaweed goes well with shades of blue for a calm palette – a door in this color forms an anchor for a house painted aqua.


A front door painted mint is cheerful and chic.

A fresh, pretty color, mint is gentle yet welcoming, immediately setting a relaxed vacation tone. Mint is less assertive than turquoise but evokes the tranquility of the coast just as effectively.

Mint pairs with a pastel color scheme for a vintage teashop look and freshens up a plain white house.


A lime green door suits a friendly, welcoming beach home.

This vivid, playful color summons up images of Caribbean islands, tropical cocktails, and trees in springtime. Lime is a natural color, evoking serenity and symbolizing safety, making it a perfect family shade.

An enchanting color for a front door, lime pairs both with darker colors, giving a pop of color and bright, carnival shades.

Best Coastal Front Door Colors: Yellow, Orange, And Pink

Flame colors are not the immediate ones that come to mind for coastal homes. However, the bright yellow of the sun, the gorgeous orange and pink tones of a sunset, and the refreshing pineapple flavors are all reminders of the coast – and they make a welcome change from the blue-green palette.

Butter Yellow

A bright yellow front door is always warm and friendly, greeting all who lift the knocker.

Yellow tends to be associated with happiness and is known to improve mood. It’s sunny, companionable, and a little daring, more common in European than American seaside communities.

A yellow front door is perfectly coastal, nodding to warm sand, hot days, and Mediterranean lemons.

Combine yellow with bright blues and greens for a refreshing look.


Painting your front door orange may seem a bit seventies, but a clear tangerine is popular in contemporary and retro homes.

Citrus shades are tropical, warm, and romantic, like watching the sunset over the ocean.

A tangerine front door makes a statement, especially when combined with muted blues and greys.

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If you’re uncertain about an orange front door, a bold coral works just as well.

Coral belongs firmly in the coastal palette, from coral reefs to colorful flowers and the warm pinks of island homes.

Less overwhelming than orange, coral is bright and feminine, working well with creams, whites, and pinks.


Salmon is an inviting and picturesque shade for those who prefer a toned-down front door.

Salmon combines the lushness of pink with the warmth of yellow, creating a gentle, soft tone.

Equally at home in a vintage or a contemporary style, salmon looks beautiful with mint green and neutrals.


Pale pink is a feminine, flowery shade and charming color for a front door.

The color of a beach sunset, fresh fruit, and summer roses, blush is subtle and elegant.

Pair blush with soft greens, blues, and greys for a serene mood.


The opposite extreme to barely-there blush, fuschia is an attention-grabbing color for a front door.

Fuschia may seem an unlikely shade for a beach house, but you’ll be surprised how well it goes with a garden’s greenery and the sea’s changing shades of blue.

Immediately bright and floral, fuschia’s heat and intensity transform any beach home into a tropical coastal retreat.


The front door of a beach house should evoke a coastal vibe, whether your style is Nantucket greys and blues or island-style brights. The coastal palette encompasses shades of blue, green, yellow, orange, or pink that will upgrade your front door and create an inviting mood for your friends and family.