Top 10 Best Countries For Business In The World 2023

The world has become a global village with a lot of traveling and migration from one country to another and business trip is one of the reasons for the high rate of movement from one place to another.

The Best Country for Business in the world is Luxembourg. Many businessmen and entrepreneurs are exploring countries where they can do business and on the other hand, most countries in the world are designing policies that will attract foreign investors to invest and carry out business activities in their countries. As such, we have provided this article Best Countries for Businesses in the World.

Top 10 Best Countries For Business In The World 2023.

Before going abroad to begin or expand your business, it is paramount that you weigh the cost, define your priorities, and make in-depth findings as well. Setting up or expanding your business in another country can be tasking.

One of the challenges is to find the right country for your business and that’s where this article comes in handy. Without further ado below is the highlight of Best Countries for Businesses in the World.

World Best Countries For Businesses In 202.

#1. Luxembourg.

  • Location: Europe.
  • GDP: $69.5 billion.
  • GDP Per Capita (PPP): $106,372.

Luxembourg occupies the first spot on our list rated as one of the Best Countries for Businesses in the World despite being a small country, it is undoubtedly the Best Country to Start a Business as a Foreigner.

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Considering economic stability, a high-income economy is characterized by solid growth, low inflation, and low unemployment.

Luxembourg is home to large private banking, and its finance sector is the largest contributor to its economy. Bear in mind that Luxembourg is the fifth-wealthiest country in the world when measured on a gross domestic product (PPP) per capita basis which means there is a lot of cash lying around.

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The country is surrounded by Germany, France, and Belgium who are the main trading partners of Luxembourg.

#2. Switzerland.

  • Location: Europe.
  • GDP: $705.5 billion.
  • GDP Per Capita (PPP): $65,010.

Switzerland also surfaced on our list coming in at the second spot been a country that has low unemployment, a skilled labor force, and one of the highest gross domestic products per capita in the world.

The country is prosperous and has a modern market economy; the booming service sector is the major contributor to the nation’s economic wealth with the financial services and high-tech manufacturing industry and knowledge-based production contributing the lion’s share.

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Not forgetting the economic and political stability, transparent legal system, excellent infrastructure, efficient capital markets, and low corporate tax rates making this Switzerland the Best Country to Start a Business as a Foreigner.

#3. Canada.

  • Location: North America.
  • GDP: $1.7 trillion.
  • GDP Per Capita (PPP): $49,690.

Canada is not just known as the second-largest country in the world behind Russia occupying two-fifth of North America but also for its sturdy and healthy economy with attraction for foreign investment making this country the best place for business. Canada has a market-oriented economy and high living standards.

The country has continued to steadily experience growth in various industries such as manufacturing, mining, and service sectors which contributes largely to the nation’s economy.

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More so, the country is one of the largest oil producers of crude oil, momentous exporters of energy, food, and minerals, and one of the largest oil reserves in the world as well. Also, the United States is Canada’s largest trade partner.

#4. Denmark.

  • Location: Europe.
  • GDP: $352.1 billion.
  • GDP Per Capita (PPP): $52,279.

Denmark is another country we deemed fit to mention as one of the top countries for business.

The country has a modern market economy characterized by pharmaceuticals, maritime shipping, and renewable energy, high-tech agricultural and food processing, tourism, and the production of iron, steel, and machinery.

However, the country’s main exports are processed foods, agricultural and industrial machinery, pharmaceuticals, and furniture.

Denmark’s economy is designed using the flexicurity model, which combines a flexible labor market with a policy for the unemployed allowing businesses to establish themselves inexpensively and quickly.

Denmark citizens enjoy a high standard of living, thanks to the extensive government welfare measures and equitable distribution of income.

#5. Singapore.

  • Location: Asia.
  • GDP: $364.2 billion.
  • GDP Per Capita (PPP): $101, 387.

Singapore has a free-market economy that is highly developed with a robust, sturdy, and stable economy due to the open and corruption-free environment, stable prices, low unemployment.

The largest contributor to the nation’s economy is the vibrant transportation, business, and financial services sectors.

Singapore is a significant exporter of electronics, petroleum products, chemicals, medical and optical devices, pharmaceuticals. Also, the country depends highly on foreign labor forces which also enhance business activities making it the Best Country to Start a Business as a Foreigner.

#6. Netherland.

  • Location: Europe.
  • GDP: $913.7 billion.
  • GDP Per Capita (PPP): $106,372.

Netherland is yet another country that is good for business been a high-income country with an open-market policy. It is a significant exporter of agriculture and processed foods, chemicals, petroleum refining, and electrical machinery in the world.

The agriculture industry is highly mechanized. Netherland plays a significant role in the European Union and it is known as a transportation center which has contributed to the country’s high trade surplus, stable industrial relations, and low unemployment.

#7. Sweden.

  • Location: Europe.
  • GDP: $551.0 billion.
  • GDP Per Capita (PPP): $53,652.

Taking us further in our discussion is another country in Europe and that is Sweden.

The country has a high living standard and a sturdy economy that is heavily capitalistic with a chunk of its spending going toward public service.

The tax rate in the country has decreased and the country is home to advanced infrastructure and transportation network assistance as well as quality Health care and almost free college education.

The country exports products such as engines and other machines, motor vehicles, and telecommunications equipment making the manufacturing company a heavy contributor to the nation’s economy.

The country opens its hand to foreign investors and entrepreneurs that are ready to do business in the country with policies that attract and keep investors in the country making it among the Best Country to Start a Business as a Foreigner.

#8. Thailand.

  • Location: Asia.
  • GDP: $505.0 billion.
  • GDP Per Capita (PPP): $19,484.

Thailand is also among the Best Countries for Businesses in the World presently.

The country is characterized by low poverty and unemployment rates, it operates a free-enterprise economy, and its economy is highly dependent on international trade.

The industry and service sector are the major contributor to the nation’s GDP, more so, the country is the largest rice exporter in the world along with other significant amounts of electronics, textiles, agricultural commodities, automobiles and parts, and processed foods.

Also, the tourism and agriculture sector is not left out among the growing industry in the country.

#9. Finland.

  • Location: Europe.
  • GDP: $274.0 billion.
  • GDP Per Capita (PPP): $46,596.

Finland is also inclusive among countries to do business in the world. It is a highly industrialized country with a free market economy.

The government is open to foreign direct investment and also making policies that will attract entrepreneurs and large business owners to invest in the country.

You can conduct business in this country through private or public limited liability companies, or a Finnish branch office.

Finlandis actively involved in foreign trade which is very important for the country.

Exportation is trivial with products such as wood, metals, engineering, telecommunications, and electronics industries.

#10. Norway.

  • Location: Europe.
  • GDP: $434.8 billion.
  • GDP Per Capita (PPP): $74,357.

Closing our discussion in this article in Norway, another Scandinavian country on our list.

The country is undoubtedly among the Best Country to Start a Business as a Foreigner. Norway is home to numerous natural resources such as oil and gas, seafood, forests, and minerals.

The country is the second-largest producer and exporter of seafood. The service sector is a large contributor to the country’s economy.

Foreign investors can tap into these resources by establishing or expanding their business in this country. More so, the country has a complex and stable free-market economy.

Which country is best for businesses?

Following countries are best for businesses;

  1. Luxembourg
  2. Switzerland
  3. Canada
  4. Denmark
  5. Singapore
  6. Netherland
  7. Sweden
  8. Thailand
  9. Finland
  10. Norway

Which Country Is Best For International Business?

The United Kingdom is a country in Europe and it is the Best country for Business in the world. It should come as no surprise that the United Kingdom is among the greatest countries in which to study international business as well.

In reality, the United Kingdom accepts more than half a million international students each year, making it one of the most popular destinations for any major university.

Which Country Is Number One In Business?

Switzerland is one of the world’s richest countries with a stable economy, ranking among the top five.

Which Country Is Best For Business In Europe?

Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland remain at the top of the list, followed by Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Among the post-Soviet countries, Estonia, Lithuania, and Georgia are notable exceptions. Armenia has the highest level of progress, according to the research.

Which European Country Is Best For Startups?

Germany. For the second year in a row, Germany is ranked as the best European country for startups, owing to its strong economy (GDP of $3,846 billion) and favorable business climate. For instance, having easy access to venture capital might help firms who are looking for investment.

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Conclusion on the Top 10 Best Countries for Businesses in the World 2021.

We believe that you have been well-informed about the Best Countries for Businesses in the World.

These countries have policies and regulations that are enticing to foreign investors and business persons to come over into their countries to establish their businesses. You can do more digging to make the right selection of the country that appeals to the type and nature of your business.


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