Top 10 Best Countries To Study Abroad In 2023

Education is one of the reasons why people travel outside their primary country of residence. The best country to study abroad in the world is the United Arab Emirates. Most international students enjoy schooling in this clime owning to different factors that make education convenient.

It is important to make findings of countries abroad where you can get the best of quality education which will help you achieve your dream in your respective study and that is the reason for this article on Best Countries to Study Abroad.

Every country in the world is home to quality educational institutions nonetheless, the quality level differs. Therefore, if you desire to study abroad, we have provided you with the Best Countries to go to College abroad in this article.

Top 10 Best Countries To Study Abroad In 2023.

During your search for countries abroad where you can study, it is paramount that you find a program that will allow earn your degree, learn valuable skills, and also provide you with experiences and opportunities that will hone your skills and technique in your field of choice. You can take a glance at the list of Best Countries to go to College below.

  1. United Arab Emirates
  2. South Korea
  3. China
  4. India
  5. Turkey
  6. Singapore
  7. Spain
  8. Germany
  9. Japan
  10. Italy

Best Countries To Study Abroad Right Now.

#1. The United Arab Emirates.

The United Arab Emirates occupies the first spot on our list coming in at the first spot of Best Countries to Study Abroad. The country enjoyed a high influx of over 64,000 international students in 2019.

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The country is home to United Arab Emirates University, which is one of the Best higher schools of learning in the Arab Region Universities Rankings.

The country is home to numerous excellent universities known to offer quality and highly rated educational programs regardless of your chosen course of study.

More so, the country has a safe and peaceful environment to study and students easily find residents to settle down and adapt to the warm and welcoming environment.

#2. South Korea.

South Korea is the next top destination to study abroad coming in on the second spot on our list having enrolled over 70,000 international students in 2019 across its various international institution which are about 51.

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Interestingly, the capital city, Seoul is home to most of the prestigious internationally recognized universities amongst the notable higher school of learning are the three largest universities are Seoul National University, Korea University, and Yonsei University, all known to offer highly rated and excellent academic training both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Overall, South Korea provides a safe environment to study which also qualifies it to be mentioned in our list.

#3. China.

Taking us further is China considered to be among the Best Countries to Study Abroad in the world. The country has over 188 international universities that enroll students from around the world to study for their undergraduate and graduate programs.

Taking up a course of study in any of China’s international schools will surely offer you the experience and technical know-how required to excel in your respective field and profession.

The country provides you with various options to choose from with many of the cities in the country housing international universities with over 10, 000 students enrolling yearly.

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More so, the Chinese government is investing heavily in international students offering a wide range of funding opportunities to draw international students, including more than 40,000 scholarships.

More so, the Chinese are an industrial country which means there are plenty of opportunities to easily gain employment after study.

#4. India.

Taking us further in our discussion on the Best Countries to Study Abroad also in Asia and that is India.

The country has about 44 international universities, including the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, the Indian Institute of Science, and Panjab University which are among the top Universities in India.

International students can enroll for graduate, postgraduate and doctoral level courses which provide you with an enriching experience.

The country is filled with top-rated universities that are of international standard offering international students different options to choose from. More so, the cost of education in India is low compared to other countries like U.S., U.K., Sweden, and the rest.

International students also enjoy scholarships offered by the Indian government which serves as bait to attract more students into the country.

#5. Turkey.

Turkey also earns a spot on our list of countries abroad to study Best Countries to go to College that enrolled over 100, 000 students from across the countries in the world.

There are 37 international universities in Turkey including the highly ranked Boğaziçi University and Middle East Technical University.

Turkey has consistently been a top destination choice for international students over the years because of the high-quality education student enjoy, the multicultural population, lively cities, and beautiful landscapes, artistic, cultural, and sportive events among other attractions that entice students to study abroad in this country.

#6. Singapore.

Singapore enjoys the tourism of individuals from several countries across the world that chooses the country as a place to study abroad.

Students opt to study in Singapore because of the professional opportunities as well as many reputable international universities that have invested in Singapore.

If you are looking for a study-abroad destination, think of Singapore. Besides, most students choose to study in this country because of the affordable education when compared to some of the countries with top educational institutions, the multicultural aspect of the country, and the endless job opportunities available in the country, not forgetting the safe nature in the country.

#7. Spain.

Spain has consistently been ranked among the top destination to study abroad due to many factors such as its rich cultural and historical heritage, warm weather, geographical diversity, vibrant cultures, and lively cities where most of the international universities are established. More so, living in this country is average and affordable for most international students which also is one of the driving forces pulling students to study in this country

#8. Germany.

Still, on our discourse on the Best Countries to Study Abroad, our next destination is Germany, a highly literate country that is home to some of the excellent and highly-ranked universities in Europe.

Germany is a safe environment to study and the institutions offer great academic programs which are of quality with hands-on experiences, not forgetting the innumerable opportunities available in this highly entrepreneurial country.

More so, English-speaking students can find it easy to adapt and learn in this country with many of the courses taught in English.

Besides, education is relatively low in this country and the cost of living is not over the roof. You have the opportunity to explore the country’s vast natural and beautiful landscape as well their rich historical culture.

#9. Japan.

Occupying the ninth spot on our list is Japan, a country that is highly literate and technologically advanced.

Also, the country is known for its high educational standard and quality of teaching which has been a focal point attracting international students to pursue their undergraduate and graduate degrees in this country.

The Japanese culture and beautiful natural landscape, safe and conducive environment for learning is among the fascinating reason.

Also, the tuition fee is average and not too expensive. More so, a degree from any of the global universities in this country improves your chance of gaining employment quickly.

#10. Italy.

The last country on our list and closing our discussion is Italy, considered to be among the Best Countries to go to College.

The country is home to great universities and even some of the oldest universities in the world and it offers a wide range of courses which students can study and obtain their undergraduate or graduate certificates.

Interestingly, like every other country already mentioned in this article, qualification obtained from any institution in this country is well recognized worldwide.

Also, the country is safe and peaceful with a conducive study environment. More so, you have the opportunity to explore the country’s vast beautiful natural landscape and learn from its rich historical culture as well.

Which Country Is Best For International Students?

Check out this list of the top countries to study abroad if you’re thinking about finishing all or part of your university education abroad.
France. Romantic Paris routinely ranks first on lists of the finest student cities.

  • The United States.
  • Germany.
  • Canada.
  • Taiwan.
  • Argentina.
  • Australia.
  • South Korea.

Which Is The Cheapest Country To Study In The World?

8 of the Most Affordable Places to Study Abroad in the world in 2022 are as follow;

  • Norway.
  • Taiwan.
  • Germany.
  • France.
  • Mexico.
  • India.
  • Argentina.
  • Poland.

Which Is The Best Country To Study And Settle Down In?

Following is the ranking of countries you can study and also settle down in the world;

  • #1. New Zealand.
  • #2. Spain.
  • #3. Thailand.
  • #4. Canada.
  • #5. Mexico.
  • #6. Costa Rica.
  • #7. The Netherlands.
  • #8. Switzerland.

Which Country Is #1 In Education In The World?

The United Kingdom has the best education system in the world, according to this list.

With nearly 70% of graduates continuing on to a higher education program, the United States ranks in second place. Germany and France are in second and third place, respectively.


These are the countries in the world held in high esteem for quality educational training abroad making them the Best Countries to Study Abroad.

Irrespective of your chosen course of study, you will find one or more schools in any of these countries offering such a program at an affordable rate.

So, having learned the countries where you can go for educational purposes, ensure you make your findings concerning the particular school you want to enroll.