10 Countries I Would Visit Just for the Food

The culinary arts are one of life’s greatest joys. A delicious meal can satisfy the senses and the soul and unite people. And worldwide, there is food so delectable people would plan a trip to enjoy it. One’s taste may be subjective, but the ten best countries for food are arguably indisputable.

1. Italy

Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pisa, Italy
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Italy is a gorgeous country with warm and welcoming people. One of the ways they are inviting us is with their food. Indeed, as an Italian American, I can attest to this. While I’ve never traveled there, I know the dishes would be incredible. And it’s not just pizza and pasta (though these are fantastic). Chicken or veal fishes such as piccata, marsala, cacciatore, and parmigiana are all divine. 

2. France

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
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French cuisine is incredible and most assuredly could motivate visiting the beautiful country. Imagine sitting at a sidewalk cafe, sipping a cappuccino, and indulging in a scrumptious French pastry. Is your mouth watering yet? Of course, France had more to offer than sweet treats- though the deserts are delectable. Boeuf Bourguignon, Quiche Lorraine, and Chicken or Duck Confit are just a sample of the delicious foods awaiting visitors.

3. Germany

Happy Asian girl taking selfie photo at Neuschwanstein castle. Tourist attractions in Germany and Europe concept
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The uninformed may think German food is nothing more than bratwurst. While that is a traditional and tasty dish, Germany has more to offer locals and tourists. Currywurst combines ketchup and curry powder on sausage, and Zwiebelkuchens, which are delicious onion tarts, are just two examples. Of course, there is also the famous dish Schnitzel, also an Austrian dish, which is typically breaded pork. If we listen to the song “My Favorite Things,” we know it should be enjoyed with noodles.

4. Switzerland 

Young female tourist with swiss flag on the top of the tower in Zurich city. Woman having a great vacation in Switzerland
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When I picture Switzerland cuisine, I have a very narrow vision. I imagine living out my Heidi dreams eating nothing but bread and cheese. And there would be no returning to any other kind of bread or cheese again. That alone is worth a trip. The other thing Switzerland is known for is its .chocolate. If you indulge, realize it will likely ruin other chocolate forever.

5. Greece

Mykonos, Greece.
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Greece is known for its history, ruins, stunning locales, and fresh, tasty food. Mediterranean cuisine is a favorite of many, including myself. Their dishes typically include meats or seafood with fresh herbs, olives, or yogurt. Moussaka is a popular choice made with spiced beef or lamb and a tomato sauce. Gyros and choriatiki (Greek salad) are other everyday favorites. I love grilled chicken with Tzatziki, a light sauce/dip made with yogurt, cucumber, and dill. Greek food is popular everywhere, but a trip to Greece to enjoy authentically made cuisine sounds very appealing.

6. Japan

KAGOSHIMA CITY, JAPAN - FEBRUARY 15: Volcano Mt Sakurajima erupting, Kagoshima City, Japan, February 15, 2011. This volcano,only 4km across Kinko Bay from the city, erupted over 800 times in 2010
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Japanese food is both simple and varied, and it’s a contributing factor for many visitors. Japanese staples include sushi and other seafood dishes, miso soup, tempura vegetables, sashimi, and ramen. It’s about fresh ingredients prepared with meticulous precision. Japan’s beauties are an enticing attraction, but the delicious food has to be one of the primary tourist motivators.

7. Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA in Santa Fe Plaza with the Soldiers' Monument at twilight.
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Mexican food is another example of simple, fresh ingredients made delicious with varied and specific preparation. Their food typically includes some combination of meats, beans, and flour or corn tortillas. Flavors are enhanced with herbs, spices, and fruits such as cilantro, cumin, chili powder, achiote, tomatoes, and lime. Tacos, burritos, tostadas, fajitas, and tamales are all traditional dishes that people everywhere adore. 

8. Thailand

Aerial view of Pattaya , Thailand .
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Thai food is prevalent in many cities, but if you want the most genuine dishes, plan a trip to this country. Traditional Thai food includes curries and rice, as well as stir-fried dishes. My favorite is Pad Thai which consists of stir-fried noodles mixed with vegetables or peanuts in a sweet and savory sauce.

9. Morocco

Bicycle Tour in Morocco
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Moroccan food is just as big a motivator to book a trip to the country as wanting to visit Casablanca. This type of cuisine includes many meals with lamb and spices. Couscous is the most common Moroccan dish made from steamed wheat and a spicy meat stew. Another tasty dish is Harira, typically eaten during Ramadan but not exclusively. It’s made of boiled eggs, cumin, salt, and dates.

10. Spain

The famous Cibeles fountain in Madrid, Spain
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The food from Spain is varied and full of rich flavors. Seafood, spices, and rice dominate the cuisine of this fair country. Paella is the most well-known dish that people adore. The main ingredient of the dish varies between chicken, rabbit, or seafood, mixed with rice and saffron, which creates its bright color. Gazpacho is another favorite. It’s a tomato-based soup that’s traditionally served cold and has a definite spicy kick to it.

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