Your Way Out of Overpacking: 11 Items You Can Leave Behind for the Ultimate One Bag Travel

You have a packing checklist that you’ve run through multiple times and yet, you still find yourself packing way too much for your upcoming trip. If you’re looking to downsize your travel items and truly embrace one-bag living around the world, a group of one-bag travelers recommends cutting these eleven items from your list.

1. Metal Water Bottle

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Frequent travelers know that water bottles are a great way to save money, but the plastic or metal kinds can be bulky and difficult to fit into your bag. Instead, opt for a lightweight, collapsible water bottle, which you can easily shoot in your bag. A traveler shares, “I swapped out a metal water bottle for a Vapur collapsible bottle that rolls up into almost nothing and connects to a pack with a carabiner.”

2. Laptop

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“Most of what I need to do a phone can do. If I need a computer to do it, it’s work, and I don’t work on vacations,” one confessed. Another added, “Me too. Also, goodbye to the cables and chargers.”

3. Heavy Travel Bag

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“The heavy travel bag itself,” one replied. “I love the organization that bags like the Allpa have. Still, I take my basic 20L Osprey Daylite Plus bag on nearly every trip. I was able to downsize by skipping the extra shoes.”

4. Shoes

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“Shoes are a big one, but if you’re like me, one of the best parts about running is being able to use them to explore a new place. If it’s a warm-weather climate you’re traveling to, it’s easier to wear your running shoes on travel days, and lighter shoes/sandals get packed.

If it’s cold weather, then there’s no avoiding the bulk of extra shoes. I tend to be that silly person in the airport with my sweatpants and boots on because running shoes pack in the bag easier than boots.”

5. Bras

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One woman noted, “This is specific only to people who wear bras, but ditching my regular molded cups for sports bras during travel. They take up so much less room when packing.” However, another argued, “I stuff my socks and undies into the molded cups for optimal space because my breasts don’t work best with traditional sports bras.”

6. Charging Brick

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Another traveler explained, “One thing I have done is get rid of all my chargers & cables. Now I only have one charging brick and 2 of the same cable: 3-Port GaN 100W Charger and 100W USB-C / Lighting / Micro USB 1.2m cable x 2.”

7. Migrating All Electronics To USB-C

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“Migrating all my electronics to USB-C – Not all those items are used when traveling. This transition was not solely for OneBagging but for everyday life too – but in the OneBag context, I know whatever electronic I being will use the same cable type to charge. USB-C is much more widespread and accessible in a pinch!”

8. Change Your Mindset

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Another traveler shared, “Changing my mentality – Instead of asking myself ”Will I need X?’ – (which you can answer with infinite reasons) – I ask myself ”What’s the worst that can happen without X?” – Much smarter and wiser to ask for my analysis.”

9. Embrace Hand Washing

Easy to Wash
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Several people in the thread mentioned hand washing. One elaborated, “Hand washing reduced my load by probably 60-80%. I can’t believe I used to travel without thinking of washing my clothes for so long.”

10. E-Book Reader

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“Bringing a Nook instead of a massive pile of books. That saves on space and weight,” one laughed. “I found it impossible to have one bag and still bring as many books as I wanted before I got the e-reader.” Another mentioned a Kindle.

11. Anything I Don’t Already Use in Everyday Life Daily

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Finally, someone suggested, “Anything I don’t already use in everyday life daily.” For example, I used to bring foundation makeup, fancy lotion, and special snacks.

All were things I rarely, if ever, used in my daily life. So, whatever made me think I would use them while traveling? Getting rid of that junk and only taking the amount I needed for the trip for my toiletries made the most difference for me.

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