Best Doormat For Beach Sand

It’s difficult to envision a drawback to going to the beach, but if there is one, it’s undoubtedly having sand caught in everything. So despite our love of beach hair, beachy drinks, and creating a beach house ambiance at home, the beach must remain at the beach. And in most cases, starting with a dependable doormat is a good start. So what are some of the best doormats out there for beach sand?

The following are some of the best doormats for beach sand:

  1. Clean Machine Astroturf Dirt Trapper
  2. Gorilla Grip All-Season WeatherMax
  3. Durable Corporation Durite
  4. ColorWave Nautical Sand Rope
  5. AquaShield Beachcomber
  6. Sierra Concepts 2-Pack
  7. Plus Haven Coco Coir Heavy Duty

Even though beach sand might be challenging to remove without water, a dependable outdoor doormat should finish any remains before setting foot in your home. However, given the wide variety of mats on the market, knowing what to look for while looking for a doormat that will keep your beach house or home sand-free is essential. With that in mind, let’s look at what makes these doormats fit the part.

7 Best Doormats For Beach Sand

Investing in a dependable beach sand doormat can simplify beach season to a new level of ease. As a general guideline, you’ll want to pick a rug with the durability and a firm grip — especially in high-traffic locations near or at the entrance to your home.

It would be best if you also note that some materials would catch and hold more sand than others, which makes this list of top choices unique. So, starting with the Clean Machine brand, here’s what makes these doormats the best choice after spending a beautiful day at the beach.

1. Clean Machine Astroturf Dirt Trapper

For large families, you can never go wrong with the Clean Machine Astroturf Dirt Trapper doormat, which can keep your inside floors spotless by trapping up to 1 pound of sand or debris each week. The mat is designed with AstroTurf blades that resemble grass that may collect and hold sand beneath the surface until you’re ready to shake or wash the mat clean.

In addition, it features a solid rubber backing that won’t move, is fade-, mold-, and mildew-resistant, and is made to endure all types of weather. Furthermore, it comes in 17.5×29.5″ and 23.5×35.5″; and three colors: sandbar, charcoal gray, and desert taupe.

One happy customer reviewed it on Amazon, ” Because I live near the shore, sand is naturally everywhere. So I installed one of these at the base of my outdoor steps. I was astounded at how much sand I tossed out in just a few weeks! I was afraid it might blow away because we get strong winds here, but it hasn’t budged. Also, my black labs happily walk over them, and it does not bother their feet.”

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2. Gorilla Grip All-Season WeatherMax Doormat

The WeatherMax doormat from Gorilla Grip is recognized for its long-lasting toughness, thanks to its 100% natural rubber border and tightly woven polypropylene fabric. That said, it’s also intended to stay soft, flexible, and thin despite trapping dirt and sand in its patterned grooves.

The WatherMax is easy to clean; vacuum with a hand-held vacuum, sweep with a broom or shake off outside or over garbage cans to remove. For a more thorough clean, use a moist cloth and mild soap, or rinse the mat outside with a garden hose.

In addition, it also dries rapidly and is available in various colors and patterns, such as nautical, seasonal, geometric, and plain – and with around 29 colors, there’s a design for every home or beach house!

Furthermore, it comes in five sizes ranging from 17×29″ to 72×24″. Perfectly getting along with both kids and pets, the WeatherMax doormat has more than 20,000 positive reviews on Amazon, winning the hearts of thousands of beach enthusiasts.

From the many reviews, one customer left a review stating, “This is a lovely mat that is the right size for my side entrance. The pattern and color selections make it appear to be a part of the area rather than a “wipe your feet” addition.

In addition, heavy-duty rubber prevents slippage and curling. Finally, I purposefully waited six weeks before reviewing because it often takes time to see whether a product lives up to its description. And It most surely has!”

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3. Durable Corporation Durite Recycled Tire-Link

Consider the Durable Corporation Durite Recycled Tire-Link outdoor doormat if you need a heavy-duty outdoor entrance mat that can handle more than simply beach sand. Because it is composed of recycled tires, this quality mat is waterproof and almost unbreakable.

Durite is a strong, long-lasting anti-fatigue mat that is environmentally benign and patented in 1923. It contributes to foot comfort and traction. In addition, the open mesh design allows for efficient drainage and retaining soil and beach sand. The open weave captures waste and water as you walk over it, and the open design makes cleaning simple.

Durable Corporation has a 4.9 out of 5-star rating with over 1,000 ratings and reviews raving about its durability and stain-free ease.

Finally, one of the numerous positive reviews stated, “This is the best doormat ever. I reside in the Midwest, where we have snow, sand, muck, and heavy rain, and this mat can withstand it all. I was sick of replacing mats every season and dealing with moist undersides that never dried and harbored mildew and pests.

This mat collects all dirt from shoes and maintains the concrete and brick beneath clean and dry. Plus, these are so long-lasting that I doubt I’ll ever need to buy another mat! I purchased them for my front and rear doors and strongly recommended them!”

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4. ColorWave Nautical Sand Rope Doormat

These cheerful ColorWave Nautical Sand Rope doormats are ideal for upgrading your front door while keeping beach sand, dirt, and muck away. Handwoven from the same durable, long-lasting lobster rope used to anchor lobster traps in the sea in Maine. Furthermore, it adds its own ideal beachy appeal to any home!

This doormat is not only stylish, but it is also quite sturdy. The ropes are incredibly tightly woven, so they will not wear out prematurely no matter how many people wipe their feet on them each day. Another advantage of using nautical rope is that it does not absorb extra water (ideal for rainy or snowy regions) and is mold and mildew resistant.

Moreover, Nautical Sand Rope Doormat is also UV protected, so it will never fade. Simple to clean by hosing down directly outside your door.

One customer commented on Amazon, “I’ve kept this mat for about six months on my back porch; it’s heavy enough not to be blown away by the wind and shows no signs of fading. I expect this doormat to last for many years.”

Finally, the ColorWave comes in sizes 18×30″, 21×34″, and 24×38″ and has over 30 unique color schemes. That said, since the Nautical rope is a popular choice for many – not always available on Amazon, you may also find it on The only downside is that it is considerably more pricy than its competitors on the list.

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5. AquaShield Beachcomber Doormat

The AquaShield Beachcomber Doormat is all about the beach vibes while living up to its name to comb the beach away. Made with premium polypropylene and a backing made with SBR Commercial grade rubber, the Beachcomber comes with fancy designs and a whole lot of reliability.

The ridged design attracts beach sand and moisture while being antistatic and pet-friendly. Furthermore, the Beachcomber is mildew, rot, and mold-resistant, and its long-lasting construction ensures it will endure a lifetime. Due to its rigid design has been manufactured to dust off quickly, brush, wash, and dry in no time.

Being an Amazon Choice item, you can be sure there are plenty of helpful reviews, such as “This is ideal for our backdoor. We live near the beach and have three dogs who go in and out all day, tracking sand, grass, and dirt on their wet feet.

This carpeting captures everything they bring in and prevents it from spreading around the house. The color and bravura are just what I was looking for. It’s a little bit darker than the photo suggests, but that’s the effect I was striving for. I traded my brightly colored rug for this one, and I’m pleased I did.”

Finally, the Beachcomber comes in only one size of 24×36″ and three colors: Camel, Light Greem, and Medium Gray.

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6. Sierra Concepts 2-Pack Outdoor Rug

This set of two Sierra Concept outdoor rugs is an incredible bang-for-your-buck value, earning a 4.5-star overall rating after more than 25,000 reviews. Sierra Concepts is the answer if you are looking for a quick and easy fix for both the front and back entrance.

These heavy-duty rugs have grooved polyester surfaces that scrape and retain dirt. They’re also very absorbent, so you won’t have to worry about water spilling into your floor. In addition, these mats are simple to clean by shaking them off or hosing them down with a hose. Finally, like the other rugs on this list, they have rubber backings that assist hold them in place.

One happy of the many happy customers left a review stating, “I live near the beach, so I had some reservations. However, I’ve only had this two-pack for about a week, but it’s just what I’m looking my entryways to grab the sand and water. They also remain in place and don’t slide about the home; nice substance for the price.”

Besides that review, many other happy customers rave about the excellent customer service received from Sierra Concepts, always meeting their needs and helping others find the doormats fitting various other requirements. Finally, coming in seven colors and two sizes, 30×17″ and 36×24″, you can’t beat that price regarding the quality it provides.

Check it out on Amazon below.

7. Plus Haven Coco Coir Heavy Duty Doormat

The Plus Haven Coco Coir Heavy Duty Doormat includes high-pile coconut coir fibers that trap sand and dirt like a pro. It’s a basic and economical alternative that gets the job done. The durable fibers absorb water, and the heavy-duty, nonslip backing holds the rug firmly in place.

When the weather-resistant mat has had its fill of sand and mud, shake it out and rinse it with a hose. The rug is intended for both indoor and outdoor usage, making it appropriate for any room or entryway in your house. In addition, the long-lasting substance will survive whatever weather or circumstances come it’s way.

What truly makes the Coco Coir shine is that the fibers are ideal for removing beach sand from even the tiniest of groves found underneath shoes and sandals, making it an ideal candidate for the list.

It has a 4.4 rating on Amazon with over 3,200 ratings, and one helpful review mentioned, “I needed to come up with a remedy to my spouse stepping in beach sand from our back patio to our carpeting inside. This mat is effective! It significantly reduced the dirt on my carpeting at our back entrance. In addition, it is clean and appealing to the eye!”

Check it out on Amazon below.

The Best Doormat For Beach Sand: What To Consider

Since there are so many doormats on the market for various purposes, know that not all of them do the best job at keeping beach sand outside your home. Therefore, there are a few essential factors to consider when choosing the ideal doormat, specifically factoring in beach sand and many other dirt types that should be on your watch list. That said, consider the following.

Consider The Materials

Your mat should be composed of abrasion-resistant materials, such as polyester or AstroTurf. It might also be a significant benefit if your rug has absorbent features like microfibre.

Naturally, your doormat should be rough enough to scuff sand and dirt off shoes and paws as they enter your home. Coir, a rough fiber from coconuts, is another substance that can aid in the removal of sand and other types of dirt.

Consider A Nonslip Backing Doormat

The mat’s foundation must be constructed of a non-skid substance, such as nonslip PVC or rubber, so it stays in place when you walk on it. Not only will this protect your flooring from scuffs and dampness, but it will also help reduce sliding or slippage.

Ensure That It Is Simple To Clean

Finally, beach sand isn’t always the simplest to clean because it gets everywhere and collects in hard-to-reach nooks and cracks beneath our shoes, and the same can be said with various types of doormats. That said, your new mat should be simple to clean and maintain.

You’re in excellent condition if you can toss it in the washing machine, sweep it up with a broom, or soak it with a yard hose. Overall, cleaning your doormat should not be more complicated than cleaning the actual floor since this would entirely contradict the point of having one.

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Choosing the best doormats to wipe the sand from your feet and footwear is not as simple as picking the first doormat you come across. Fortunately, numerous manufacturers have created doormats that collect beach sand and other common debris to satisfy your demands.

I would strongly suggest the Clean Machine Astroturf Dirt Trapper for heavy traffic areas or houses with a large family and many dogs because it can hold up to 1 pound of sand before needing to be dusted. However, consider the WeatherMax or Beachcomber to match diverse designs if you want something more spectacular that also performs the ideal job of keeping the beach away from your home.