Discover the Coolest Drive-in Theaters in the U.S. for Movies Under the Stars

Many moviegoers claim there is nothing quite like watching a movie in the great outdoors. Drive-in movie theaters often transport us back in time and take us back to simpler times. A drive-in experience is something that everyone should do at least once in their life, but if you don’t know where to go, I have you covered. Here are the top ten best drive-in movie theaters in the United States, and yes, they are absolutely worth going on a road trip for. 

1. Wellfleet Drive-In Theater in Wellfleet, Massachusetts

Located in the heart of Cape Cod, the Wellfleet Drive-In Theater is a destination for family fun all day long. The town has lots to explore, including a flea market and a mini-golf. Finish your day with a double feature and a trip to the on-site dairy bar stocked with soft serve and ice cream scoops of all flavors.

2. Saco Drive-In in Saco, Maine

The very first theater of its kind to be built in Maine, the Saco Drive-In is located on Route One in proximity to many other family-friendly amusement parks. According to WJBQ Portland, this theater was the seventeenth drive-in to be built in the United States, and it’s the second oldest drive-in theater currently operating in America. 

3. Hull’s Drive-In in Lexington, Virginia

One of seven drive-in theaters left in Virginia, the Hull’s Drive-In originally opened in 1950 with room for three hundred cars. It’s America’s only non-profit community-owned drive-in today.

4. Greenville Drive-In in Greenville, New York

Nestled in the valleys of upstate New York, just about three hours away from Manhattan, the Greenville Drive-In originally opened in 1959. The theater is known for its snack shack, which sells farm-to-table foods and meals alongside a beer garden stocked with local brews. Sometimes, the theater hires live bands to perform music alongside classic black-and-white films.

5. Fairlee Drive-in and Motel in Fairlee, Vermont

You could stay the entire night at some of the old drive-in theaters! After credits have rolled, nearby motels would allow you to book a room to enjoy films into the wee hours.

The Fairlee Drive-in and Motel is one of the last combination destinations in the United States, and this theater boasts an on-site motel where you can watch films from the comfort of your room.

6. Shankweiler’s Drive-In Theater in Orefield, Pennsylvania

Shankweiler’s Drive-In Theater has been open for nearly eighty-five years since 1934, making it the first drive-in theater to open in Pennsylvania. The current owners claim it is the longest-operating drive-in in America. This is probably largely partly due to their classic snack bar, which offers hot funnel cakes, ice cream sundaes, and barbecue classics.

7. Harvest Moon Drive-In Theater in Gibson, Illinois

While cars strain environmental resources, the Harvest Moon Drive-In Theater does everything possible to offset that—including powering its theaters with renewable energy. To cement their commitment to the environment, the staff at the theater also use recycled packaging and service ware at their snack bar and uses LED lighting inside the grounds.

8. Bangor Drive-In in Bangor, Maine

One of the later additions to the state, the Bangor Drive-In, opened in June of 1950 and has enough room for over nine hundred cars. Its central location allows Mainers or tourists in Vacationland to catch a flick in the summer without driving down south to other areas.

9. Blue Fox Drive-In Theater in Oak Harbor, Washington

Flashback to feel-good hits at the Blue Fox Drive-In Theater. It shows cult classics like The Karate Kid and Happy Gilmore. But the main reason to go is because it serves delicious popcorn in many different flavors, including cheddar and caramel apple.

10. Bengie’s Drive-In in Middle River, Maryland

At Bengie’s Drive-In, you can watch the latest movies on the largest outdoor screen in America! It’s a ridiculous fifty-two feet high and over one hundred twenty feet wide. Near Baltimore, it first opened in 1956, and they still provide families access to triple features on weekends for one flat price. They also screen classic cartoons and vintage trailers to set the mood between each movie.

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