Best Exterior Doors For Coastal Areas

Beautiful azure blue seas and the breath of fresh air is just a few reasons why many opt for coastal living. As appealing as this sounds, there is also the issue of moisture-fraught air, harsh elements of nature, sand, and seagulls that can adversely affect your home’s exterior. You can consider these factors when choosing the best exterior doors for coastal areas.

Inclement weather of coastal living can be harsh on your exterior doors, causing corrosion, rot, and warping. The best exterior doors for coastal areas are:

  1. Fiberglass Doors
  2. Aluminum Doors
  3. Composite Doors
  4.  UV Resistant Vinyl Type Doors
  5. Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride Doors
  6. Glass Doors

To ensure the longevity of your exterior doors, you want to ensure that you choose wisely. Join me as we explore the best exterior doors and why they are the perfect choice for coastal living.

6 Best Exterior Doors For Coastal Areas

In the coastal area, a home’s exterior often takes a beating when it comes to weather increments. Exterior doors are no strangers to experiencing this harshness. Irrespective of whether you plan to pump up your seaside curb appeal or are just concerned about durability, it is crucial that you choose the best exterior doors for your coastal area.

Coastal areas are a preferred choice amongst many for relaxation. Why let constant renovations of your exterior doors take away from this experience. Here is a list of the best exterior door choices for the coastal areas.

1. Fiberglass Doors

Tougher than regular doors, fiberglass doors are the perfect option for coastal areas. The fiberglass doors comprise the core, frame, and skin. The center of the fiberglass door is filled with polyurethane insulating foam and is an excellent soundproofing and insulating barrier.

Fiberglass Doors Are Moisture Resistant

Since humidity and moisture rank number one on the list of coastal weather inclement, the insulating barrier is a significant component in sealing out moisture. Fiberglass is known to reduce heat flow by up to 35%.

Suppose you were looking to reduce the heat flow to your beach house. The fiberglass doors are a perfect start; combined with close cell insulation spray-on insulation in walls and attics; you can reduce the heat flow to 98%.

Fiberglass Doors Create Sound Barrier

Fiberglass doors are also known to insulate sound from permeating the indoors. Although you cannot eliminate the sound of crashing waves, you can try to minimize the noise.

Fiberglass Doors Are Aesthetically Pleasing

The manufacturers of fiberglass doors have mastered aesthetics to fine art to mimic the look of wood doors, which is more cost-effective. Fiberglass is the route if you want something impervious to rust, warping, and shrinking.

Fiberglass Doors Are Easy To Clean

Fiberglass doors are also easy to clean. All that is required is some water and a cloth. Cleaning seagulls’ droppings have never been easier.

Fiberglass Doors Don’t Fade

Since fiberglass doors do not expand and contract, the harsh weather inclement will not affect the finish. Since the exterior door faces exposure to intense sunlight, it is advisable to paint on a protective coat of clear varnish to maintain the pristine condition.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Fibre Glass Exterior Doors

Below are some factors you may need to consider when opting for fiberglass doors for coastal areas.

  • Suppose you will be opting for a slab or a prehung fiberglass door. A slab consists of only the door and excludes the hinges; you must hang the door. On the other hand, a prehung door consists of all the fittings and comes in standard sizes. You will then need to trim it down according to your requirements.
  • The cost of the fiberglass door- The average cost of a good quality exterior prehung fiberglass door will cost in the region of $1500 to $2500, with fitment ranging from $400 to $800.
  • Although most manufacturers offer homeowners a lifetime warranty on fiberglass doors, the warranties on glass and factory finish tend to be considerably lower on average, from a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 20 years.
  • Ensure that your purchases on exterior fiberglass doors are made through a reputable supplier and opt for a specialist in the area of fitment.

2. Aluminum Doors

Your exterior door is the gateway that provides access to the comfort of coastal living. A door’s primary function is to connect the external to the interior. You want to ensure you choose the best exterior door for coastal areas.

The coastal climate tends to be wetter, windier, and harsher. Aluminum doors are a preferred choice due to the following reasons.

Aluminum Doors Are Resistant To Corrosion

No matter the harshness of coastal weather, aluminum remains resistant to corrosion. A protective layer of aluminum oxide is formed on the door’s surface as soon as it comes in contact with air. These doors won’t swell, crack or warp, regardless of weather conditions.

For peace of mind, you can even consider powder coating the door’s surface to ensure a double layer of protection from corrosion.

Aluminum Doors Are Flexible

No matter the size of your doorway, you can be assured that aluminum’s pliable and ductile nature presses into shape without breaking or cracking to suit your exterior entrance requirement. You can have peace of mind knowing that they will still maintain their toughness while serving the individual needs of your coastal home.

Aluminum Doors Are Not Heavy

With a weight of 2.7 g/cm3, aluminum is lightweight, making them ideal for exterior coastal door frames. You can maintain the light look and feel without comprising the tough exterior in the area of durability.

Aluminum Doors Are Low Maintenance

Aluminum doors, unlike wooden doors, do not require regular maintenance. Aluminum doors are less demanding in the area of care. Although regular maintenance is not required, a wipe-down with a microfibre cloth and some water will ensure that dust and seagull droppings disappear.

Aluminum Doors Are Friendly On The Environment

Aluminum contains 100% recycled materials, so if you are concerned about the environment, you can be confident knowing that your exterior aluminum door will not contribute to the detriment of the environment. Recycled metal also means lower manufacturing costs, making the product more cost-effective. The fact that aluminum is recyclable also means a smaller carbon footprint.

Aluminum Doors Have Higher Tensile Strength

Silicon, copper, manganese, and magnesium are alloyed with aluminum in manufacturing exterior doors, ensuring the tensile strength is drastically improved.

During colder seasons, when the temperature dips in coastal areas, you can be confident that your aluminum exterior door will not become brittle. Unlike steel, the tensile strength of aluminum increases during colder weather.

Aluminum Doors Can Suit Your Style Preference

Out with the dull, boring exterior door and in with the decorative smooth or textured finish. Aluminum doors are now available in colors to suit the aesthetics of your home. Azure blue or bright colors, no matter what you opt for, there is powder-coated paint that you can texture over your aluminum door to suit your style preference.

This powder coating can withstand inclement weather for up to 25years. With so many benefits and colors, it’s no wonder that more people in the coastal areas are opting for aluminum exterior doors.

3. Composite Doors

Salty air, erosion, and strong winds are a few weathering issues experienced in coastal areas. Hence you want to choose an exterior door that can withstand these elements. Due to the following reasons, Composite doors are one of the best choices for coastal areas.

Composite Doors Are Durable

There is an assurance that your composite door will stay in pristine condition for years. Since there is no need for repainting, when it comes to wear and tear, you don’t have to stress about bumps and scratches as the GRP skin will ensure that it is well protected.

 Composite Doors Provide Great Security

 In coastal areas where your privacy is vital, so is the security issue. An exterior door is an essential         contributor to this requirement. The mixture of materials that manufacturers use in composite doors will ensure that the strength and thickness of the door ensure that your home is intrusion free.

The secure locks are only one of the reasons why you can rest well, knowing that your exterior door has you well protected.

Composite Doors Will Keep Your Home Draught Free

No matter the weather outdoors, you can ensure the warmth indoors. With composite exterior doors, there is no need to worry about wearing an extra sweater, especially at night. Composite doors with insulating core keep out the draught and evening chills in coastal homes. Composite doors also provide an excellent sound barrier. Due to the insulation on composite doors, you can reduce your energy bills.

Composite Doors Are Aesthetically Pleasing

The array of available colors is one of the reasons that many coastal homeowners opt for composite doors. Imagine taking a stroll down the beach only to look up and see a color explosion in front of you. 

Composite doors are indeed a breath of fresh air, are attractive, and will boost the curb appeal of your coastal home. You can enjoy these colors for years, as the resistant GRP skin on composite doors makes them fade-resistant.

4. UV Resistant Vinyl Type Doors

UV Resistant Vinyl Doors are a good option for coastal areas due to the harsh sun exposure. Apart from this benefit, they are also great for the following reasons.

UV Resistant Vinyl Doors Are Durable

Fun in the sun is what makes coastal living so enjoyable. When an extra guest arrives, placement of a chair from the indoors to the outdoors can scratch or bump your exterior door. Your kids can now have fun knowing that you don’t have to worry about them damaging your exterior door.

With UV Resistant vinyl doors, the scratches and bumps are less noticeable. Vinyl doors also hide dirt well, depending on the color of your choice. The upside is that even scuff marks can go unnoticed.

UV Resistant Vinyl Doors Are Fade And Rust Resistant

The UV-resistant finish of vinyl doors will ensure they can handle harsh weather conditions without risking fading. You can take solace that won’t rot or warp in humid conditions. UV Resistant vinyl doors can also stand the test against salt air, sand, and wind.

Warranties And Cost Of UV Resistant Vinyl Doors

Compared to wood doors, UV-resistant vinyl doors tend to be comparatively more affordable. Due to the quality of the product, manufacturers tend to offer multi-year guarantees against flaking, rusting, fading, chipping, and cracking.

UV Resistant Vinyl Doors Are Aesthetically Pleasing

UV-resistant vinyl doors will tick this box if you want a sleek, elegant look. Vinyl doors also offer different panel designs. So if you are looking for minimalistic yet elegant, then beige and white will suit the ambiance of pristine coastal areas.

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5. Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride Doors

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride Doors, also known as UPVC Doors, are toughened plastic doors with no additives added to the manufacturing process. A preferred choice as an exterior door in coastal areas for the following reasons.

UPVC Doors Is Low Maintenance

Coastal living can often put a strain on your finances, especially in the area of maintenance. UPVC exterior doors are almost maintenance-free. All that is required is some soap and water for occasional clean-up.

Invest in a UPVC door, and your stress of periodic maintenance of painting your exterior door will be a thing of the past. No need to worry about flaking or fading of these doors. You can instead spend more time lying in the sun and relaxing.

UPVC Doors Provide Excellent Insulation

You can avoid worrying about the heat in summer or the cold weather in winter. As long as you fit your coastal home with a UPVC Exterior door, you can enjoy extra insulation, keeping the heat and cold from entering the interior.

The good news is that you have more money in your bank account as the insulation feature also helps lower your monthly heating and cooling bills.

UPVC Doors Are Compatible With Any Security Locks

Most exterior doors restrict the locking mechanisms used on PVC doors and will not limit the kind of lock you choose. These doors are compatible with any security locks, allowing you to select within your budget and according to your security needs.

6. Glass

Pump up your seaside curb appeal by opting for glass exterior doors. Bring in the ambiance of the exterior indoors as you enjoy the views of vast open oceans and clear blue skies. Exterior glass doors are best for coastal areas due to the following reasons.

Glass Doors Provide Excellent Views

Coastal living is all about being able to wake up to the beauty that coastal areas offer. Glass exterior doors will capture the essence of that beauty.

Glass Doors Can Add To The Aesthetics

Frosted or clear, the choice is yours. Throw on some blinds or curtains, and you can keep the not-so-clear views outdoors on cloudy days.

Glass Doors Are Easy To Clean

You only need a microfibre cloth to keep the glass in pristine condition—no need to worry about rust, fade or warping as glass exterior doors are highly durable. Shatterproof glass exterior doors will ensure that the toughened glass won’t break when a seagull decides to look at its reflection in the glass and try to make a connection.


Coastal areas, unlike city living, are prone to harsher elements of nature. Investing in the wrong exterior door can save time and money. Since exterior doors are vulnerable to ocean air, you want to ensure that you choose wisely. Besides, an exterior door is the gateway to the interior and will therefore need the most consideration.