15 Best Restaurants in Ibadan [Iyan & Amala Spots]

Ibadan has several excellent restaurant establishments to choose from. The best food here is available only in the best dining places and each one has its style of serving and setting. So what is the best restaurant in Ibadan? The best answer to this is Adis Hotels Restaurant.

I tell you that the city of Ibadan, the capital of Oyo state in Southwestern Nigeria is one of the best places to visit because of its long history characterized by wars, invasions, and colonization by the British who built over 500 miles of canals to control the waterways which are therefore now called “canal street.

The people are friendly, one can easily communicate with them in English and also in pidgin English.

If you love food and love to try new things then you will definitely like Ibadan. You can get amazing food in this city with its wide range of restaurants and delicious foods available in every restaurant throughout the week. So, go to Ibadan and eat some yummy foods from those restaurants listed below

15 Best Restaurants in Ibadan

We scoured the city for the hottest takeout spots in Ibadan, and these are our picks for the best dining options.

#1. Adis Hotels Restaurant

  • Location: Akinsehinwa Street, Ibadan

Adis Hotels Restaurant serves a wide range of local and international cuisines at reasonable prices. The restaurant is designed to offer a stylish dining experience with a sense of the past in an exciting new format.

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The chefs at Adis Hotels Restaurant in Ibadan are always striving to create new dishes that cover mostly African and American dishes prepared with Nigerian touch and flavour, that reflect the feel of the season. From tasty salads to soups and meat dishes, you’ll find something delicious at this restaurant.

More so, the restaurant is known for its signature tasty shawarma as well as its flair and expertise in preparing African, Indian and International cuisine.

#2. Zen Restaurant

  • Location: Jericho, Ibadan

Zen Restaurant is famous for its Indian, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines. You will find a diverse selection of Asian cuisine including sushi, sashimi, teriyaki, and noodles in this highly-rated Ibadan dining spot.

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Also, the restaurant offers a signature amazingly affordable and pocket-friendly pizza. Not forgetting also that the restaurant boasts of friendly staff and top-notch customer service; they always live you satisfied.

Zen Restaurant has an eye-catching ambiance, the decor is clean, bright, and airy and boasts of contemporary furniture and upmarket carpets.

#3. Ibachi

Location: 1 Theophilus Akinyele Way, Ibadan

The restaurant’s name “Ibachi” is coined from these two words, “Ibadan” and “China”. The restaurant is one of the most famous and trendiest in Ibadan.

Ibachi is known for serving exquisite Chinese cuisines with a complementary variety of exotic wines and an array of cocktail selections. They also serve American dishes with a fusion of Nigerian flavours.

The ambiance is something to cherish with the dining style having a semblance of a world-class setting.

#4. Wimpy

Location: Onireke, Ibadan

Wimpy Restaurant Ibadan is a popular fast-food joint in the city. The restaurant offers delicious food and friendly hospitality to customers and makes you feel welcome to their restaurant.

The food is served in decent portions and made with fresh ingredients. The Wimpy sandwich, for example, has something for everyone with its cheese-filled roll and unique combinations of meat, vegetables, and sauces.

Additional items include burgers, fish ‘n’ chops, mixed grills, wraps, and salads too that can be ordered via chatbot, and so on.

If you desire Halal meals, vegetarian-friendly meals, Lebanese or Mediterranean cuisine, Wimpy restaurant offers a variety of them on their menu.

#5. Martha’s Kitchen

Location: Sabo-Onireke Road, Ibadan

Good food is the theme of Martha’s Kitchen. You get quality food and excellent service for your money, plus, it is pocket friendly. Dishes prepared cover African, intercontinental, and local cuisines prepared with fresh ingredients and a taste that is sure to bring you back for more.

Talk about the enticing décor and cosy ambiance that will you feel at home with its dining seat style, Interior decor, and cosy ambiance. Plus, the interior is laced around with beautifully framed images to adorn the wall.

Interestingly, you can make your reservation for a private dinner, making this restaurant an ideal destination for small group or individual dining.

#6. Five Continents Ibadan

Location: Jericho, Ibadan

Five Continents is the most elegant, stylish, and beloved fine-dining experience in Ibadan. Considered to be one of the romantic dining destinations in the city because of its artful décor and cozy ambiance that will take you to visit almost every day.

Five Continent Restaurant is a famous fast-food restaurant, serving authentic and non-authentic cuisine from around the world along with a large selection of beers, wines, and other alcoholic drinks, as well as cocktails.

Visiting this fine dining entertainment restaurant will offer you an experience beyond what you pay for.

#7. Koko Dome

Location: Liebu Bypass, Ibadan

Koko Dome is a famous eating house in Ibadan. Its establishment goes beyond the restaurant alone, as it comprises a club, a bar, and a swimming pool area.

The dishes served in this restaurant feature traditional Nigerian cuisine, west African and eastern African dishes, as well as a wide array of Mediterranean and Lebanese dishes on the menu;

The ambiance of the restaurant and its service is also commendable as you can enjoy a great meal while relaxing in our comfortable seating area or choose from a variety of on-site menus, also enjoyed by visitors and locals alike.

#8. Cafe Chrysalis


With remarkable interior decoration and freshly made food, Cafe Chrysalis is a cafe that in my opinion, has the best value for money food I have had in Ibadan. I think this is a great place to go if you want to eat good, but also very affordable food.

Cafe chrysalis is a lovely place. The food is well-prepared and the presentation is excellent, worth a visit, and this fine-dining restaurant promises to offer you a modern take on classic dishes from all around the world.

#9. Latitude Café and Lounge

Location: Sango-Ojoo Road, Ibadan

Amazing ambiance, cozy atmosphere, relaxation area, and great meal course are the summary of the features of Latitude Café & Lounge in Ibadan.

This café has a stylish lounge area where you can enjoy some fine dining while relaxing on comfortable couches and chairs. Latitude Café and Lounge prides itself on its signature drinks, signature dishes that cover Nigerian, African, and international dishes; relaxed decor, a wide range of beverages, and evening wine selections.

More so, kids are not left out as well with the provision of a play section for kids to have a slice of the fun too.

#10. Ultima Executive Restaurant & Lounge

Location: New GRA, Ibadan

Ultima Executive Restaurant & Lounge is an inviting space for you to enjoy your drinks and food. A warm, modern atmosphere and attentive service await you in this friendly restaurant where we want you to feel at home.

This restaurant has a stylish lounge area where you can enjoy some fine dining while relaxing on comfortable couches and chairs. Ultima Executive & Lounge prides itself on its signature drinks, signature dishes, relaxed decor, a wide range of beverages, and evening wine selections.

#11. Vibes Lounge and Bar

Vibes Lounge in Ibadan is an upscale restaurant that offers all the food you can dream of. It’s here where we seek to preserve, protect and promote Nigerian culinary art.

With simple and sophisticated interiors, this venue serves excellent food and cocktails. There are several lounges inside the building where you can have a drink or out with your friends.

#12. Paris Bakery

Location: Oluyole, Ibadan

Paris Bakery is a popular bakery in Ibadan, offering not just bread but also frappes and pastries (especially French and Filipino pastries). The establishment serves tasty treats that range from food, snacks, ice cream, and their signature cakes and bread all for affordable prices to their guests.

Paris Bakery has a team of talented and experienced chefs, that makes dishes using local and imported ingredients to attain original flavour.

Best Eatery in Ibadan

The best eatery in Ibadan is none other than Ibachi.  The restaurant was founded with the idea of providing quality and innovative local and international cuisines typically Asia, Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino dishes.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of specialties you can’t find elsewhere. The chefs prepare delicious foods using the finest ingredients available. The popular Nigerian cuisines include a wide range of home-cooked meals such as chicken, collard greens, fish soup, and rice to the city’s residents.

Not forgetting also, that they offer varieties of exotic wines, which you can order alongside your meal, or you can settle for their incredible cocktails instead.

5-star Restaurants in Ibadan

If you are looking for 5-star restaurants in Ibadan, you are reading the right content. We have compiled the top 10 5-star restaurants in Ibadan that you can visit to eat the best meal in Ibadan.

  1. Ibachi
  2. Five continents
  3. Latitude Café & Lounge
  4. Café Chrysalis
  5. Stone Café Bar & Grill
  6. Tamberma Ibadan
  7. Mauve Lounge & Restaurant
  8. Kokodome Plus
  9. Vibes Lounge and Bar
  10. Paris Bkery Ibadan

Nice Restaurants in Bodija, Ibadan

If you are around Bodija for one reason or the other, and you are hungry, find your way to any of the 10 restaurants that we have listed out below.

  1. Ultima Restaurant
  2. Country Kitchen
  3. West Grille Restaurant
  4. Bamboo Towers
  5. Iya Meeta Food Canteen
  6. Café Chrysalis
  7. West Grille Restaurant
  8. Queen G Kitchen
  9. Pete’s Bar
  10. Ultima Restaurant

Restaurants in Ibadan that Deliver

Not every restaurant in Ibadan render delivery services, however, some incorporate the delivery into their services. Below are the 10 major restaurants that deliver in the city.

  1. China House Chinese Restaurant
  2. Ibachi
  3. Ultima Restaurant
  4. Zen Restaurant
  5. Timberma
  6. Whimpy’s
  7. Soups & Sauces
  8. Stone Café Bar & Grill
  9. Richbites Restaurant
  10. Shantysgrill

Seafood Restaurant in Ibadan

Although Ibadan is not a popular destination in Nigeria for seafood cuisine, there are restaurants in the city that prepare amazing seafood delicacies. They are:

  1. Sea Pride
  2. The Metropolis Restaurant and Grill
  3. Shantysgrill
  4. China House Chinese Restaurant
  5. Primbell Kitchen
  6. Five Continents

Golden Tulip Ibadan Restaurant Menu

We will love to provide you with the menu of Golden Tulip Ibadan, but we are yet to lay hold of it, you will be the first to be informed.

Romantic Place in Ibadan

We have helped you discover an array of outstanding romantic places in Ibadan where you and your significant other can dine and wine, have a meaningful conversation, as well as relax. Check out any of the venues that we have outlined below.

  1. Tutti Frutti
  2. Martha’s Kitchen
  3. Latitude Café & Lounge
  4. Kokodome Plus
  5. Stone Café Bar & Grill
  6. 7610 Kitchen Pub
  7. Ibachi
  8. West Grille Restaurant
  9. Tamberma Ibadan
  10. Five Continents

Restaurants in Bodija, Ibadan

There are numerous restaurant establishments in Bodija, Ibadan. We have carefully selected for you the perfect restaurant you can visit in Bodija just to escape from all the hustle and bustle of city life.

  1. Country Kitchen Bodija Ibadan
  2. Bamboo Towers
  3. Latitude Café & Lounge
  4. Diamond Food
  5. Queen G Kitchen
  6. Ultimate Restaurant
  7. Angorgba Kitchen
  8. Neptune Fingerlickin
  9. GrillsXpress
  10. Petes Bar

Best Lounge in Ibadan

Discover a world of outstanding cuisine and drink experience at the best Lounge establishments in Ibadan, where the finest spots and services await you. Check out our best pick below.

  1. Latitude Café & Lounge
  2. Apollo’s Lounge & Bar
  3. Mauve Lounge & Restaurant
  4. Vibes Lounge and Bar
  5. 360 Lounge & Bar
  6. Ultima Executive Restaurant & Lounge
  7. Vibes Lounge and Bar
  8. Greol Lounge & Bar
  9. Switch lounge and bar
  10. Otis Lounge

Chinese Restaurant in Ibadan

If you are in Ibadan and want to experience the best of Chinese cuisine, ensure you visit any of the restaurants listed below.

  1. Ibachi
  2. China House Chinese Restaurant
  3. Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurants Limited
  4. Fortune Chinese Restaurant
  5. Bella Kitchen
  6. Five Continents
  7. Jade’s Cuisine
  8. Tamberma Ibadan
  9. Wimpy Restaurant
  10. Zen Restaurant

Kapital Kitchen Ibadan Menu

We will love to provide you with the menu of Kapital Kitchen Ibadan, but we are yet to lay hold of it, you will be the first to be informed.

Best Shawarma in Ibadan

The best places to visit in Ibadan to enjoy the best shawarma bite are listed below.

  1. Adis Hotels Restaurant
  2. Rospindos Tastees Fries and Shawarma
  3. V2 Shawarma
  4. OJ Shawarma
  5. Pizza Shawarma Lab.
  6. Food Point Shawarma
  7. SamGrill Shawarma Spot
  8. Nana Shawarma Spot
  9. Lew Shawarma and Grills
  10. Witty Dessert Shawarma


The best restaurants in Ibadan are definitely the ones that will give you the feeling of being at home. Enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner at one of the top-rated restaurants in Ibadan. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly establishment, an upscale banquet facility, or something in between, we’ve got the perfect setting for you to enjoy your next meal with friends and family on this list.