Best Stadium In The World Right Now [2023 Ranking]

It’s no surprise that some of the world’s most iconic stadiums have been built in response to the demand for ever-larger and better facilities.

So what is the best stadium in the world right now? The best football stadium in the world is the Wembley stadium in the United Kingdom.

Here are the top ten football stadiums in the world if you don’t know where they’re located yet.

Best Stadium In The World Right Now [2023 Ranking]

1. Wembley

  • Location: United Kingdom

Wembley Stadium is the most recognizable football stadium in the world. (Total seating capacity: 90,000)

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Built on the site of the old Wembley Stadium, which was demolished in 2007, the new Wembley Stadium reopened in 2007. After being hailed by many as one of football’s most exciting venues, the design has incorporated everything that made it great and improved upon it.

Despite the fact that the world-famous Twin Towers are no longer visible, the Wembley Arch has taken their place.

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Some of Europe’s most prestigious and international football tournaments have been held at This Home of Football on a regular basis.

2. The Allianz Arena

  • Location: Germany

At the Allianz Arena, Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich both play their football at the heart of Munich. In Europe, it is the only stadium capable of displaying the colors of the opposing teams red for Bayern and blue for 1860 Munich.

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Both sets of supporters have found the new stadium to be a great success because the fans are closer to the pitch than at the Olympiastadion, which featured a running track surrounding the pitch that made for an uninspiring atmosphere.

Despite its youth, the Allianz Arena is already poised to become one of the best stadiums in world football.

3. Old Trafford

  • Location: United Kingdom

Tenants at Old Trafford are divided on the issue. They’re either your favorite thing or your least favorite thing in the whole wide world. Regardless of your point of view, there’s no denying that “The Theatre of Dreams” is an absolutely stunning theater.

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This is England’s largest club stadium, originally built in 1910 but renovated in 2006 to accommodate the Red Devils’ burgeoning fan base.

Having just lost manager Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United is poised to enter a new era under new leadership. Old Trafford will continue to attract fans from around the world, and they’ll continue to see one of the world’s most successful soccer teams.

4. Camp Nou

  • Location: Spain

Catalan soccer club FC Barcelona plays its home games in Europe’s largest stadium (capacity: 98,757), Camp Nou. Throughout football, Barcelona’s tagline “Mes Que un club” (more than a club) has become a recognizable aspect of the club’s identity.

As a result of revisions in the law regarding standing in stadiums, the capacity of the Camp Nou has been decreased from 120,000 to 85,000.

5. Azteca

  • Location: Mexico

Only one venue has hosted two World Cup finals: the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, which has a capacity of 104,000 and an electrifying atmosphere when full.

Diego Maradona’s “Hand of God” goal was scored here, unfortunately, for England fans.

However, despite the fact that England fans may not have much affection for the stadium, it is undeniably one of the world’s most impressive facilities.

6. Santiago Bernabeu

  • Location: Spain

Located in the Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid is one of Europe’s most successful sports organizations. Real Madrid’s status at the top of world football is certain, and there is no better place for them to play than at the Bernabeu.

The Santiago Bernabeu was built in 1947 and has subsequently undergone two major renovations in 1982 and 2001 in order to accommodate the Galacticos’ lofty goals. Ferenc Puskas, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, and Cristiano Ronaldo are just a few of the world’s finest footballers to have graced the famed ground.

This season, Real Madrid welcomed Gareth Bale, the world’s most expensive player, to the Santiago Bernabeu.

For years, the Santiago Bernabeu has been the primary choice for football events, even if it is dwarfed by the Camp Nou in terms of capacity.

7. Anfield Road

  • Location: United Kingdom

Even though Anfield has a capacity of just 45,276, the famous atmosphere that permeates the stadium has made it one of the world’s greatest stadiums.

Anfield, the home of Liverpool FC, the five-time European Cup champions, is always a joy for any visiting club, but it continues to inspire dread in the hearts of the opposition. In addition to the iconic “This Is Anfield” sign and the heartfelt renditions of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” by the Liverpool faithful, Anfield will always be a favorite of both players and supporters.

8. San Siro

It’s known as the San Siro, and it’s home to AC Milan and Internazionale, two of Italy’s most storied football clubs. It is one of the country’s most well-known and largest sports facilities.

Having hosted European Cup and Champions League finals, the San Siro is regarded as one of the world’s most revered and prestigious football venues. An 80,018-capacity train is designed to give every fan optimal visibility, no matter where he or she sits.

9. The Maracanã

  • Location: Rio de Janeiro

The Maracana is one of the world’s most famous football stadiums, located in one of the world’s most beautiful towns.

The stadium hosted the final World Cup group-stage encounter between Brazil and Uruguay in 1950, which saw a capacity of 199,854 people in attendance. When it was all said and done it was a classic, despite the hosts’ devastating setback.

10. Soccer City

  • Location: South Africa

The First National Bank Stadium, better known as Soccer City, was reopened in 1989 and renovated in 2009 in time for the 2010 World Cup.

It is the home of Kaizer Chiefs, a South African soccer team, although the stadium is best known for hosting the 2010 World Cup final and the tournament’s opening goal, scored by Siphiwe Tshabalala with a thunderous effort.

Even though the constant drone of the vuvuzela can be annoying, it should not detract from the experience of being in a world-class football stadium.

Which Stadium Is The Most Famous?

The most famous stadium in the world is the Wembley stadium.

Who Has The Best Stadium In Football?

The best football stadium in the world is AT&T Stadium by Dallas Cowboys

What Is The Top 10 Biggest Stadiums In The World?

The biggest football stadium in the world is Camp Nou with a 99,354 sitting capacity.

Which Stadium Is Most Beautiful In The World?

The most beautiful stadium in the world is the Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro football stadium.


Here we have taken the time to review the best stadium in the world, what you need to know about these stadia, their locations, and all you need to know about each of these stadiums. If you have any opinion about any of these stadiums, can you let me hear your view via the comment section below.