Best Storm Door For A Beach House

A storm door is a valuable asset to any home. This is especially true of a coastal home, where a storm door will provide much-needed protection from harsh coastal conditions. Due to these conditions, however, a storm door on the coast will need to possess extra durability to allow it to perform its duty optimally.

The best storm door for a beach house will be one that can provide optimal protection for the house from extreme coastal weather. It will also need to be made from durable materials that can withstand the salty coastal conditions. Several options exist, including the Anderson 3000 storm door.

To determine the best storm door for your beach house, you will need to look at the local climate, exposure to adverse weather conditions, views, and the best materials for your specific application. Storm doors perform various functions, all of which must be considered in your choice.

Best Storm Door For A Beach House

There are so many factors to consider when it comes to choosing a storm door for your beach house. Not only will your beach house storm door need to protect you and your family from the adverse weather that is synonymous with coastal living, but the door will need to be durable enough to withstand the harsh coastal conditions.

Exposure to salty sea air, rain, sand, and high winds are just some examples of what a beach house storm door will have to deal with daily.

The job of a storm door is to protect your home’s external door (usually made of wood) from weather damage. Its job is also to protect the home by providing extra security. A storm door also provides a significant degree of insulation to a home by creating an air barrier between the external environment and the door.

A storm door can also prevent insects from entering your home while simultaneously allowing light into the space.

A properly installed storm door will create a proper seal and prevent any draughts from making their way into your home. Weatherstripping on the edges of a storm door is standard practice, thereby creating a tight seal from the external weather.

Storm doors are manufactured in various materials, and they are available in several styles and designs.

A storm door for a coastal home should consider the views of the outdoors. A full glass storm door will ensure that the views of the outdoors are unobstructed, allowing occupants to enjoy the ocean view despite the bad weather outside.

During the summer, certain storm door models allow you to open a specific section or remove the glass and replace it with a screen. This will allow cool breezes during summer while preventing the unwelcome entry of insects into your home.

The Anderson 3000 Series Black Full-View Storm Door

The Anderson 3000 series Full Aluminum Storm Door is an exceptionally durable product that will protect your home irrespective of the weather conditions. This high-quality door is designed to withstand exceptionally strong winds while also being highly resistant to damage.

Thanks to its thermally-tempered glass, the door is far more wind and damage resistant than a door constructed with standard glass. The door frame is 1 ½” thick, and the corner joints are further strengthened with aluminum reinforcements.

With its full glass panel, this door allows homeowners to enjoy views through the door irrespective of the weather. The glazing also allows light to penetrate the space without compromising the heating whatsoever.

The glass can be removed and replaced with an insect screen during the summer months. This will allow cool breezes to flow through the house during winter while preventing insects from entering.

The door is available in six colors, which means that you will be able to choose one that best suits your existing aesthetic. There are also four sizes available to ensure that you will be able to find a size that fits your existing door. Because this door is pre-assembled, installation is quick and simple.

Provia Storm Doors

Provia is another manufacturer of storm doors that provides an exceptionally superior product. However, with these doors, the price tag matches the quality level, and you can expect to pay well over $700 for a Provia Storm Door.

The Provia Range, known as the Decorator Storm Doors, is another excellent choice for a coastal home. These doors are both stylish and exceptionally durable. They are also extremely resistant to harsh coastal weather conditions. Provia Decorator Storms doors come standard with a triple seal bottom sweep to prevent air movement, creating an efficient seal.

This range of doors by Provia also comes standard with a spring-loaded, flush-mounted lock that properly secures the glass in place. This will prevent the occurrence of any rattles or air leaks.

Storm Door Materials

Storm doors can be made of several different materials. Each of these materials has a varying degree of suitability at the coast. Naturally, the materials used for a storm door on the coast will need to be exceptionally durable and withstand extreme weather conditions.

In addition to the above, the materials from which coastal storm doors are made will need to be corrosion resistant. This is one of the most important factors at the coast, as materials on the coast can very quickly become corroded due to the effects of the salty sea air.

Vinyl-clad storm doors are the less expensive option for storm doors. They are not prone to corrosion, and they can easily withstand snow, ice, and rain.

Steel-clad storm doors are extremely long-lasting and withstand a good amount of wear and tear. Unless they have been properly coated to protect against the ocean air and salt spray, steel-clad doors may be prone to corrosion on the coast.

Aluminum storm doors come close to the steel options in terms of durability. Still, this material’s lightweight nature makes it a popular choice. Aluminum is also less prone to corrosion than steel on the whole.

Storm doors with a wood core are another alternative. Still, these are not as strong or durable as their steel and aluminum counterparts, so they may not be suitable for use on the coast.

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With the extreme weather conditions on the coast, the storm door you choose for your beach house will need to possess extra strength and durability compared to a storm door on an inland home. Your coastal storm door will need to withstand extensive sea spray and high winds throughout the year. The most suitable storm door for the coast will be fiberglass or vinyl to ensure it doesn’t rust.