Want to Hack Your Summer Vacation? Here Are 11 Surprising Tips That Will Save You a Fortune

What if I told you that it’s possible to dramatically cut down your travel expenses this summer? With some clever planning and strategies, you can significantly decrease the financial burden of your vacation, making it affordable, hassle-free, and overall memorable. Here’s a curated list of 11 exceptional travel-saving hacks from an online forum.

1. Breakfast Included

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This is a huge one. For those who keep track of their daily meal budget, ensure breakfast is included in your hotel reservation. Usually, you can stock up on apples, bananas, or packaged food from breakfast after eating a full meal.

2. Free Walking Tours

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You know those wooden shelves full of brochures in the front of every hotel? Utilize them. They are there for a reason, and many of them have guided walking tours included or barcodes to scan to see a free, online walking tour.

3. Included Wifi

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When booking a hotel, check if wifi is included. Suppose you don’t plan to access the internet while on vacation. In that case, this won’t affect your trip, but logging on to the wifi, especially in a country where your phone doesn’t get reception, helps you load maps and directions and download walking guides for a seamless experience.

4. Budget Airlines

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Budget airlines are my best friend. Budget airlines offer fantastic deals if you don’t mind giving up a few inches of legroom and space in a seat. For example, if I booked a flight from Orlando to New York City right now, I could pay $435 on Jetblue or $85 on Spirit.

Now, airlines aren’t what they used to be. But, with many daily cancellations, fewer free snacks and drink options, and overpriced carry-on fees, you’ll have a higher chance of getting to your destination and saving more with a budget airline.

5. Grocery Store Runs

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Fine dining is great on occasion, but if you want to conserve your money, check out local markets or grocery stores for hearty, inexpensive local food. This way, you get all your nutrients without giving away your budget.

6. Avoid International Fees

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The worst thing to do is spend a lot of money while traveling and return home to see an additional charge on your bank statement for international processing fees. To combat this, opt for credit cards with zero international fees. Double-check your credit card information or call your bank before departing to a different country.

7. Avoid Tourist Restaurants

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First-time Vegas visitors love to eat at Hell’s Kitchen. The appeal makes sense. You want to cherish the fine food approved by master chef Gordon Ramsay himself, but the entrees range from $40 to $80 per meal. Instead, check out budget-friendly local favorites like Crucheese, Tacos El Gordo, or Take it Easy Roasters. Your wallet will thank you.

8. Bring a Water Bottle

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Most places offer free drinking water. In Florida, one bottle of water ranges from $1 to $3 in stores; add tourism fees to that, and you’ll pay $5 for a plastic bottle at Disney or Universal. If you bring your refillable, reusable water bottle, you save your bucks and the planet.

9. Don’t Buy Snacks at the Airport

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The best airport hack is hitting the dollar tree before getting on a flight. Some people say you can’t bring food through TSA, but that’s untrue. Stock up on cheap snacks (airports triple the prices on snacks) before getting on a long flight to curb those hungry nerves and give you fuel and protein for the start of your trip.

10. Hotels With Kitchens

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Splurging on a hotel room with a kitchen saves extra money in the long run. After a grocery run, cook some meals for the week, or store leftover breakfast in the refrigerator.

11. Leverage Social Networks

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It’s time to flex those social skills. Re-engage with friends living in your vacation destination via Facebook or Instagram, or explore social apps to make local friends. Their invaluable insights can guide your choices, reducing the risk of costly tourist traps. Plus, you might even score a personal tour guide!

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