Best Upholstery Fabric For A Beach House

I was now ready to leave behind the stresses of city life and move into my beach house. A new start meant new furniture. ” If only I had the budget!”. Plan B was to revamp these tired couches by finding the Best Upholstery Fabric For the Beach House.

The best upholstery fabric for a beach house would be one that is hard-wearing and durable—offering good sun resistance and one that is easy to clean.  The upholstery fabric that best describes this would be Acrylic and Oelifin. Both these fabrics are suitable for indoor and outdoor.

If you like me, have an active imagination and are ready to create a style evolution, then join me as I wave my magic wand and make those old couches disappear.  Are you ready to get that process moving? Let the countdown begin as we explore the factors to consider when choosing the best upholstery fabric for a beach house. Find out which upholstery fabrics would be best suited to the beach house.

Factors To Consider In Choosing The Best Upholstery Fabric 

The following factors need consideration when choosing the best upholstery fabric for a beach house.


A beach house is sustainable to many harsh elements like moisture- fraught air, bright sunlight, rain, strong winds, and saltwater corrosion. Often these outdoor factors also affect the indoors. Therefore choosing the suitable upholstery fabric that can withstand these elements is invaluable.

It would be best to speak to the salesperson and gather more information on their testing strategy before purchasing. If the fabric testing procedure is ranked two times the industry standard, it deserves a mark of approval as far as durability is concerned.

Weave Tightness

 Most fabrics undergo stringent testing before resale.  A tightly woven fabric will be the saving grace in determining if this is the suitable upholstery fabric for your beach house.  If there are gaps in the weave, the chances are it won’t be sustainable for the long haul.

Thread count plays a vital role in the weave of a fabric.  The higher it is, the more tightly woven the fabric is. You can further elevate reservations on the material by asking the salesperson for a sample.

 Once the sample is received, pull and prod the fabric to see if it separates easily, there is a strong possibility that fabric will tear easily. It would be best to say thank you and walk away.

Fabric Care

If you live in a beach house, the chances are that you will have to end up entertaining at some stage. It is challenging to police every guest, ensuring that they share the same sentiments in taking care of your home as you would.

Therefore, you must choose a stain-repellent fabric and have easy fabric care if you deal with that unforeseen fabric accident.

Design Of The Upholstery Fabric

If anyone tells me that they live at the seaside, I get transported to a place of sea, sand, and seagulls. When choosing the best upholstery fabric, you need to recreate the ambiance of the seaside without changing the indoor-outdoor feel.


 When it comes to fabric choice, you have the flexibility to choose the color that reflects your style preference. Many beach property owners prefer to choose a color that would add to the aesthetics of a seaside look and feel.

Although choosing a lighter color may create an airy and inviting mood space. Darker colors tend to hide dirt better and are much more durable. Choose a bright color to make a statement in your room. offers you the flexibility to purchase upholstery fabric swatches online. In this way, you can precheck which fabric would suit the overall aesthetics of your beach house without having to be forced to purchase material only to realize that it was not the perfect fit. With almost 20K fabrics to choose from, you will find something suitable for your individual upholstery needs.


Durability and texture go hand in hand, the focus being on thread count and material. Ensure that the fabric you choose offers not only strength and resilience but also comfort.


Choosing the right one can create some confusion with the extensive amount of upholstery fabrics on the market. Having a budget to work with helps streamline this process.

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What Is The Best Upholstery Fabrics For Beach House? 

Below is a list of upholstery fabrics that would be the recommended choice for beach houses.

Synthetic Microfibre

Synthetic microfiber is the most durable upholstery fabric on the market. The tightly woven fibers create ample protection, which holds up against dirt, dust, and most liquids. This upholstery fabric would be ideal for a beach house, considering the exposure to the harsh elements of nature that the seaside offers.

Olefin Fabric

Olefin is a soft, lightweight woven fabric produced in a wide variety of weaves, colors, and prints. This fabric’s pops of color with its vibrancy is an ideal characteristic for both indoor and outdoor upholstery. For the environment-conscious, the material is eco-friendly, and the fiber is 100% recyclable.

The Greenguard certification is proof of the fabric’s stamp of approval. The material is an exceptional performer when it comes to dealing with water. You can breathe a sigh of relief as the fabric is moisture resistant.

The chances of you sticking to your chair on a hot summer’s day is very slim. There will also be less panicking when you see a wet towel thrown on the sofa covered with this fabric. The fabric is also UV and fades resistant, which is the ideal choice for withstanding the harsh elements of sunlight.

You won’t feel any static from the fabric if you are lounging on your couch in your beachwear or shorts, as the fabric is not prone to transmitting static charges. The material also has an effortless care routine of just wiping down with soap and water.

Sailcloth Fabric

The fabric received this name because of its use on sailboats. The sailcloth fabric consists of materials such as hemp, cotton, flax, and composite canvas. The material has excellent wind resistance; hence it was selected as the preferred choice for the fabric used in the sails of boats.

The fabric is weather-hardy, robust, and highly resistant, making it a sort-after fabric for outdoor seaside usage. The material rates high when it comes to elasticity, tensile strength, and UV Resistance.

Marine Vinyl

Marine Vinyl is a leather-look vinyl that is highly durable and easy to clean. It resists weather and harsh elements.


Although canvas consists of the same fabrics as microfiber, there is a vast difference between their textural feature. Durability may be on the number one list; many may want to sacrifice durability for comfort.

As far as this fabric goes, it fairs exceptionally well in the durability section as it can withstand abuse from hurricanes, storms, and harsh sunlight.  Its larger fibers are the fabric’s most significant sacrifice of softness and comfort.


Escape the modern-day stresses of life; walk into a home that represents a cozy and casual style, which eludes to the feeling of simple beachside living.  The choice of fabric should do precisely that.

Consider the above factors based on durability, texture, and overall aesthetics of the upholstery fabric before committing.  The use of sample images will give you the flexibility to play with color and texture, which will guide you in your decision to find the perfect upholstery fabric.