What If You Could Live Their Lives For A While? Celebrities Love Going To These 11 Vacation Hot Spots

It’s just purely fun to imagine what it would be like to live the glamorous life of your favorite celebrities. You picture yourself strolling through breathtaking landscapes, rubbing shoulders with the A-listers, and experiencing the hottest tourist destinations like never before. Well, that’s a dream no more. Here are the tourist hot spots celebrities absolutely adore.

1. Nassau, The Bahamas

Amazing Nassau City, The Bahamas
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

One of the most sought-after destinations in this country Nassau, the capital city, which boasts numerous high-end resorts and private islands. Even Prince William was able to enjoy a private stretch of pristine white sandy beach, multiple sparkling swimming pools, and a variety of upscale dining options.

It’s no wonder that The Bahamas is a favorite among celebrities looking to invest in real estate. Yes, you read that right. They basically chose to live there. The Bahamas truly offers the perfect combination of natural beauty and high-end amenities that appeal to the rich and famous.

2. Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece. Panoramic view of Mykonos town, Cyclades islands.
Image Credit: Shutterstock/Izabela23

The setting of Mamma Mia is popular among celebrities due to the island’s delicious food, picturesque sunsets, and thriving shopping scenes. Ariana Grande, Mick Jagger, and Paris Hilton visit the Greek destination. The island’s setup allows private jets and boats to arrive with little hassle.

3. Dubai

Bluewaters island and Ain Dubai ferris wheel on in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with JBR beach and Dubai marina aerial skyline cityscape view
Image Credit: Shutterstock/Creative Family

Bunches of people who visit Dubai claim it is overrated and a money-grabbing scheme. However, this atmosphere appeals to celebrities with disposable funds. Dubai hosts the tallest building in the world, an underwater zoo, and innovative transportation and technology. Leonardo Dicaprio, Kim Kardahshian, and Zac Efron frequent Dubai.

4. London, England

Westminster palace (Houses of Parliament) and Big Ben, London, UK
Image Credit: Shutterstock/Mistervlad

London offers high-end shopping, lodging, and important historical artifacts. The royal family lives in London, and many celebrities visit the royal family and have houses in the British city. Taylor Swift lives in London for part of the year with her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, and Elton John lives there too. London has a thriving music scene bringing in talent every day of the year.

5. Las Vegas, Nevada

free things to do in las vegas

The infamous strip is one place to see celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Gwen Stefani, and Celine Dion. Since the city hosts multiple artists yearly for residencies, you may run into one in public. Fun fact, my dad’s boss lives in the same building as Celine Dion.

6. Coachella, California

Sunny Warm Winter Time in the Palm Desert Coachella Valley. Golf Courses, Palms and Mountains Covered by Fresh Snow. Recreation in Southern California State, United States of America.
Image Credit: Shutterstock/Virrage Images

Each year, Indio Valley holds an iconic music festival. The Coachella music festival occurs in April this year, and multiple celebrities, including actors, singers, and influencers, will attend. The drive from Los Angeles to Coachella is a little over two hours, making the festival accessible and quick for many celebrities to travel to. Eminem, Iggy Azalea, Bella Thorne, and Stevie Nicks all attended the festival.

7. Bora Bora

Beautiful Bora Bora island sunset sunrise on the beach, with palm trees, mountains background, in French Polynesia.
Image Credit: Shutterstock/Lux Blue

Celebrities love to chat about Bora Bora. The Polynesian island includes many luxury resorts and luxury activities. Coral reefs live in the island’s water, making scuba diving popular in Bora Bora. With the luxury resorts come expensive vacation homes stilted in the clear blue water. Celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Eva Longoria, and Courtney Cox adore Bora Bora.

8. Miami, Florida

Miami Beach, wonderful aerial view of buildings, river and vegetation.
Image Credit: Shutterstock/pisaphotography

Famous people get a kick out of Miami. For one, it is home to Star Island, a gated community filled with celebrity mansions, and multiple famous people live there full-time, including Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, and Ricky Martin. In 2015, Taylor Swift brought out Pitbull and Ricky Martin as the surprise local guests.

9. Paris, France

small paris street with view on the famous paris eifel tower on a cloudy rainy day with some sunshine
Image Credit: Shutterstock/Audio und werbung

Paris is on par with Miami. Whenever a musician releases dates for tours, Paris makes the cut. Something about the French city calls to celebrities. Maybe it’s the wonder of the Eiffel Tower, the fast pace of the city, or the delicious food that keeps stars coming back, but Emma Stone, Rihanna, and Sabrina Carpenter love Paris.

10. The Hamptons, New York

hampton beach aerial view
Image credit: Shutterstock/Mircea Costina

The Hamptons is a wealthy island retreat from the mainland. The New York islands extend expensive shopping, restaurants, and activities similar to Bora Bora in the United States. Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga, and Anderson Cooper frequent The Hamptons.

11. Hawaii

Skyline of Honolulu, Hawaii and the surrounding area including the hotels and buildings on Waikiki Beach
Image Credit: Shutterstock/Izabela23

Although locals have been warning tourists against visiting the land, tourism is one of the main income streams for the 50th state. Celebrities visit for solace, great food, stunning beaches, and sunset views.

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