Turn Your Travel Dreams Into a Paycheck: 11 Smart Ways To Make Money While Exploring the World

Millions of people dream of seeing the world, but most don’t know how they can make it happen financially. I have visited six countries and a whopping forty states already, and let me tell you, the thrill of jumping on a red eye and arriving in a brand new place is just unbeatable.

But hey, let’s be real here, all that jet-setting can really burn a hole in your wallet. And that’s where things can get tricky. So how on earth can you make money while still satisfying your wanderlust?

1. Tour Guide

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Have you ever met a tour guide? Besides giving tours on the same subject day after day, these folks dedicate their lives to studying their craft. The best tour guide I’ve encountered hosts Jack the Ripper tours. He researches the topic constantly and relays the tale of the local London mystery daily.

Yet, his tour never gets boring, and he never misses an opportunity to intersperse humor with an eerie story. Before making money as a tour guide, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the area, but shadowing does wonders. Inquire in tour guide offices for hiring information.

2. Teach

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The world needs more teachers. Facebook and other online platforms are fabulous tools for finding the best places to cement yourself for a few seminars or classes. Say you specialize in yoga or dance instruction, lend your gift to locals, and receive compensation.

3. Street Art

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For the artists out there, if you like to travel and want to demonstrate your artistic talent, try street art. New Orleans and London present wondrous works of art, including holographic designs, optical illusions, and homages of famous cartoons.

4. Street Performer

street performer
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Put that particular skill of yours to use! If you’re a trumpet prodigy, let the world know. London is a popular venue for street performers to showcase their skills and entertain the public. Musicians and talent gather in the tube—or Trafalgar Square to share their passion with passersby.

5. Work on a Cruise Ship

Work on a Cruise Ship
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Any Below Deck fans out there? Working on cruise ships is a fantastic way to explore the world, considering you don’t get motion sick and don’t mind catering to strangers. Depending on the ship, workers receive complimentary meals and room and board.

6. Teach English

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I know someone in Zambia teaching English to children. He’s involved in PeaceCorp, but multiple organizations and companies provide lodging, food, and stipends to teach English to the locals. I taught English to schoolchildren in Peru for a week a few years ago.

7. Freelance

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Coming from a freelancer, I’ve written articles while peeking into the frigid cold of Icelandic weather and edited manuscripts in airports worldwide. Without the pressure of returning to a physical office, freelancing lets you work from anywhere in the world.

8. Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant
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An excellent way to garner income and jet set is jet setting. Flight Attendants hop on planes and journey from one side of the world to the next each day. The salary has increased in the past few years, averaging around $60,000 a year, and between shifts, you can explore the countries or states the aircraft departs from.

9. Blogging

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This one is for travel fanatics who enjoy storytelling. Blogs take some time to get up and running, but with the proper marketing techniques and tactics, you can bring home enough to support your travel endeavors.

10. Buy and Resell

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This may not be the most ethical technique, but many globetrotters resort to this to fund their expeditions. Purchasing different items worldwide and reselling them above face value brings in extra funds. For example, my friend’s mom bought pearls in India and resold them for triple the price in America to pay for her next vacation.

11. Vlogging

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Many people rely on online content for travel information, and vloggers can take advantage of this to attract viewers who are planning to visit the same destinations. Whether it’s through TikTok, Facebook, or YouTube, you can not only inspire others to embark on their own journeys but also generate substantial income through advertising, sponsorships, and brand collaborations all while exploring the world.

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