Make Extra Money on the Weekend: Best Weekend Jobs

Looking to make some extra money? Well, look no further. I’ve got you covered with tons of different options for making some dough on the weekend. No matter your skill level, education, interest, or hobbies, there is certainly something out there that you can do to make money on the weekend. Making money at home, while outside, or making money any other way is all on the table; let’s dive into all aspects of weekend jobs.

Weekend Jobs: Advantages

There are lots of advantages to having a weekend job, here are just a few.

Extra Money

Of course, the number one objective and advantage of having a weekend job is having that extra money to do whatever you want. Of course, some weekend jobs will require less of your time, but for the most part, how much you make depends on how much you work. If you’re putting in an entire 8 hours workday, of course, you’ll make more than doing a side hustle for an hour or two, but it’s up to you how much you make and what you do with the extra cash.

Pay off Debts Faster

One of the best uses for your extra money is to pay off any debts you might have that much faster. Making additional payments will not only knock out a couple of monthly payments, but it lowers how much you’ll be paying in interest. That means you’ll be paying off the debt even faster than you thought and saving money in the long run. In addition, once the debts are paid off in full, you can keep the weekend job to increase your investing!

Save for Big Purchases

Maybe you don’t have debts but don’t want to go back into debt; a weekend job is also a good idea. Saving up for big purchases is a fantastic way to stay debt-free. Maybe your even saving up for the biggest purchase of all, a house. Weekend jobs are a great way to accelerate savings to get you to your savings goals that much faster. 

Can Pursue Interests and Hobbies

Maybe the weekend job isn’t all about the extra money; maybe the money is just an added bonus. But, on the other hand, having a weekend job might mean you are simply pursuing a hobby or passion of yours and simply monetizing it. There are tons of ways to monetize your passions, and if that’s the case, it doesn’t feel like a job at all!

Easy To Start

Another advantage of weekend jobs is that they typically don’t require higher education or any previous experience. Many you can learn as you go and continue to improve yourself. Because of this, they are typically easy to get started doing on your own or getting hired by someone else to do.


Sometimes in life, it’s not about what you know but who you know. Of course, you never know what others will go on to do in life, but the more people you know and impress, the higher the likelihood they will think of you for other jobs or positions. 

Also, many weekend jobs rely on word of mouth or a reputation in your community. The more people you network with, the more people can speak to your work and become potential referrals or free advertising for you or your weekend business. 

Flexible Schedule

Whether you are doing a side hustle, small business, or a typical weekend job, you’ll typically have schedule flexibility with them. With the side hustle or small business, you can make up your hours, only working when it’s convenient for you. This may be a little more difficult if you have a regular job. However, you can still likely get away with working days or nights only, depending on your preference. 

Weekend Jobs: Disadvantages

When it comes to weekend jobs, the extra money is great and all, but that doesn’t mean they are all sunshine and rainbows; there are plenty of disadvantages when it comes to having a weekend job as well.

They Take Up Your Time

Just like money is the obvious advantage to a weekend job, losing some of your time is the obvious disadvantage. No matter what kind of weekend job you find yourself doing, it’s less free time you’ll have to do other things you might want to do. The trick is to figure out if the amount of time you’re spending on the job vs. the amount of money you are making is worth it.

You’ll Need To Plan More

Because of the aforementioned less free time, you’ll need to plan around your working hours more when making other plans. If your schedule varies from weekend to weekend, this could make it even more difficult for you to plan ahead.

Less of a Social Life

Depending on what you like to do with friends, having a weekend job could hurt your social life. You might work mornings but won’t want to be out late the night before. And if you work nights, you could miss gatherings and festivities altogether or at least be late to them. Typically, your social life will take a bit of a back seat if you put in extra working hours over the weekend. 

You Could Burn Out

All work and no play make Johnny a dull boy. Well, it makes him a tired and rundown boy too. Even if you are pursuing a passion or hobby, it will take its toll on you when you add the pressure on wanting or needing to make money from it. When your free time and social life shrink, it’s easy to get worn down from constantly being “at work.” You’ll certainly need to make sure you’re still able to get out and blow off some steam while working a weekend job.

Part-time Doesn’t Have Benefits

Probably not problematic for most, but it is worth mentioning that most companies require you to work at least 30 hours before receiving benefits. So more than likely, you get these from your weekday job, but for anyone looking to supplement them, you’ll likely come up empty.

No Advancement Opportunity

Also, another disadvantage that won’t discourage many from finding a weekend job is that there really won’t be any opportunity for advancement either. More than likely, any promotions will go to full-time employees before you.


Okay, I’m tricking you a little bit here. Will you get taxed more? Of course, you’re making more. But, even if the extra cash bumps you up a tax bracket, it’s not like you’ll somehow start losing money. The way tax brackets work is the income you make in a certain range is taxed at that rate. Once you cross into a new bracket, only the additional income is taxed at the higher rate, not any previous income. So, long story short, you’ll make more money even if bumped up to a higher tax bracket. 

So Who Are Weekend Jobs Good For?

Every situation is different, and really if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for you, then a weekend job is likely a good idea. I’d say the biggest factor is how much of your free time is it taking up versus how much you’ll be making. If you already have little free time, filling it up with another job might not be the best option. But again, if there is nothing else you’d be doing with that free time, why not make some extra income? It all depends on what you value more, free time or money.

Types of Weekend Jobs

As you might already know, you have a few options when it comes to the type of job you might want to pursue on the weekend, each with its advantages and disadvantages. 

Traditional Scheduled Jobs – These are where you get hired and are given a schedule or shifts to come in and work. Cashiers, stocking, customer service\support jobs are good examples. These are good options for those looking for a set amount of hours with a known pay for those hours.

Work From Home – Maybe not “jobs” in the traditional sense, but trading time for pay. There is a ton you can do from home these days. Online Surveys, app builder, web design, focus groups via zoom, you name it, you can likely do it from home.

On-demand Jobs – The gig economy is booming. Many of these jobs can be done from home, but many require you to be out and about. Uber and Lyft are good examples. So are food delivery apps like GrubHub, Uber Eats, and Doordash. Personal shopping apps like Instacart also require you to rely on a “gig” to be available and for you to leave your home.

Where To Find Weekend Jobs

Okay, so you’re convinced a weekend job is for you, where do you find one? Well, it’s easy! 

Online Recruitment Sites – The name sounds fancy, but these are your typical job posting sites. Glassdoor, Indeed, SimplyHired, Monster, etc., will all have job postings and job listings for jobs you can work on the weekends only. Job openings on these sites will typically be your more traditional jobs with regular hours and pay. 

Job Fairs\Career Fairs – It might be old-fashioned, but it’s still an effective tool for any job-seeker. You’ll find plenty of job opportunities at a job fair during your job-search. Bring a cover letter and your resume to give to recruiters or other interviewing companies. Make sure you have up to date contact-information and are upfront about strictly looking for work on the weekEnds only.

Apps – There are countless apps that will allow you to get into the gig or on-demand economy. Many are specific to a particular job type or company, so you’ll likely need to download, install and sign up for multiple apps\jobs, but they are all typically quick and easy to get going with.

Best Weekend Jobs

Now let’s get on to the heart of the topic; here are a plethora of ideas you can use as a weekend job.


Love sports and know all the rules? Why not be a referee or umpire over the weekend. There are tons of different sports leagues out there, and they all need some sort of officiating. Youth leagues, recreational leagues, high school sports, everything needs at least one ref out there, so there should be plenty of opportunities for you.

Dog Walker

Dog walking has become a great way to make money on the weekends over the past few years. The best part is that this will double as some exercise. You can sign up for apps and sites where people looking for your services will find you. Make your clients local, grab a few dogs at once, and you off and walking. 

Baby Sitter

Babysitting isn’t just for teenagers anymore. It seems like everyone is always looking for a night out and will need someone to watch the little ones. Sites like are perfect for finding potential clients in your area. Most of these gigs pay over $20 per hour!


Petsitting has also become a great weekend job in recent years. Kennels and other pet sitting services have become expensive and basically lock your dogs in a big cage for as long as you are gone. When you petsit, you give clients pets the care and attention they want them to have. People getting away for a long weekend will drop their pets off with you and pick them up when they return; all you need to do is feed, pet, and enjoy them for a few days!

Fitness Instructor\Personal Trainer

If you’re really into fitness, this is a weekend job for you. Teach a class or get others in shape; either way, you make money. Spinning, CrossFit, running, yoga, the list goes on. There are just a ton of different classes you can teach on the weekends. Personal training is also good for those that want to take on only a few extra hours or pack their weekends full of clients; it’s up to you how much you put in and make.

Construction Worker

Good with your hands and don’t mind a hard day’s work? Construction workers are needed 24/7. Find a local company looking for help and join in on the weekends.


Another good weekend job for anyone good at fixing things is working as a handyman. People always need someone to fix appliances, build or install something around their homes. You can make good money in just a few hours of work each weekend by helping them out.


Another chore most people don’t want to do themselves is yard work. That’s where you can come in. Mowing, weeding, raking, planting, etc., can all be done for a price. Work for yourself or join a crew; either way, you can make good money on the weekends.


Maybe teaching is more your style, too bad school isn’t in session, or can it be? Many parents are looking to get their children extra help these days, and private tutoring is reaping the benefits. Many will charge up to $100 an hour! Make sure you know the subject inside and out. Once you get a few students, their parents can be your referral system, and business will really pick up.

Online Shop

There are a few ways to be an online shop. First, you can go with the build it yourself route. Making or building a product that people can then buy from you on a site like

The other route is to buy items at a discount and resell them online on sites like eBay or craigslist. Both methods require a decent amount of time and effort, but you can certainly make your hours and a decent amount of money when done right.

Delivery Driver 

When it comes to delivering, you have a few options. You can join a service like UberEats or GrubHub. In this case, you’re picking up food from a restaurant and delivering it to someone’s house for a fee. The other option is being more of a personal shopper for groceries like on Instacart. In this case, you’re given a list of items the user wants. You then go do the shopping and deliver the goods for an agreed-upon price. Both options give you flexibility and the option of doing multiple orders at once to increase revenue.

Restaurant Server

Want your food delivery to be a bit more personal? Apply to become a server at a local restaurant. Good old-fashioned in-person food service will always be in demand. Make sure you find an establishment with good clientele and is typically busy on the weekends since you’ll mostly be relying on your tips. No customers, no money!

Rideshare Driver 

Like meeting all sorts of people and driving, then being a rideshare driver could be your weekend job. Apps like Uber and Lyft have allowed drivers to pick when and where they work. The more rides you pick up, the more money you make. There are even special areas and specific timeframes that will boost your earnings. If you can, use a bigger car so riders can take advantage of ride pooling. Suppose you are already going to a popular destination like an airport. In that case, you might as well get as many riders as you can.


Not the most glamorous of weekend jobs, but they are still a good option. Anywhere you can make a purchase will need a good cashier to run the show. Many stores are always looking for weekend help as the weekday employees like to have their free time as well. 


Everyone these days loves their coffee. Not just going to a local place or chain to get a regular cup. People love their extra frothy, double pump, specialty drinks. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to be a Barista no matter where you live and you can be certain you’ll be in the middle of any hustle and bustle on the weekends.

Retail Worker

Don’t want to be stuck at a cash register, try working on the floor at a retail store. Often, customers will need help or advice as they are shopping and you can give it to them. In addition, you’ll get to walk around more and talk to people, so if these are two things you like to do, apply locally to get started.


Many of the jobs on the list are simply doing chores for other people, and a big one is housekeeping. Many people are more than happy to pay for help cleaning up their homes. Sweeping, dusting, cleaning windows, or simply straightening up someone else home can be a great weekend job. You can take on as many or as few clients as you want.


Cooking is another good example of a chore you can do for others. You can simply cook a meal for your clients to eat that day or cook several meals they can freeze\reheat throughout the week. Make it at home or at their place. Either way, you can get paid for doing something you love to do anyway.


Everybody loves special events, and once they are all said and done, the pictures and videos are how we’ll remember them. So take part in the festivities by being a photographer or videographer for others. Weddings, bar\bat mitzvahs, christenings, graduations, or any other occasion can be photographed. You can join an existing company or start your own. Either way, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get into this weekend job.


All thoughts special occasions I mentioned before, yeah, most could use some music too! Being a DJ is more than just putting on a song. It’s getting everyone into the party, dancing, and having a good time. A good DJ can make a good time great and a great time out of this world. Get the parties going with your style and make some extra cash while you’re at it.


What else does a good party need, food of course! A hungry party is a bad party. Keep everyone full of energy by providing the food and drinks they need to have a good time. 


It might be more difficult than you think to get into the bartending scene as weekend shifts are typically where the most money is made. If you can find work as a bartender on the weekend, more power to you. It definitely will hurt your social life, but you can make a ton of tips if you find the right place.

Golf Caddy

Being a golf caddy isn’t for everyone. Still, if you are in good physical shape and like golf, it’s definitely a worthwhile weekend job. Walking eighteen holes while carrying clubs can be exhausting, but many will make a good wage plus very good tips from golfers.

Tax Prepper

Not a year-round job, but if you are good with numbers, being a tax prepper can be a good weekend job during tax season. Companies like H and R block typically need all the help they can get from February through May. Finding a weekend job with one of the top tax-prepping companies should be a breeze.

Barber\Hair Stylist

Another job that requires some experience, but not a ton, is being a barber or hairstylist. You can’t walk in with a pair of scissors and start cutting hair, but with a bit of training, you can quickly get some weekend shifts at a local chain.

Freelance Writer

There are many reasons to hire a freelance writer. You could write for a local paper, website, business, or any other literary medium out there. Rates vary depending on what you are writing, but you can make hundreds of dollars for a single piece once you’ve established yourself.


Fiverr is a site where you can sell services of any kind. Most of the items on this list can be found on Fiverr plus tons of other services. People will sell the fact that they have followers on youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn and will get paid for mentioning a site or product. If you have a large following or connections, you can do the same.

Web Designer

Web designers can make a lot of money when done full time, but it’s also a good option for weekend work if you have the right skill set. You can meet with clients and do the work all from the comfort of your home. Making a great website is worth its weight in gold for most companies, so there will certainly be opportunities out there for you.

App Creator

Like being a web designer, if you can create simple apps for those less technically inclined, you can make a good amount of money on the weekends. Making apps has exploded since the introduction of smartphones almost two decades ago, and the appetite for them isn’t slowing down. Businesses and companies of all shapes and sizes want apps to do different things, and you can be a part of it.

Graphic Designer

Another important aspect to many businesses in graphic design. If you have a flair for it, you can certainly find plenty of opportunities locally or anywhere in the world. 


Hospitals could always use more help when it comes to nurses. Many work more than 40 hours per week and would love to have someone else come in on the weekends. Suppose you are qualified and like helping people, working as a nurse on the weekends won’t just help your wallet. In that case, it will help an overworked hospital staff and its patients.


Online surveys can really be done anytime and anyplace, but you’ll have much more time to get them done on the weekends. You won’t make a ton of money, and you’ll be limited to what’s available when you decide to log in. Still, you can certainly make a few extra bucks on sites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Prolific, and Inboxdollars.

Data Entry

Data entry can be an excellent way to make money from a weekend job. With the power for anyone to work at home now, you can do a task that requires no experience from your couch. Many companies will let you do data entry on your own time if it’s done before a certain deadline. If you put aside a few hours each weekend, you can certainly make extra money from data entry on the weekends.

Real Estate Agent

Being a real estate agent can be a full-time position, but many will do it as a side or weekend job. Getting your real estate license takes a bit of work, but you can hook up with an agency and start showing houses once you have it. If you have a client that is okay with mostly looking at houses during the weekend, then you’re in business. Paperwork and administrative tasks can all be done from home or online.


Hey, blogging ain’t easy, but you can certainly choose to do it on the weekends only. No matter what subject area you choose to blog about, it can take up a good amount of time, especially if you want to make money doing it, but if you can cram it into a weekend, have at it.


No matter what your abilities, skill sets, time commitment, or interests, there is a weekend job out there for you. These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. Figure out what you want to do and get to work!

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