Like a Boss: 11 Remarkable Showdowns That Absolutely Humbled Karens

Entitled individuals, often colloquially called “Karens,” have become notorious for their domineering behavior—often attempting to assert authority without considering the consequences of their actions.

Recently, Internet users have begun sharing their experiences of these confrontations, recounting instances when these Karens were confronted and put in their place. These 11 anecdotes serve as a reminder of the importance of treating everyone with respect and understanding.

1. Power Hungry HR Lady

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Someone writes that once, the HR lady was walking around with the president of the company, who’d come from Japan. She hurriedly walked him through the warehouse and said, “These are the warehouse guys. We don’t have to stop and talk to them.” The president stopped, walked over, and talked to them about their last vacation. Her mouth was frothing with anger as they chatted away for about forty-five minutes. They think he drugged out the conversation to annoy her.

2. When the Tables Turn

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Have you ever worked at a place with the worst HR? A former warehouse worker states that the HR department at their workplace was terrible. The place was a distribution center, so the warehouse workers were the essential staff. Warehouse workers picked orders and sent them to the trucks. However, the office people enjoyed huge lunches and social gatherings without inviting any of the warehouse staff. When many office workers lost their jobs, they did not feel sorry for them, and not a single order picker lost his job.

3. Flight Attendant Humbles a Sales VP

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We’ve all had an encounter with that boss that thinks they can walk over everyone. An individual answers that their co-worker friend was returning from a sales conference in Vegas and used points to upgrade to first class. They had this horrible sales VP who treated everyone like a servant. She was on the same flight and couldn’t understand how their co-worker was in first class.

As people settled in, the VP returned to the first-class cabin and requested to talk to the lead flight attendant. She told him she needed to switch with one of her underlings as she’s superior on the corporate ladder. The guy was in disbelief and told her to return to her seat or someone would escort her out.

4. The Indispensable Salesperson

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An employer adds that a few years ago, they had to fire a salesperson due to bad conduct. This salesperson believed the place would fall apart if she left, and they’d beg her to return. When they hired her replacement, it did not sit well with her. On his first day, she called to cuss at him for taking her job. She also called corporate to complain, and they threatened to call the police on her.

5. My House My Cuss Words

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Do you remember the things you did after you moved out? This may not be the healthiest use of my freedom, but I remember eating takeout for an entire week after moving out. Another contributor shares about their parent’s first visit when they got their first apartment. They hit their head on the open freezer door as they grabbed something from the freezer. The pain made them cuss, and their mother said, “You can’t talk like that in my hou…,” and stopped when she realized it wasn’t her house.

6. Shutting Down the Competition

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Someone recounts how they competed with a co-worker in a consulting company. They left after the company began having financial issues and started working with a company client. Shortly after, the guy they were competing with at their old job also comes in as a consultant. He tries to one-up them during meetings, but the boss shuts him down. It felt good when the client told him the company makes decisions, not consultants.

7. Calling Out the Bully

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Once in a while, life is gracious enough to let us have our revenge on mean people. A former Walmart cashier responds that they had a mean assistant manager. He would force them to work above their pay grade and insult everyone. Six months later, he transferred to another Walmart that was just opening with the assistant manager.

The new Walmart location needed to pick a manager and assistant manager. Some other employee got the manager position, but this cashier ended up getting assistant manager! (apparently, all the complaints about the original assistant manager basically gave him a demotion)

One day, he started ordering the cashiers around, and he pulled him aside. He threatened to fire him if he kept up the behavior. He’s been well-behaved since.

8. Keep My Girls Name Out of Your Mouth

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A woman explains that a guy introduced her to his parents after a few dates. She thought everything went well. He drove her home, and they had a few beers as they hung out till late. His mom started calling incessantly, demanding that he goes home. He drove back, only to find the door locked.

His mom said he could sleep outside since he spent time with people like her and proceeded to call her names. She said that as long as he’s under her roof, she’ll say whatever she wants about whoever she wants. The guy called her and asked if he could stay for a while. Seven years later, they’re engaged with a dog, a cat, and a happy life.

9. White House Lady With No ID

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Just because you work at the White House doesn’t mean you get to bend the rules. A bartender alleges that a woman tried to get a drink without ID. She said she worked at the White House and pulled out her White House ID, which had no date of birth. They refused to serve her and said her bosses would be proud of him for implementing the law.

10. Persistent Fast Food Scam Artist

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A person working in customer service for a restaurant delivery service provided an amusing encounter. A customer complained about a hair in their food, suspiciously placed on top of the dish. The investigation unveiled multiple accounts associated with the same phone number, each lodging the same hair complaint.

When the customer reused the identical complaint photo, the rep denied the refund. The customer tried threatening the company and calling back, hoping for a different agent. Persistence made no difference; the refund was denied every time, with the supervisor banning the persistent scammer from the service.

11. Crazy IT Clients

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Finally, an IT consultant replies that a client paid them to come into their office and fix a problem. The client paid for eight hours minimum time, but they fixed the problem in forty-five minutes. As they were parking, the client asked where they were going.

“No, I paid for 8 hours; you’ll do your 8 hours. If I tell you to wash my car for 8 hours, that’s what you’ll be doing,” the client said. They responded that they were still leaving and would send an invoice. On top of that, they would no longer work with that client again and would withdraw their lease on the client’s equipment.

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