Boho Beach House Exterior

If you’re looking for a beach house with a relaxed, bohemian vibe, then a Boho Beach house is precisely what you need. These homes are brightly colored with a mix of patterns and textures. The exterior of a Boho beach house is very eclectic, with various elements brought together to create a unique and inviting space. This is where you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the simple things in life. 

Boho-styled homes are unique and versatile and exude grace and charm across all coastlines. This beach house exterior perfectly blends beachy vibes and bohemian style. From the thatched roof to the colorful shutters, this home has all the elements of a perfect summer getaway.

If you’re looking for a beach house with a relaxed, bohemian vibe, then you’ll love this Boho Beach House Exterior. The exterior of your Boho beach house is decorated with a mix of vintage and modern furniture and has a beautiful view of the water. If you are still unsure whether a Boho exterior is ideal for your beach house, perhaps this article will help to change your mind.

How To Make My Beach House Look Like Boho?

The eclectic beach house is an exciting blend of earthy and boho vibes, for it reflects a creative and free-spirited aesthetic. Plenty of wooden furniture, like wicker chairs and tables, and even the odd tree stump can be thrown in. If you use throw cushions on your deck chairs, make sure to use as many different patterns and textures as possible.

However, you can go overboard with textures and patterns. Try not to go too outlandish, as this will mess up the Boho look you are going for.

The exterior of a Boho home is a free space for people to gather, share their experiences and tell interesting stories. Planters adorn the home’s exterior with all sorts of plants to decorate and color the exterior. The key here is to add as many plants as you possibly can! Plants mean good vibes, and a Boho home is all about good vibes.

Sea shells, wind chimes, and other trinkets can be hung from windows, doorways, and patios to give the home a coastal feel. When considering the colors for your Boho home’s exterior, you should consider that the exterior of a Boho home has a coastal vibe. So the exterior of your Boho home should emphasize washed whites, sand colors, pebble greys, and even driftwood browns.

What Is Coastal Boho?

An exciting aspect when creating a Boho exterior for your beach house is to bring the inside outdoors. You can create a space for yourself outdoors to relax and unwind at the end of a busy workweek. And with Boho exterior design, you have the freedom and creativity to do precisely that.

When long summer days come around you, you want to make the most of the sun, and the best way to accomplish that is to entertain friends and family with meals outdoors. You can show off your Bohemian style by creating an outdoor haven on your patio.

To create your summer sanctuary, use white wooden furniture and surround it with greenery. To complete your exterior Boho look, you can add overhanging lights and sheer fabric curtains.

Alternatively, you can recreate your particular outdoor spot with reclaimed timber to build a shelter and furnish it with a colorful outdoor rug and throw pillows. The idea is to keep your outdoor space natural but colorful.

Is It Possible To Mix Boho Exterior With Modern?

Interior designers recognize modern outdoor furniture for the environmental and ethical way manufacturers of furniture produce and source. You can mix your modern outdoor furniture with a few pieces of reclaimed wooden furniture, throw pillows, or an outdoor rug to create a Boho exterior for your beach house.

People select modern outdoor furniture more for its functionality and practicality than aesthetic appeal. Therefore, in all intents and purposes, when you choose to give your modern look a twist of Bohemian style, you achieve two looks. Bohemian décor provides comfort with a relaxed way of living.

You can use hardwearing fabrics suitable for outdoors of varying textures, colors, and patterns on your patio to break the harsh lines of modern décor. Appropriate furniture types range from wood, metal, wicker, and plastic.

You need to consider the harsh sea elements when considering furniture, textiles, and rugs for the outdoors at your beach house. Strong winds and salty air can damage furniture and textiles. So ensure you protect your furniture by covering them up at the end of the day. You can also spray a protective layer of varnish on the furniture or a fabric protector like a scotch guard to protect against the elements.

How To Get The Boho Beach House Look

The Boho beach house look can easily be achieved by mixing and matching different pieces of furniture and décor. A mix of wicker, wood, and rattan furniture pieces with colorful cushions and throws work well to achieve this carefree look that is a tribute to the age of the flower child. Plants and greenery are also vital to achieving this look.

Listed below are three hints on how to achieve this Boho look for the exterior of your beach house.

1. Express Your Individuality With Boho Beach House Exterior

The Bohemian décor style is adapted from the era of the 60s when people disregarded rules and stereotypes in favor of fearlessness, freedom, and individuality.

The whole idea behind a Boho beach house exterior is to create a space for yourself not only to express your creativity and freedom but a space for you to escape.

2. Your Eccentricity Is Key To Design A Boho Beach House

Bohemian décor appeals to many because it means using eclectic pieces you’ve purchased from thrift stores, one-of-a-kind pieces you’ve constructed by using drift or reclaimed wood, or a treasured piece passed down through the family.

With Bohemian décor, there are no design rules to follow. You can mix up florals with prints or stripes when you select scatter cushions for that large comfy sofa you place outdoors to watch the sunset. You can also choose cushions of varying shapes and sizes to keep your Boho style.

The idea is to ensure that all pieces fit together but retain your individuality.

3. Use Nature To Inspire Your Boho Beach House Exterior

Bohemian décor is all about using natural fibers and materials like wood, leather, 100 % cotton fabrics, and jute when you design your outdoor space. But also include greenery native to the area to complete your Boho outdoor look.

You can use driftwood found along the beach to construct a shelter and drape sheer fabric over the structure. Within that, you place an outdoor rug with oversized cushions of printed or Madras check fabrics for color and comfort.

And there, you have an outdoor retreat to entertain friends and family, a relaxing space for you to read a book with a chilled glass of wine while watching the sunset.

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A Boho beach house exterior is eye-catching with its use of bold, colorful textiles, and easy-going style inspires any person searching for a holiday home where they can unwind and leave behind their busy work schedules. It is easy to see why a beach house with a Boho exterior appeals to holidaymakers.