Boho Beach Style Furniture

Your home should be your own idea of an oasis. And there is no better way to achieve this than decorating your home with boho beach-style furniture. This style is a unique mix of the eclectic, whimsical aesthetic of bohemian style and the relaxed, casual feel of the coastal look. And achieving this whimsical coastal look is easier than you may think!

Boho beach style is a mix of bohemian and coastal décor styles. Boho beach-style furniture typically has a muted color palette with pops of earthy tones. It also incorporates different textures, materials, and patterns to give it a more eclectic yet streamlined look. Boho beach style also includes plants to provide the room with a splash of color.

You’re in luck if you’re looking for furniture that exudes the beachy bohemian aesthetic but don’t know where to start. We’ve compiled an extensive guide on choosing the best boho beach-style furniture to breathe new life into your home and transform your space from drab to fab.

What Is Boho Beach Style?

Boho beach style – also known as coastal boho style – is a unique mix of the muted coastal style and the unique and exciting bohemian style. The best way to visualize or imagine this style is to cross the traditional beach house look with the eclectic gypsy aesthetic.

Traditional coastal style is naturally light and airy and gives off a relaxed and serene vibe. Boho beach style incorporates traditional coastal elements like soft color palettes, natural textiles, and minimalistic designs.

On the other hand, the classic bohemian style is very different. It is typically associated with loads of décor and can be characterized as a maximalist style. It uses a lot of bright colors, patterns, and a mix of textiles to give this style a more unique and easy-going look.

While these two styles are the polar opposite of one another, the boho beach style has become a popular way to blend these aesthetics and create a relaxed, free-spirited style. The coastal boho style is extremely popular because of the perfect balance between whimsy and wanderlust.

This unique style is characterized by its use of muted colors and fun and exciting textures. It relies on the whites, blues, and greys that are typically associated with coastal style and natural, earthy bohemian tones like greens, reds, browns, and oranges.

Boho beach style usually incorporates a lot of white into the look. It adds a splash of interest through pops of color throughout the room. It has the relaxing vibe of being at the beach and the whimsy and carefree attitude of the bohemian lifestyle.

How To Achieve Boho Beach Style

One of the easiest ways to spice up your home is to add unique furniture and décor. This trick is particularly helpful for rented homes and tighter budgets. Furniture is also a great way to achieve a specific décor style without making permanent changes to your home.

The boho beach style relies on specific colors, textures, and aesthetics to achieve the overall look. We’ve put together some fun interior décor tips to help you pick out the best coastal boho furniture. So now you can give your home the free-spirited and relaxed getaway vibe you’re after.

Choose Muted Furniture Colors

The first thing you’ll need to think about when choosing boho beach-style furniture is the color palette. This style relies on neutral color stories and adds the whimsical bohemian touch through décor items and other fun additions.

Neutral colors like grey, white, and beige are great to use as a base for your furniture. The Scandinavian style heavily influences the primary color palette, so you can draw some inspiration from that particular style.

When picking out your furniture, you don’t have to worry about matching your colors. You can mix and match tones to get an even more eclectic bohemian theme, thanks to the muted color palette. For example, having a white couch with a beige chaise lounge or accent chair can help to give your sitting room a more bohemian look without deviating away from the coastal color palette.

Choose Natural Materials

The coastal style relies heavily on natural materials like wood and wicker. These raw textiles pair perfectly with the bohemian style because this aesthetic relies on materials like leather and cotton. These materials complement each other perfectly, so you can get creative when choosing your furniture. For example, a couch with light-colored cotton seat covers looks fantastic on a rattan frame.

Similarly, natural materials allow you to achieve a more natural and relaxed look. Distressed, woven, and white-washed fabrics help to bring a certain pizazz into a boho beach-styled room.

Wood is a great staple to have in your home when you’re trying to get the coastal boho look. In fact, wooden chairs, tables, and countertops can make all the difference when you’re styling your home to fit this aesthetic.

Have Fun With Textures

Another way to achieve the beachy boho look is to play around with textures. Rattan furniture, weathered wood coffee tables, woven rugs, and macrame wall-hangers are great examples of different textures that fit this theme and look absolutely stunning when paired together! The bohemian style is naturally eclectic, so you don’t have to hold back when you’re decorating.

We love Papasan chairs because of their relaxed look. These chairs are budget-friendly, stylish, and unique. They are also super comfortable, so you and your guests can sit back and relax! These chairs are also usually made with natural materials like wicker or rattan.

If you have wooden flooring, you can leave the floor exposed to bring the natural texture of the wood out. You can even accent this by adding a leather sofa into the room. The sofa will add a bohemian touch to the room. It will also enhance the natural contrast between the natural textures of the materials.

You can also incorporate different textures of the same material into one room. For example, a white-washed and weathered headboard in a bedroom looks great when accented with a sleek and smooth oak dresser.

Add A Dash Of Color

Although most of your furniture adheres to a more muted color palette, adding a dash of color helps to add to the bohemian elements of the room. You can add some color by incorporating an accent piece like a colorful rug or enhance the look of your couch by adding some fun throw pillows.

You can also add some color to the room by incorporating small touches to your furniture. For example, you can enhance the look of a cabinet or dresser by replacing the handles with ornate Moroccan-themed knobs that bring out the bohemian look.

There are no hard and fast or written rules for styling your home. It’s an individual experience, and you need to keep your preferences in mind.

Remember to keep your overall color palette demure to keep with the overall boho beach style. You can incorporate light blue, green, orange, red, or brown touches to help liven up your space. It’s also important to remember that you can add as much – or as little – color as you like.

Don’t Forget The Plants

Boho beach style relies on greenery to brighten up a space without detracting from the muted color palette of the furniture. Tropical houseplants are a fantastic way to give your home a more modern bohemian look while keeping with the beach theme.

Additionally, having smaller houseplants in woven baskets or hanging from macrame plant holders can elevate the coastal boho style while still livening up the room’s color.

Try to find plants with unique colors and patterns to bring your space to life.

Because the boho beach style relies on mixing different colors, patterns, and textures, you can also have fun by mixing and matching different plants together. You can also group the plants in clusters to give them a more eclectic vibe and tap into the bohemian look.

Alternatively, you can have a more tropical theme by introducing plants like anthuriums, philodendrons, and delicious monsters. Most of these plants are also low-maintenance, making them easy to care for when you have a couple scattered throughout your home.

Accent With Patterns

An integral part of the bohemian style is using fun and unique patterns to bring some whimsy into your home. Because the boho beach style has a much more muted color palette than the bohemian style, you can use patterns to help balance out the divide between these two aesthetics.

You can add some fun, patterned rugs to your living spaces or invest in furniture that has patterned materials to achieve the coastal boho look. It’s also a great way to add some interest to a room. After all, muted color palettes can quickly become dull without something to enhance the overall look of the space.

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Basic Is Best

Boho beach style is characterized by its light and airy feel. This style relies on minimalistic furniture and accent pieces and can quickly lose its appeal if overdone. Spaces that are decorated with coastal boho furniture are usually understated.

Because this style relies on space, you may need to scale down your furniture. Rather than having a room full of furniture, you can give your space an airy feel by only having a handful of furniture items. For example, boho beach-style bedroom furniture can be limited to a bed, bedside tables, and a small dresser. Having a few select furniture pieces opens up the room and gives it a sleek and clean look.

Coastal style is defined by tons of natural light, which is an essential element of coastal boho style. You can give your space the illusion of more light and space by taking a minimalistic approach to your furnishing and décor.

Use Outdoor Furniture Indoors

If you’ve ever been to a vacation home or beach house, you have probably noticed that most rooms are furnished with outdoor furniture. Not only does this add to the beachy vibe of the home, but it also gives sitting rooms and other living spaces a more casual atmosphere.

You can transform your space into a coastal dream with almost no effort by using outdoor furniture indoors. You can add raw wood furniture, textured rugs, plants, and weathered accents to help bring the room together. These items can help to give you the foundation on which to build your perfect boho beach-style room.

You can also add outdoor pieces like hanging chairs and hammocks into your living spaces to bring the beachy vibes indoors. These furniture pieces enhance the coastal theme and add a trendy, creative and expressive whimsy that the coastal bohemian style is known for.

Add Finishing Touches

You can enhance the look of your space by adding a few unique décor items to your home. Décor items like framed prints that display oceanic scenes are great to add to your wall. To make the most of the bohemian theme, you can also add a few decorative wall hangings like fringed hoops.

Similarly, adding furniture items like floor cushions and ottomans with a fun and colorful design can help pull the room together and fill some unused space. We love simple bean bag chairs to give your room a relaxed vibe, and it invites your guests to let their hair down and embrace the bohemian lifestyle.


Boho beach style is an equal mix of coastal and bohemian décor. Still, you shouldn’t let that stop you from taking creative liberties! Suppose you want a predominantly bohemian theme with a touch of coastal décor. In that case, you can simply bring more color into the room. Or, if you want a coastal vibe with a bit of whimsy, adding fun textures in earthy tones is a great way to incorporate the bohemian style.

Regardless of your preference, you can achieve the boho beach style look by choosing furniture with muted colors, natural textures, and simple patterns. You can also add bohemian elements by playing with colorful accents like rugs and other accent pieces.